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Dream mentor


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Dream mentor

Length: Medium
Starting point: run-down man on the moon island

Adventure :
lunar Diplomacy
Eadgars List
Combat Level 85
objects :
" Guarantee of safe conduct" Button
about 5 times each with 3 different types of foods (eg sharks , watermelon, cake)
Mortar and pestle
Armor, weapon and good food for the boss
Astral Rune
Geißfuß - herb ( in the course of the adventure or arrange in advance)

Combat Level 90 or higher
Ancestry magic for an easy fight the final boss
objects :
Teleport to Lunar Isle (approx. 10 - saves the run )
Teleport to Trollheim or game - necklace

2 Quest Points
EP 15,000 life points
10,000 EP Magic
magic lamp 15,000 EP in Ranged , Magic,
Life points , strength or defense are .
more moon spells



1 Head to the Island of the Moon and climb there in the northeast of the head down to the mine .


There you'll find a narrow passage in the wall that leads you into a small cave .


In this cave you'll find a rundown man lying on the floor, which needs your help ( Quirikus ) .

2 He can not speak and is apparently very weak. Feed him with your food - alternately - until he can speak . Now speak to him well and feed him until he feels strong enough . If you temporarily run out of food , you can just run back to the bank and get new ones.


3 You always need to feed as much cajole / until the next vertical marker is reached. His state you can check by right-clicking it. Eventually he feels very strong and asks you to get him his armor from the bank. His friend there will assist you.

4 Go to Moon island bench and talking there with Albert Ross, who grants you a chest for the transport of armor and access to Quirikus Banking after some back - and Hergezanke .


5 A common combination consists of Ahrim's top and bottom part , a dragon - half- helmet , ranger boots and a abyssal whip . If Quirikus not like this combination , but you have to try other items. To make things easier , you can use (one Astral and Cosmic rune and 2 air runes ) to get in touch with him the Lunar spells telepathy. So Bring him the items that he likes . After getting dressed now he feels so strong to fight his fears with your help can and proposes to go along for Traummagierin .

6 Once you have arrived at the Traummagierin , Quirikus appears and together you decide to invade his dreams and to fight his fears. However, this is associated with a risk , because you see there all your items up to 3 lose when either of you dies in battle!


It gives you a recipe for a dream potion you must drink to enter the dreams . Now just get the ingredients .

7 First you go without equipment (only with a telephoto way back ) to Trollheim in the Geißfußkeller ( under the kitchen in the troll stronghold ) and steals a Geißfußkraut out of the box at the end of the room. To do this you must try to escape the trolls and to come to a safe spot where you can wait in the last race of the boxes (route marked in red on the map) .


8 Back on the moon island you take the vessel, which has given you the Traummagierin , it fills with water ( next to the bank is a house with sink ) and adds the Geißfuß . Now use a hammer with an astral rune and give the result of it in a mortar . Now give the dust in the vessel containing the water and the Geißfuß and ready is the dream potion.

9 Now on to the final battle ! In the final boss you can use NOT prayer . Take a scale jack from your bank , as well as weapons (eg DDG + +, abyssal whip ) , armor, and especially enough to eat. You can die here , right click on the lectern , you can leave at any time the dream though. Light the logs on the fire basket and use the dream potion with Quirikus and get going .


Now the bad guys appear fears, in the dream of Quirikus you have to kill . The first of the four monsters you will face the inadequacy ( step 343) . This monster is the only one which engages not only with melee attacks. Here you must also to the several " A doubt " watch that is not surrounded her as it is a multi- zone. Kill him with Quirikus help - the more courage he has , the more it helps you.
Quirikus can heal you and show you the vengeance magic .


Next, you hit the Incessant (Level 223)

the untouchables (Level 274)

and the Deceptive ( step 108) , which hides permanently in the ground. This little worm is trampled to death at the end of Qurikus itself once you've weakened him enough.

10 Once you 've killed all , just run to the Traummagierin again and you made it !


Congratulations! Adventure completed !

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