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Barbarian Training


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Barbarian Training

Difficulty: medium
Length: Medium - Long
Starting point: Otto the devotee

Journey: The Tai Bwo Wannai Trio
Skills: Herblore 4 , forging 5, Dexterity 15 , Strength 35 Firemaking 35, Craft 11 , fishing 55
Items : Knife, ( Lumberjack ) ax, tinderbox , hammer , bow , 2 (metal) bars , some bait , attack potion ( 2)
Other: Be able to kill several Mithril dragon Level 304

Adventure : -
Abilities: -
Items : Games Necklace, Camelot Teleport , anti - dragon shield , armor , food

Access to the Barbarian Skills
Access to the Ancient Cavern

Note: In order to complete the entire training need , fulfill their all requirements . If you , for example, are to complete only the part of the training for the Ancient Cave ( 3.2) , you need only the prerequisite for this part of requirements (see respective point).


1 introduction
2 fishing
2.1 Fishing with a barbarian fishing
2.2 fish without a harpoon
3 Firemaking
3.1 make fire with a bow
3.2 pyre ships
4 botany
4.1 barbarian potions
5 forge
5.1 Preparation of spears
5.2 Preparation of hastas
6 The ancient cave

1 introduction

To learn the secret techniques of the barbarians , you must speak with Otto the devotee . Otto's house is south-west of the outpost of the barbarians , the fastest it can be reached with the games necklace .

Otto's dwelling

From Otto , you will receive two books: " Barbarian Skills" and " My Notes " .
Barbarian Skills My Notes
In the book " Barbarians skills " is a summary of the learnable skills , but it is not necessarily a guide.
The book " My Notes " can fill her with ancient sites. These are dropped by monsters from the Ancient Cave .

2 fishing

2.1 Fishing with a barbarian fishing

Required items :
a few bait

In order to learn these skills , their fishing needs at least level 48 , also requires their dexterity and strength at least level 15

Otto will teach you fishing with the heavy barbarian fishing . With this special fishing you can only lake northeast of Otto's fish house. You will catch jumping fish , from which you can give to a knife caviar or roe instead of ordinary fish. These two ingredients are more important for barbarian potions (see section 4.1).

Speak with Otto about what you can learn about fishing and searched after talking Otto barbarians bed.

free selling bed

Now go out to the lake and throw out your line there , and once you have caught a fish , goes back to Otto and inform him of your success .

Fishing with a barbarian fishing

In a short conversation her learns that her if you use a knife with your just -caught fish , you will receive the remains . These are caviar or roe, you need them for the barbarian potions ( see point 4) . You can use the remains as bait.

In the following table you can see about fishing with a barbarian fishing level requirement , EP and another :

Fishing with a barbarian fishing
Fish Required Fishing Level Required Agility Level Required Strength - level fish -EP -Ep strength and dexterity -EP
Jumping Trout Jumping Trout 48 15 50 5
Jumping Jumping Salmon Salmon 58 30 70 6
Jumping sturgeon Jumping sturgeon 70 45 80 7

2.2 fish without a harpoon

Required items :

A Camelot teleport and a games necklace to be recommended as a means of transport to come quickly after Catherby / to the Fishing Guild and back to Otto .

In order to learn these skills , their fishing needs at least level 55, also requires her strength level of 35

Otto will show you how you catch fish with your bare hands , and thus no longer requires a harpoon.

Speak with Otto about hunting with harpoons . After a conversation, he is going to send you to catch a fish without a harpoon.

It is important to have in any case a harpoon in your inventory , otherwise your character will use this instead without fish.

Seek out now a suitable place , because there is no way at Otto, to fish with a harpoon . eg : Catherby , Fishing Guild , Musa Point , Fishing Colony

Fish without a harpoon

Once you've caught a fish without a harpoon on, head back to Otto, to tell him of your great catch .

In the following table you can see on the fish without a harpoon level requirement , EP and another :

Fish without a harpoon
Fish Required Fishing Level Required Strength level in fish Ep Ep in strength
Raw Tuna Tuna 55 35 80 8
Raw swordfish swordfish 70 50 100 10
Raw Hai Hai 96 76 110 11

3 Firemaking

3.1 make fire with a bow

Required items :
an arc
a few logs (or an ax )

The following sheets you can not use : Ogre bow, crystal bow , Dark bow

In order to learn these skills needed her Firemaking level of 35

You will learn how you make fire using a bow and thus requires no more tinderbox .

