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How To Get Dragon Defender.


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How To Get Dragon Defender.

Hi this tip is going to tell you how to get a dragon defender.

You will need you attack and strength to equal up to 130 or you can't enter the warrior guild.

1-You will go to the g.e and buy a ring of dueling or some ring that teleports you to the warrior guild.

2-It will teleport you facing north so you should go to your left or right (depends on your position)to the big long building.

3-Enter it and bring a sword and full mithril or steel.

4-You will go to the attack guild first. He will tell you how to Get points.

5-Put your mithril or steel armour set on the plate by pressing there pl8 and using it on the plate.

6-You will step back while a soldir appears.(if mithril level 93 if steel around 60-70)

7-Kill the warrior, Then if you were fighting a mithril one he gives 50 pts the steel 40 pts.

8-keep going until you get around 1k points then go to the top of that house.

9-You will pay 200 pts to get in a place with cyclopes level 53 and 78.

10-keep killing until you get a bronze defender.

11-after getting the bronze defender you should go back to the lady she will tell you a few things then you should wield the bronze defender with your sword and kill more.

12-Then you will get a iron, Then steel, Then mithril, Then Adamant, Then rune. (keep doing the same thing like bronze)

13-But then you will keep fighting until a level 136 comes.

14-kill it using your sword and equipped the rune defender.

15-It will drop a dragon defender.


Any questions ask me on comments or my page :).

spencer J posted at 2012-02-15 05:41:21

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