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Animal Magnetism Quest Guide (EoC)


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Animal Magnetism Quest Guide (EoC)







[Memebers? Yes]

[Difficulty? Officially it is a Intermediate quest]

[Length? About 1+ hours]

[Starting point: Talk to Ava]






Quest Requirements: 


o The Restless Ghost

o Ernest the Chicken

o Priest in Peril


Skill Requirements:


o 18 Slayer   

o 19 Crafting   

o 30 Ranged  

o 35 Woodcutting

o 15 Theiving, but not needed  


You can not boost any of the skills above.


Item requirements:


o Mithril Hatchet   

o 5 unoted Iron bars 

o The Ghostspeak Amulet  

o A Holy symbol  

o 1 set of poliched buttons (which can be obtained by pickpocketing the H.A.M members.)

o Hard leather  

o 4 Buckets

o 4 Pots

o 4 Bones

o 20 Ecto-tokens   


Recommended, but not needed: A Amulet og Glory (charged) 




Enemies you will be facing: none at all!!!!!!




Quest Time   \o/



Tokens (skip this step if you already have tokens)

Crush the bones upstairs in Ectofuntus and collect the crushed bones into the pots, use the buckets on the pool downstairs to produce buckets of slimes. Collect the tokens after using the ectofuntus.


Now to start your quest!!! Go to Draynor Manor and speak with Ava, she will ask you to get her 2 undead chickens. Now head to the farm near the Ectofuntus, put on the Amulet of Ghostspeak and talk to Alice, then go talk to her husband, then back to her, then back to him again. Now talk to Alice, she will tell you to get something that will let her talk to her husband.

Head to the Old Crone near the Slayer Tower, she will be in a house. Now give the amulet to Alice, they will talk, give them the tokens they demand to get the chickens.


Go back to Ava and give her the chickens, now she demands a bar magnet. Get 5 Iron Bars and give them to the witch in the manor to get a selected iron. Now get to Rimmington and use the bar on the anvil in the center on the mine. REMEMBER TO FACE NORTH!!!

Head back to Ava. and she will need undead trees, try to chop one with a normal hacthet, then go back and talk to her. Taverley is where you go nexted and bring the mithril hatchet and the holy cross and give them to Turael. He will give you a blessed hatchet. Chop the undead tree down to get the undead twigs to give to Ava.


Ava will now want you to translate her notes, after speak with Ava and she will give you a pattern, use the Hard Leather and the buttons with each other to produce a container. Now give it to Ava.



Quest completed!!!!






-1 Quest point

-1,000  experience   

-1,000  experience   

-1,000  experience  

-2,500  experience  

-Blessed hatchet

-2 spins on the Squeal of Fortune.

-Ava's device.


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