Speak with Otto on the Firemaking with a bow, he will explain to you what you have to do . Now go outside and use your bow with the pellets or brought down a tree , if you have taken an ax instead of logs . Your character will automatically make an ordinary fire.

Make fire with a bow

In the following table you can see on the Firemaking with bow their level requirements , EP and another :

Make fire with a bow
Image Name Required Firemaking Level Required Crafting Level Firemaking EP
Normal logs logs 21 40
Ouch - ouch logs 21 40
Oak logs Oak 35 60
Willow willow logs 50 90
Teak logs Teak 55 105
Winter pine logs pine Winter 62 125
Maple Maple logs 65 135
Mahogany mahogany logs 70 157.5
Eucalyptus Eucalyptus logs 78 193.5
Yew Yew logs 80 202.5
Magic - magic logs 95 303.8

3.2 pyre ships

Required items :
a few logs (alternatively get the ax )
Equipment for killing several Mithril Dragons

In order to learn this skill requires you Firemaking and crafts at least level 11
In addition, you must have learned makes fire with a bow.

With the help of stake - boats you will be able to escort the remains of barbarians in the peaceful death . The boat is built and set on fire by the lake. Burning the SH- boat floats it out into the lake. The Tortured soul barbarians will give you as a thank an object.

Go to Otto and tell him you have now learned with a bow to make a fire and want to know what's coming . He will tell you about the ceremony with which accompany the barbarians their deceased ancestors in death.

In this ceremony, the remains are burned near the shore of the lake at the stake boats. Now you have to perform the same ceremony. To get to the mortal remains of Otto sends you into the Ancient Cave .

Holt, if you do not already have with you, a kit for controlling multiple high-level dragon. (Anti - dragon shield , anti- fire potion , food, ... )

Put yourself to the vortex , which is located on the northern shore , and dive into this .

Entering the cave

The required gnawed bones are left only Mithril Dragons fall . These are located in the upper level of the cave. They can be very difficult to defeat with ranged , magic, dragons fire and if you get too close to attack with melee and are due to their high defense.

In this guide, here is her valuable advice on the armor choice and asset building for the fight against the mithril dragons.

But gnawed bones are dropped not often you so it makes a lot of enemies to kill and often need to have to run to the bank to replenish food and prayer !

Important: Do not confuse the gnawed bones not with shredded bones , shredded bones you can even burn it with the stake - boats to complete the barbarian training , but you have to burn chewed bones!

Once you have received the bone , leave the cave , either by teleport or by her, her swims with the tree trunks , which are spread along the underground stream out of the cave .

Return to the lake shore and builds the pyre ashes (required logs and gnawed bones in your inventory ) . After the stake - boat is burned appears a barbarian spirit , and thank you for his salvation. In appreciation you will receive an item.

build up

Such rewards can go from runes , ammunition and potions to dragon full helm .

Hand, after you've burned the stake to Otto and speak with him about your performance.

Shredded bone
You can kill later in the Ancient Cave , plunder or kill skeletons brutal green dragon the barbarians. You will gain from this but tattered bones. If you burn it , you will then instead of a grateful spirit, facing a Grim barbarian spirit level 166. As tattered bones are far more common , you will receive as a reward for killing the barbarian mind also less valuable items .

For the burning pyre boats you will receive an experience point bonus of 300 % for the next bone that you bury . The number of bones with bonus experience points depends on the type of wood used.

In the following table you can see over burning pyre - booting their level requirements , required logs, EP and other :

Pyre ships
Image wooden Required Firemaking Level Required craft stage craft -EP -EP Firemaking number of bones with bonus EP
Normal logs logs 11 10 40 1
Ouch - ouch logs 11 10 40 1
Oak logs Oak 25 15 60 2
Willow willow logs 40 22.5 90 2
Teak logs Teak 45 26.2 105 3
Winter pine logs pine Winter 52 31.2 125 3
Maple Maple logs 55 33.7 135 3
Mahogany mahogany logs 60 39.3 157.5 4
Eucalyptus Eucalyptus logs 68 42.7 193.5 4
Yew Yew logs 70 50.6 202.5 4
Magic - magic logs 85 75.9 303.8 5

4 botany
4.1 barbarian potions
Required items :
Attack potion ( 2)
a leaping fish ( Section 2.1 )

In order to learn these skills, botany requires at least level 4
In addition, you have to fish with a barbarian fishing ( see point 2) have already learned.

