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Rohan : basical features


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Rohan : basical features

What Rohan?

Rohan and 'a' free-to-play massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) "or a role-play massively multiplayer free (club that name ..). The first closed beta 'was opened March 17, 2008 by YNK Interactive and closed after a week. A second closed beta was open from April 3, 2008 to April 9, 2008. Subsequently, the open beta was opened March 28, 2008.

The breeds

Rohan breeds do not allow the choice of the class (at least initially). So depending on your race you must have to play the class corresponding to your race, then at lv50 you can choose 2 skills for your character. Let's see the features of every race and class in detail

The human
Noble and proud, and this breed 'specialist in melee combat. It's not 'magic, but only with physical attacks and buffs (enhancements). Humans are with high strength and a good offense.
Forced Class: Knight (Knight)
Specialised in lv50: Guardian (Guardian) and Defender (Defender)

The elf
Wise and knowledgeable of the arcane magic elves have developed skills excelled. Their specialty is the care but also have significant attack abilities that allow him to do a lot of damage.
Forced Class: Healer (Healer)
Specialised in lv50: Templar (Templars) or Priest (Priest)

The mezz'elfo
Agile and fast the mezz'elfi possess a good aim with ranged weapons (bows or crossbows) and have good evasive skills. Excellent for aggro (letterlamente be attacked by a monster) monsters at a distance so as to allow the group to attack in advantageous positions.
Forced Class: Archer (Archer)
Specialised in lv50: Scout (Scout) or Hunter (Hunter)

The dark elf
Masters of black magic elves have these terrifying destructive magics. They are physically very weak and have very few means to defend themselves if left alone, but if well protected are excellent damage dealer (literally: the one who inflicts damage).
Forced Class: Mage (Magician)
Specialised in lv50: Wizard (Archmage) or Warlock (Warlock)

The Dekan
The majestic Dekan derived from the noble descendants of dragons. In contrast to all other classes are equipped with powerful magical abilities and physical abilities, but it is preferable to focus on only one of two capacities to be able to optimize.
Forced Class: Dragon Fighter (Dragon Fighter)
Specialised in lv50: Dragon Knight (Dragon Knight) or Dragon Sage (Sage Dragon)

The dhan
Banished from human society for the way they just "ladies" (as humans) have been relegated to behave away from home of man. Equipped with excellent agility and precision are perfect murderers who move in the shadows and strike relentlessly.
Forced Class: Assassin (Murderess)

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