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Flirty Costumes!@!


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Flirty Costumes!@!

Hey guys Idiotstunt and as I promised you to tell you about the most teasing costumes. So here I have a costume guide which will help you to choose your favorite costumes. So my guide goes somewhat like this:-


Body Costumes








50 Shades of Black





50 Shades of pink





50 Shades of White




Regal Minstrel Pantaloons






Cheery Minstrel Pantaloons





Pink Christmas Costume





Red Christmas Costume





Yellow Sports Costume





Blue Sports Costume





Pink Nurse Costume





Blue Racing Costume





Flirty First Place Jumpsuit





White Racing Costume





Blue Soccer Costume





Yellow Soccer Costume





Call of the Wild Leotard





Tainted Love





Founder’s Bunny-Girl Tux





Pink Waitress Costume





White Waitress Costume





School Girl Uniform



Well here i end up with my Costumes guide. I hope after reading this you will be able to choose your besty. Cheers! Idiotstunt...


idiotstunt posted at 2013-05-22 00:59:37

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