It's about transforming potions with two doses in mixes. These mixes have the same effects as before, but provide an additional 30 or 60 of your hit points restored. This is made possible by adding caviar or roe. The disadvantage compared to ordinary drinkers is that mixes can only have a maximum dosage of two sips instead of four.

Under Keep yourselves with Otto about the mysteries of botany. He will explain to you that you have to use a potion with 2 cans of caviar or roe. Caviar / roe get her by her jumping fish used ( Section 2.1 ) with a knife.

Now he will apply to you, make a Angriffsmix . So use your attack potion ( 2) with the roe or caviar and you will receive a Angriffsmix (2).

Attack potion ( 2) + roe caviar = Attack Mix ( 2)

Potion ( 2) + roe / caviar = mix ( 2)

If you does not have a potion with two doses , but just one with more , you can watch the bottles, which have more than two doses , use an empty bottle and you get a vial with two doses and one with one or another with two dosages.

Difference between roe and caviar :
The difference is that , that Roe is only suitable for the production niedrigstufiger mixes , while caviar can be used for all mixes . In addition, a reinforced heal with roe mix only 30 hit points and increased with caviar mix 60 hit points.

The following table shows their level requirements , EP and other can read . The effects of the mixes remain the same over the potions apart from the healing effects.

barbarian potions
Image Name effect more ingredient Required Herblore Level Herblore EP
Attack Mix ( 2) Mix Attack Increases Attack by 3-12 levels roe caviar 4 8
Antidote Mix ( 2) Antidote Mix Heals poisoning roe caviar 6 12
Relicyms Mix ( 2) Relicyms mix Cures disease roe caviar 9 14
Strength mix ( 2 ) Strength Increases Strength by 3-12 mix levels roe caviar 14 17
Restore mix ( 2) Recovery Mix Adjusts all decreased combat skills restores (except life points and prayer) roe caviar 24 21
Stamina - Mix ( 2) Endurance Mix Adjusts 20% of stamina restores caviar 29 23
Defence mix ( 2 ) Defence Mix Increases Defense by 3-12 levels caviar 33 25
Agility Mix ( 2) Mix Agility Increases Agility by 3 levels caviar 37 27
Combat Mix ( 2 ) Battle Mix Increases Attack and Strength by 3-12 levels caviar 40 28
Prayer mix ( 2) Prayer Mix Adjusts 7-31 Prayer points restored caviar 42 29
Attack Mix ( +) ( 2) Attack Mix ( +) Increases Attack by 5-19 levels caviar 47 33
Antidote Mix ( +) ( 2) Antidote Mix ( +) Heals poisoning and protects against further short caviar 51 35
Fischer- Mix ( 2) Fischer- Mix Increases fish by 3 levels caviar 53 38
Endurance Mix ( +) ( 2) Endurance Mix ( +) Represents 40% of stamina restores caviar 56 39
Hunting Mix ( 2 ) Hunting Hunting Mix Increases by 3 levels caviar 58 40
Strength mix ( +) ( 2 ) Strength mix ( +) Increases Strength by 5-19 levels caviar 59 42
Magic Mix ( 2) magic mix Increases magic by 3 levels caviar 61 43
Wiederherstell. mix ( +) ( 2) Restore mix ( +) Restores all restore degraded combat skills (except life points) caviar 67 48
Defence mix ( +) ( 2 ) Defence mix ( +) Increases Defense by 5-19 levels caviar 71 50
Antidote Mix ( + +) ( 2) antivenom mix ( + +) Heals poisoning and protecting against further short caviar 74 52
Anti fire - Mix ( 2) Anti- fire - Mix Is limited resistance to dragon fire caviar 75 53
Ranged Mix ( 2) Mix Increases Ranged Ranged by 4-13 levels caviar 80 54
Magic Mix ( +) ( 2) magic mix ( +) Increases magic by 4 levels caviar 83 57
Zamorak mix ( 2) Zamorak mix Increases attack and strength , but lowers defense and life points caviar 85 58
5 forge

5.1 Preparation of spears

Required items :
Metal ingots
Logs (type of logs depends on the metal bars , see table below)

In order to learn these skills, forging requires at least level 5
In addition, you have to fish without a harpoon ( see point 2) have already learned and the adventure have completed " The Tai Bwo Wannai Trio " .

It's about spears produce . The only differences to the normal forging are that this must not be done on a normal Anvil, but on a Barbarian anvil and her depending on the used type of metal still a certain type logs ( see table ) are required.

Speak with Otto on the use of spears. After the conversation, go to the Barbarian anvil , which is next to the house .

