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Episode Quest


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Episode Quest

Hey ya'll!
Check out this walkthrough on the very long Episode Quest!
-You can begin this long quest as soon as you start the game.
-I divided the guide into separate parts because at the start of each part, the quest becomes considerably harder and it may be wise to not attempt it until you reach the given level requirement. Please be aware that the level suggestions are based on my advice. You do NOT have to be the suggested level to actually do the Part.
Episode 1
Part 1 (Level 10+)
1) Talk to Myad in the Adventure Plain (5860, 5136). He’s in the little village on the bottom right of the map.
2) Talk to Seyon who is right near Myad and NOT in Zant (5791, 5277).
3) Go the the dark circle in the southeastern part, west of the village, of the map to examine the mushrooms and get an emblem (5643, 5062).
4) Go back to Myad (5860, 5136).
5) Go to the Tower in the Valley of Luxem Tower and talk to Karitte there. The Tower is near the top left of the map.
6) Collect 10 Pumpkin Seeds from normal Pumpkins and ignore the Choropy thing it tells you to do.
7) After getting the Antidote and the Soil of Purification, go to the mushroom place in the Adventure Plain again (5643, 5062), then go see Maeed (5860, 5136). He will give you some EXP and 10 Grapes for your deeds. (you have 30 minutes to do this part before the quest expires)
8) Deliver the Antidote to Pony and Ronk who are nearby in the village. (you have 15 minutes to do this part before the quest expires)
9) Return to Maaed to receive Karitte’s Recipe, 10 Oranges, an Islam Hood, a pair Yellow Wild Jeans, Sefe Gloves, and a pair Dash Shoes.
Part 2 (Level 20+)
1) Speak with Lena in Zant near the entrance to the Valley.
2) Return to Karitte and speak with her.
3) Speak with Luth who is in the west side of Zant.
4) Go back to Lena and talk to her.
5) Go talk to Luth again…
6) Hunt King Woopies outside Zant, near the entrance to the desert. They don’t drop the Key every time, so you kind of have to be lucky.
7) Return to Lena.
8) Head to the west part of town and go up the weird mount with 2 clocks floating above it and step in the center of it on the top.
9) Go apologize to Karitte for Lena and receive some EXP, Zuly, and a fancy Talisman Ring!
Part 3 (Level 30+)
1) Talk to Harin in Junon Polis in the bottom right corner.
2) Talk to Bellia just a bit north from Harin.
3) Head to Elveroon Desert and collect 20 Claws of Wild Animals from Fighter Lekis and 20 Sharp Stings from Queen Beebees and Queen Honeybees. They usually drop, but occasionally don’t.
4) Return to Bellia and speak with him. You’ll be rewarded with some EXP and 30 Apple Juices.
5) Talk with Harin again.
6) Even though it says to wait until nighttime, you really don’t have to. Go around to the back of Bellia’s house and walk around until you hit the hotspot and get the books.
7) Return to Harin and speak with her again.
8) Head into the Lake of Anima and kill Aqua Warriors until you get 5 of the scales. They don’t drop everytime, but it’s still pretty common.
9) Talk to Harin after you get the scales. You will receive 3 Attack Up (solo), 3 Defense Up (solo), and some more EXP.
10) Head to the temple in Elveroon Desert, which is just south of the Lake of Anima entrance. Go around to the south side and walk up the steps here. An event will pop up and you’ll end up fighting your first boss (Dead Person Without Soul…)! It shouldn’t be too much trouble so quickly take it out.
11) Head back to Junon and speak with Harin yet again. You will be rewarded 5 Scrolls for Returning to Junon Polis, a Golden Buffoon Hat, a Golden Islam Dress, a pair of Golden Iguje Gloves, and a pair of Golden Land Walkers.
Part 4 (Level 40+)
1) Speak with Ziroon located in the very center of Lake Anima. For some reason you’ll get a bit of EXP.
2) Return to Harin and speak with her and receive another little dosage of EXP.
3) Head over to Bellia nearby to get some more Zuly and start another monster-killing quest!
4) Now you have to kill Captain Moldies for 20 Pieces of Gold. Luckily they drop almost every time and can be found outside Junon Polis and in the Lake of Anima.
5) Return to Bellia again and receive some nice EXP.
6) Now you need to kill TEN Guardian Trees for TEN fruits… As long as you get the first hit on a tree, they should drop every time. Guardian Trees can be found in the Forest of Wisdom. (you’ll probably want to be more around level 45 for this part)
7) Return to Bellia and speak with him again. You’ll receive a huge amount of EXP, 20 Medium Mana Potions, and 20 Medium Healing Potions.
8) Head back to Ziroon but don’t talk to him. Walk around to the back of the pole he is standing by and place the eye in between the rocks.
9) Go back and speak with Bellia to get some more EXP and a letter.

