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How To Become A Player Mod


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How To Become A Player Mod

Here is a way to become a player mod easier.

1-Never Report a guy twice. (if jagex looks over your recent reports they won't be to happy).

2-If you want to get easy reports go to world 1 or 2 g.e or lumbridge And report auto typers Witch goes under macroing or use of bots.(The auto talkers Are like a bot so report and it will make jagex happy).

3-Putting your self in a form is like asking jagex to review your account. (If you think your ready to take on the challenge then put your name in a form).

4-If you have a really close MOD friend then just ask him to refer you, but you need to be a respectful runescape player.(if you not nice they will just put you down).

5-When you report some one DON'T I MEAN DON'T EVER say REPORTED.(Player mods aren't allowed to say reported after they report some one).

6-if some one is spamming need a bf or need a gf Not with a bot you can report them for soulutations And its a good report.(Just go to world one and report them).

7-Don't say bad words or you might not get the job.(jagex Reviews EVERYTHING you do even way you SAY!).

8-Don't get muted, If your muted the job gets blowen.(They will thing you have no respect).

9-If some one is saying betting game report them for macroing.(its resealable).

Hope this helps you become a mod its truth worthy and will work. If you have any questions feel free to ask i was a mod but then a stopped playing and they saw that i didn't go on much so they told me that i can't succeed.

spencer J posted at 2012-02-16 11:15:42

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