Barbarian anvil

Use your bars with the barbarian anvil , this is before the house, and makes a spear. Now go back to Otto .

produce spear

In the following table you can watch the level requirements , see logs needed for the respective bars , and another EP on the manufacture of spears and hastas .

Material for spears and hastas
Image metal billets Required Required Smithing Level Smithing EP
Bronze Ingot Bronze Wood 5 25
Iron bars Iron Oak 20 50
Steel ingot steel willow 35 75
Mithril Mithril Ingot maple 55 100
Adamant Adamant ingot yew 75 125
Rune magic rune bars 90 150
The attack bonuses of spears and hastas you can read here .
You can smear the weapons with Karambwan venom .

5.2 Preparation of hastas

Required items :
Metal ingots
Logs (type of logs depends on the metal bars , see table above)

In order to learn these skills, forging requires at least level 5
In addition, you have the making of spears (see section 5.1) have already learned.

There goes one more time why make spears , but these are not ordinary. Hastas are one-handed spears. Targeted to balance this is possible, but give hastas a penalty in defense.

Although hastas be a penalty in defense, this can be compensated with a sign , Main Gauche , or the like , however . Thus hastas are actually better than ordinary spears.

Speak after you have made ​​a spear once more with Otto special , one-handed spears.

Now go back to the house to the barbarian anvil and used your bars with the anvil. Selects now in production menu Hasta out .

produce Hasta

Put yourself then back to Otto .

6 The Ancient Cave

During the barbarian training you send Otto in the Ancient cave , there to pick up the bones of long-dead barbarians. If you Otto has not yet sent into the cave , you will not end up in the Ancient cave while placing jumping into the vortex ! You will go with the flow a bit down instead.

The cave is quite dangerous if you do not have anti - dragon shield with him. Before entering you should be prepared to confront some of the strongest dragons .

The entire cave is a single combat zone.

You can enter it on the vortex on the northern shore of the lake. More travel options would be the fairy ring or the ring of the Roughnecks .

Entering the cave

The cave can leave her by swimming out with the tree trunks or teleport .

To activate the fairy ring , you have to repair it first with a spade and 5 Bitter cap mushrooms. (Code: B -J- Q)

Small Overview Map :

The following monsters can you find in the dungeon :
Water Devil (Level : 115)
Barbarian (Level : 132)
Skeletons (level : 132/149 )
Barbarian spirits (Level : 166)
Brutal Green Dragons (level : 227)
Mithril dragon (level : 304)

The monsters in the dungeon sometimes drop Ancient sites , you can transfer this " My Notes " in the book.

The Slayer Masters
Furthermore you can find in the cave of the Ancients slayer master Kuradal . She is the slayer master the most difficult and longest jobs. To obtain an order of Kuradal you must at least have reached combat level 110 , and have a Slayer level of 75 .

Once you have level 99 Slayer achieved , you can you buy the cloak of the Merciless with associated hood at Kuradal .

Kuradal has a dungeon , as it is pulled through Runescape and has caught there monster. If you have an order of Kuradal , you also get automatically as long as the permission to enter her dungeon and kill the monsters there .

The following monsters can you find in Kuradal dungeon :
blood demons
iron Dragon
steel Dragon
Blue Dragon
Dark Beasts

The forging of the ancestral dragon

In the smithy of the ancestors dragon you can repair a dragon platebody . First you have to activate it but , for you have you in the space behind the Mythril door (see overview map ) go .

To open the mithril door , an ancestral dragon - key is needed . In order to produce the key, you need " While Guthix Sleeps " to the point by her Movarios loots hiding and finds the key bit strange and the strange key bow . Use the bow or the beard with a Mihtril Dragons while both key parts in the inventory are . Finish is the ancestral dragon key, if it no longer has the two key parts , you have it as the adventure of Movarios steal hiding .

Step into the space behind the Mythril door and say the magic fire force or Fire Surge on the three hanging in the air dragon heads . The dragon heads will now go ahead and heat the ball in the middle. If all three dragon heads have been activated , you will receive a message in the chat window that you have activated a mechanism .

Activate the Forge

Now the blacksmith is enabled, run back to this , running from the mouths of the dragons there now lava out .

The forging of the ancestral dragon

Now the forging can be used to produce a dragon platebody . However, for this you need 92 or forging a helpful mentor who has this skill level . In addition, you need the three parts of the plate armor ( dragon armor lump , sliver dragon armor , dragon armor piece ) and a special hammer that you can buy from the dwarves at the blast furnace for 1,000,000 gold coins.

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