Part 5 (Level 55+)
1) Head over and speak with Ever who is near the Junon gate (entrance) to receive some more EXP and a mirror to help you catch flames.
2) Now you need to collect 20 Flames of Courage from Caiman Warriors (found in Beach of Genzi) and 5 Flames of Passion from Grunter Kings (found outside Junon and in the Forest of Wisdom). Caiman Warriors drop about 50% of the time and Grunter Kings drop about 90% of the time.
3) Return to Ever and speak with her to receive a ton of EXP, 20 Large Healing Potions, and 20 Large Mana Potions.
4) Go speak with Ziroon again to get another bit of EXP.
5) Return to Ever again to receive another monster-killing quest and some more EXP.
6) Now you have to kill 15 Doonga Origins which are found in abundance in the Gorge of Silent. They often drop the Sweat but occasionally don’t.
7) Head back to Ever in Junon so she can jinx your Sweats and give you a heap of Zuly.
8) Go back to the Temple in Elveroon Desert, the same area where you fought your first boss. You’ll be forced to fight another one who is considerably harder (Stone Goloom), but you should be able to pull it off if you are above 55.
9) Go back to Ever and speak with her.
10) Head over to Ziroon again and this time you will get your biggest sum of EXP yet.
11) Return to Ever and speak with her for the thousandth time (you’ll get some EXP).
12) Go speak with Harin and you will receive your BEST reward yet: some Zuly, a Black Heart, and a Green Heart.
13) Go speak to Punwell who lives in the little village in the Hill of Wind.
14) Head over to the Cave of Goblins and kill a Goblin Jar to obtain the Japer Stone.
15) Return to Punwell in the Hill of Wind and receive a little more EXP.
16) Go back to Junon and speak with Odelo located near the entrance gates. He will give you 10 Waters of Life (M) and 10 Waters of Soul (M).
17) Now you need to speak to Gallahead in the Beach of Genzi. He’s located on the docks in the southern part of the map. You’ll also receive some Exp from him.
18) Now go east from Gallahead until you see a circle of blackish rocks on your map. Enter here and head for the center until you trigger the hotspot.
19) Head back to Gallahead, speak with him and receive a large amount of EXP and 5 Dex Up (solo).
20) Now you have to go visit Lutis in the Tower at the Valley of Luxem Tower (the same place where Karitte was). You’ll receive some EXP and a Blue Heart!
21) Return to Junon and speak with Winters who is located at the entrance gates near Odelo.
22) Now go to the very south of Junon and speak to Alphonso who will take you to Luna for 5000 Zuly.
Part 6 (Level 60+)
1) As soon as you enter, speak with the ambassador so you can understand the people's language. (thanks to Green0ne for this, I talked to every NPC in Eucar and didn't realize this guy was part of the quest)
2) Speak with Pavrick in the top right corner.
3) Go speak with Angelica, in the top left of Eucar, and buy the drink for 500 Zuly.
4) Return to Pavrick to receive a heap of EXP and Zuly, 7 Waters of Life (L), 7 Waters of Soul (L).
5) Return to Gallahead in the Beack of Genzi and speak with him to receive 2 Peridots, 2 Topaz' and a handful of EXP.
6) Go speak to Kay in the Forest of Wisdom near the Guardian Tree spawn.
7) Go see Bith who is in the docks at the southern part of the Beach of Genzi to get some EXP.
8) Now you need to kill Doonga Captains for 20 Claws which are commonly found in the Gorge of Silent and also in the Beach.
9) Return to Bith to receive some EXP, 30 Healing Potions (L), and 30 Mana Potions (L).
