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Dark light

Hey guy's posting my second guide on runescape .This guide is surely going to help you out on your opinion on the Dark light.

But the only bad thing about the gun is that the gun is only available for the member's but don't worry guys you can get free membership using your fan buck's.
The question arises Do we need any quest for this? Well,yes you need to complete the Shadow of Storm to unlock the weapon.
The value at which it is available is 500 coin's which is surely high.
Then we move on to the combat style of the weapon.
The chop is quite accurate.The slash has to be aggressive.The lunge is quite stabled.The block is defensive.
Moving on to the bonus of the weapon:
The attack bonus under the Stab is +10.The attack under the slash is 16+.But the crush is -2.
Under defense bonus we have +3 slash +2 crush +2 magic.
Other extra bonus is the strength which is +13

I would rate this weapon a 7/10.
That's all i have for the Dark light hope you like it.Do wait for more

Akash Das posted at 2011-12-14 08:53:48

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