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Lost city


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Lost city

Difficulty: Easy
Length: Short
Starting point: When warriors in Lumbridge Swamp , east of Draynor Village

Adventure :
Skills: Level 31 crafts, Level 36 Woodcutting
Items : Knife, ax ( not needed if you carry these items in the tool belt )

Adventure :
Skills: Combat level sufficient to defeat a combat level 101 tree spirit without weapon and armor (Note: There is a "safe " box , magic possible)
Produce teleport tiles , food, runes for several combat spells or material around a bow and about 100 arrows : Objects

3 Quest Points
Access to the Faerie City Zanaris
Ability dragon long swords and dragon daggers to wear
Ability to establish cosmos runes


1 Chapter : Shamus the Imp
2 Chapter : The dramas rod


1 Chapter : Shamus the Imp

Required items :
Ax, knife

Starting point Starting point
1 The adventure begins her by her with the warrior in the swamps of Lumbridge , east of Draynor Village , speak . You have to ask him the following questions so that he reveals to you where to find the Imp Shamus :
Why are you camping out here?
Why do you think that it is out here?
If it is hidden, how do you find them then ?
Seems like you did not know it.

tree chopping

2 As you know the whereabouts of the goblin now , you should pay a visit to him. Go a little to the north-west until you get to a single tree is what you just chopping and not cases can. Try to chop the tree and the elf will report , chats with him about Zanaris until he tells you how to come after Zanaris and where to get the dramas rod. He will tell you that you can find a tree on Entrana dramas . If you want, he can teleport equal to Port Sarim , uses this option only if you're already prepared for the fight with the tree spirit , or rather goes again on the bench. ( For details about the equipment under item 3 )

response Shamus

2 Chapter : The dramas rod

Required items :
Making knives , food, runes for several combat spells or material around a bow and about 100 arrows , if you can have a slightly higher combat level you also taste the spirit with your fists to kill

Port Sarim

3 To get to Entrana you are allowed no armor or weapons to take , no ax. However, their runes or fletching material (knives, arrow shafts , arrow heads , bow strings , unstrung bows and feathers) can take . This option very advisable if their concerns with unarmed combat against a monster with level 101 you . In addition, it is recommended to take a teleport . ( In case of emergency , if you fail and die on silk ) . Now go to Port Sarim , if you are not yet there and let bring you by a monk after Entrana .


4 On Entrana you have arrived to the north into the cave. To do this you have to the east across the bridge and then to the west. In the cave of the cave monk waits which warns you before the cave , it says that you need it most risk and goes into it.

Zombie Level 25

5 Once in the cave sink your Prayer points down to 1. You must now kill a zombie level 25 to get a bronze ax for the dramas tree. (This is only necessary if you have no ax in the tool belt. )
If you have an ax you to head south to the dramas tree. Before you try it to make is still your Ranged material here, if you have not already done so , and look at the area. There are some places where you can hide behind you while you attack the tree spirit . If you are prepared , you taste a few branches cut off from the tree and the tree spirit will appear. Try to lure him quickly behind an object and then attacks him with magic / ranged on . Of course you can try the tree spirit with the bronze ax to kill , but this requires higher Melee stages.

Tree Spirit Level 101

6 Once you have defeated the spirit trees you can cut down the tree dramas and fetch you a few branches . It is advantageous to take the same number of dramas branches , so you do not make back all the way , if you lose him. You can now teleport you out of the cave , or if you do not have teleport there , you can use the magic door in the east of the cave , which brings you directly after Draynor . Now you can produce dramas rods with a diameter of the branches.

Make dramas tree

Entrance to fairyland

7 Now head you with the dramas rod to the shed in Lumbridge swamp. It is located southeast of the adventure starting point. Taking the dramas rod to and enter the shed, you will end up in Zanaris and the adventure will be terminated .

Final image : The Lost City
Congratulations! Adventure completed !

Some information about Zanaris :
In Zanaris there is a bank and a mixture stores in the West.
The Cosmos altar is located in the south of the area ( Runecrafting 27).
The market Zanaris located to the east , the entrance cost you a cut diamond. ( Following the adventures Fairy Tale Part III admission is free ) can earn their a dragon longsword for 30T a dragon dagger and for 100T on the market.
Just south of the entrance is Chaeldar , a slayer master for players combat level 70 or higher.
West of Chaeldar there is an entrance to the minigame Impetuous Impulses , which is always open.
The city has many other things to offer, they explored themselves !

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