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Roving Elves


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Roving Elves

Difficulty: medium
Length: Short
Starting point: Forest of Isafdar

Adventure : Regicide , The Waterfall Adventure
Skills: -
Items : Glarials pebbles, Glarials amulet spade, rope, food ( from lobster ) , Antidote
Other: to be able to kill level 84 moss giant without armor , weapons or Prayer

Items : 3x Ardougne Teleport , Ring of Charos ( vz ) , one-click emergency teleport (eg Ektofläschen , Teleport platelets) , bracelet of fighter , ring of recoil

1 Quest Point
10,000 EP in strength
Crystal shield or crystal bow ( state 2/10)

Glarials resting place

Items needed : Ardougne Teleport , Food , Gegengifft ,


1 To begin the quest, you have to look for Isafdar into Elfland , either through the Great Gate southwest of the Tree Gnome Stronghold or by boat from Stan's crew in Port Sarim for 3200 GM to Port Tyras . Now put yourself to the " Extinguished campfire " site ( See Map) , inspect the still warm fireplace.


2 Now go to Islwyn , best direction Lletya , pass the Dense forest and jump over the tripwire . The elves keep to the five minutes at a location on said Islwyn the truth when you speak with her. Then you still entertain with Eluned and know what you have you do. Teleport if possible back to Ardougne .


( Click on the map to enlarge)

Glarials resting place
Items needed : Glarials pebbles, ectophial , bracelet of fighter , ring of recoil , Food
During the portion in Glarials chamber you are allowed no weapons or armor have with you

3 If you Glarials pebbles no longer have , you have to get a new one . Put yourself for the Tree Gnome Village on, head through the fence into the labyrinth and climbs the exclamation mark on the minimap down the ladder , then waits in the northwest were the little Golrie and gives you the pebble and a book (not required ) . If you possess the gravel yet , you may continue the same at point 4 .

Cave south of the Tree Gnome Village

4 Then continue with Glarials grave stone northwest of the Fishing Guild .

Glarials grave stone

Completely without runes, without armor and without weapons you come down here and just have to kill , prayer does not work in Glarials a grave moss giants (level 84) . Without food it can be very scarce , so enough food and craft -enhancing potions are depending on combat level is recommended. Kill the first best moss giants in the grave and raises the consecration seed that the giant drops on . Who no longer has Glarials amulet should get one from the chest (west of the head ) now .


Items needed : Glarials amulet , rope, spade, food, Gegengifft

5 With the consecration of seeds, it then goes back to the Eluned makes the normal consecration seed one particular. With the rope, Glarials Amulet and the consecration of seeds as well as the spade then you have to under the waterfall to the fire giants.

So you go to the house north of the Baxtorianische waterfalls.

Raft north of Baxtorianische waterfalls

Ride now with the raft on the small southern island and then use the rope with the stone , and then with the dead tree. Only those who have Glarials this amulet can purely from the protrusion below the falls in the door then . In the right room you will find in one of the boxes a key which then locks the doors to Glarials urn on the left room. Besides you plant the crystal tree and the poor soul has peace.

6 Back we go to Isafdar to Islwyn , he has already prepared a reward for you.

Close up image with shield

Congratulations! Adventure completed !

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