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The path of glouphire


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The path of glouphire

Difficulty: medium
Length: Medium
Starting point: Tree Gnome Village , King Bolren

Adventure : The Eyes of Glouphrie , The Waterfall Adventure
Able to defeat three opponents of the stage 143 in a multi- combat zone , level 45 agility , level 47 Ranged , level 60 strength level 56 Slayer , Level 56 Theft: skills. Enemies attack with short-and long-range combat .
Items : ( sextant, map , clock ) * , Mithril grapple , crossbow , crystal saw ( or small crystal seed ) **

* Neither mandatory or recommended.
** A small seeds you get after the quest The Eyes of Glouphrie .

Skills: Level 40 Cooking
Items : good armor , food, a strength potion (+ ) and an attack potion (+) , Prayer potion

5000 EP in magic
5000 EP in theft
20,000 Slayer
30,000 EP in strength
Access to a Slayer Dungeon
1 AP

1 To begin the adventure , you have to speak with King Bolren in Tree Gnome Village . He has a new pet , which should already know her. It is the cute creature that you already " The Eyes of Glouphrie " knows from the adventure . Your character will warn the king that the creature is evil, but he will not believe you .

2 Now go to the south- west where you can see bars . Squeezed you through these and continue east down the ladder and into the western room. Try to open the door , but Golrie tell you that he has locked himself and lost the key . Now go to the eastern room and searched a few boxes until you have the key. Speak now with Golrie and asked him about the anti - illusion machine.

Go through after the conversation in the eastern room and through the tunnel. Here's a little slide puzzles. Moves to the first ( a ) monolith just to the north. You come by now and you can search the chest . Now the Western ( b.) sliding of the three monoliths to the north, the Northern ( c ) of the three to the east. Now go to the northern chests and searched them. Shifts the small monolith to the south , searched the trunk and turns your Kristallsäge in a small seed size, if he is not yet .

Then sings of the seeds to the bowl to sound bars and then moves the north ( c1. ) monolith located to the west. You now come to the mahogany chest . Opens and searches them. Now moved to the southern ( e ) monolith to the west. Now go in the special chamber.

3 In the special chamber you will find a machine that you - should look very familiar - like the cute creature. It harbors one of the hardest puzzles of all adventures of RuneScape , but it can be if you understand the system , relatively easy to solve .

A tutorial on how you can solve this puzzle , can be found here . The only difference between the old and the new machine is the fact that you have to count twice in the new , because instead of fixed values ​​one recognizes only symbols whose value is in turn must interpret at first . The counselor works mentioned but because the values ​​of the symbols are the same for both machines .
Have you solved the puzzle , it will disenchant the cute creature. Now go back to the king , kill the creature and talk to him . In the monolith we need only the northern stone of three push eastward and leave the room through the northern tunnel.

4 Now After speaking with the king , it goes to the first floor of the huge tree.

In the westernmost corner will find "Junior Gianne " , which you immediately interact with them.

Asked him about Labernet the discoverer and he will tell you that his order could never be delivered , enter the coordinates of its position:
02 degrees 07 minutes South .
03 degrees 07 minutes West .

This is located here:

5 So go now to the Castle Wars Arena and follows the river to the south west.

If you are in the marked section , you upgraded now with your crossbow and mithril grapple and jump across the river. Talk to Labernet and then moves on to the tree of being.

Speak with this and he will portray his grief and say that Hazelmere could possibly help . Prompt provides this with you a telepathic connection. He will now be used to analyze the tree. After the conversation, it is clear that you need a pure object - elven to heal the tree. Do you already have your sound bars , so strike them when successive tree , and he will be cured.

Now you still have an opportunity to provide you with food and armor , you have to go further into the west and into the drainage system .

6 Once you are in the drain, you should definitely not bother with the disfigured turtles, but the ladder , and go through the metal door.

You will now have a large cave with many disfigured see terror bird . *** Rennt best to the end , where the fight will take place , while you can protect yourselves with prayer before Ranged . (NOTE : you have only the 3 " bosses " with combat level 143 kill those who are in a separate room , but not the normal creatures ) .

The way through this dungeon is swallowed up right, but goes mainly to the north , with her ​​several times ladders down and after a short section must again climb to the top. Towards the end of the cave you come to an intersection. If the path to the east that leads to a large rectangular room . Here are 3 Warped Terror Birds combat level 143 waiting for you and attack you . This " boss " can attack with short-and long-range combat and are only vulnerable if they have been " cleaned " with the sound bars ! Prayer to use is possible, but be at the birds attack with melee , if you will protect you from ranged and vice versa. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to protect themselves from Ranged . This disfigured terror birds , however, are a lot easier than the way to them , do not be afraid .

Reconnaissance after the battle by the Lucke door and observed a cutscene.

You come in a very dangerous situation , because tar is pumped into the room , poisonous gas flows and electric shock torture you. In addition, you can not teleport you. This is only a cutscene , so do not be afraid , because Hazelmere will save you.

After he teleports to his tower , talk to him to finish the adventure.

After a Long Telepathic dialogue ....

Congratulations! Adventure completed !

*** You can no monsters in this dungeon attack , if it still has its " tank" has . This her away with the sound bars . Use it just on the creature of your choice and you will long they can attack for some time . However, note that you must click on the claves and use with the monster and let not only via right click blades, as in the tree. In addition, you have no monsters during the adventure , except the 3 " bosses " kill .

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