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What Not To Do In Runescape


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What Not To Do In Runescape

Hi guys, this tip is going to tell you what not to do in runescape witch will end up getting you banned, lonly, or a kid that gets bullied.

1-Most important rule # 1 NEVER i mean EVER scam.(You might try scamming for 1 gp but what ever you take is bannable. if the guy has it on tape or his friends a mod :/ GF).

2-Another rule, Don't say bad things about a guy no matter what level he is.(You can get reported or he might have a main or might have a gang of friends)

3-If you see yourself as a show off, Don't show off you will get beat.(if you show off for a girl that never ends up good, It will be bad).

4-If your friends ask you to do something every once and then, then try to do it or you will end up lonlely. (Look at it this way, Your SOO bored and you want to do something so you ask a friend, Will he just say no? Thats why you should say yes and maby when your in his spot maby he will say yes).

Hope this helped and makes you friends :) any questions? please feel free to ask.

spencer J posted at 2012-02-16 11:02:32

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