10) Head back to Kay to get 2 Ice Charms, 2 Spark Charms, 2 Blood Charms, and a heap of Zuly as well as another quest that begins Part 7!
Part 7 (Level 70+)
1) Whenver you are ready (you don't HAVE to be above level 70) head over to the Gorge of Silent and hunt Master Stone Golooms. You need 11 boxes from them which unfortunately don't drop every time. I think I went 4 Golooms once without a drop. They also have a ton of HP... So this may take a while...
2) Afterwards, return to Kay for a choice of one of 11 weapons, all of which are in their Grand/Saint/etc. form. There is one weapon for each weapon type so choosing shouldn't be a problem.
3) Head back to the Gorge and speak with Med in the small village in the southeast corner.
4) All the mana chargers you need to find are actually in the village itself. The first one is located around the barrels near the building entitled "Wine Shop". (Med is seriously retarded if he couldn't figure that out himself...)
5) Now look for the building with a huge purple bubble floating over it and approach the front door to receive your second charger.
6) The area around the building directly north of the bubble building has your next charger so head over there and grab it.
7) Now head all the way to the very north of the village (across a bridge) and examine the northwestern corner of the well to find your final box!
8) Return to Med to receive 3 Attack Up (solo), 3 Defence Up (solo), 10 Ice Charms, and some more EXP as well as ANOTHER monster-hunting quest...
9) For this one you need 5 chargers from the bodies of Worm Dragons. This is surprisingly really easy. The new thing is you HAVE to be in a party of at least two people otherwise you won't get any drops. ANYone in your party can hit the Worm Dragon (in Gorge of Silent) and you will still get the item EVERY time as long as someone in your party hit it first.
10) After that, head back to Med for 2 Blue Hearts, 2 Black Hearts, 10 Spark Charms, and lots of EXP as well as (can you guess it?) another monster quest! =D
11) Even though this one is considerably harder, it follows the same rules as the Worm Dragon (be in a party and hit the enemy first for a drop every time). You need to kill 5 Grand Master Golems (in Gorge of Silent). Not only are they extremely hard, they are extremely rare so this could very well take a long time.
12) After you've had some quality time with the golems, head back to Med to receive 10 Blood Charms, 2 Green Hearts, 2 Pinks Hearts, a heap of EXP as well as the FINAL monster quest.
Part 8 (Level 80+)
1) If you've made it this far, give yourself a pat on the back; you deserve it. But it ain't over quite yet. Now you need to kill Grand Master Goblins for 3 Red Hearts (not the refining hearts) who can be found in the big southern room on B3 of the Goblin Cave. Once again a party is required and drops are obtained every time if the enemy is hit first. Also note that the Grand Master Goblin is the HARDEST monster in all of Junon so be sure to be prepared and partied with a good mage before even trying this.
2) Once you are done, head back to Med for 5 Goblin King summons, 2 Red Hearts, 2 Golden Hearts, 2 White Hearts, and your largest amount of EXP yet. After this you are basically done the quest for the time being. Med says you should talk to Reffrey on Luna, but not only do I not know if this quest works yet, I don't even know where Reffrey is! So this concludes the Junon Episode Quest... Thanks for reading!
This walk-through was NOT made by me. I just edited.
Austin Blans.

AustinBlans posted at 2011-08-21 13:14:39

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