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Guide to playing an elf in Rohan


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Guide to playing an elf in Rohan

Now we will speak of the race of 'elf.

1. Introduction

The elves are the inhabitants of Vena in Via Marea and are the true healers of the game and beyond. The elves can specialize in healing spells and support by becoming a FS (Full Support), future Priest, or focus on magic damage becoming a RDPS (Ranged Damage Per Second), future Templar.

2. Build

Builds the elf are so many possible (a little 'as for all classes) and post on this subject there are a lot, of course, each with different views. I'll try to do some 'order and give some advice.

Stat that you might find in a build elf:
Int: Increases magic attack (MA) and magical defense (MD)
Psy: Increases MP, MD and mana recovery and decreases the weight portable (1 point in the psyche decreases weight total of 3)
Vit: Increases your HP, physical defense (PD) and the 'HP recovery

Main stat for FS: Psyche
Recommended build for FS:
Psy 4: pure FS with the tendency to die right
3 psy 1 vit: FS wants to bear a little 'more enemies to attack

Main stat for the RDPS: Intelligence
Build RDPS recommended:
4 Int: pure RDPS with little physical defense
3 int 1 vit: good damage and increased resistance compared to pure RDPS

I found this on a few posts:
Psy 1 vit 1 int 2: with 1 in the psyche to have more mana and have greater access to Magic Barrier especially in PvP, but given that advise against the Magic in PvP Barrier absorbs only 20% of 'regular amount
NB: there are many other possible build but I would say that these are the most significant

3. Skill

I noticed that the skill tree elf is relatively well structured putting skills on the left and right ones for the FS for the RDPS so it's easy to know those taken and those not. I state that I am going to explain everything I know about the skill of 'no healers ... I will be saying the skills of the next job, because there are not yet arrived

Recommended skill for FS: (remember that the FS works to save and help others)
Heal lvl 5 -----> lvl 7
I would say the main skill
Recovery lvl 5
Many say they do not need this skill because the healer has a high mana recovery and could take up a potion. I think it's useful because it prevents you from taking that one potion also and above all, if you are a true healer, take it as a buff for others who could serve
Divine Aura lvl only
Required to unlock the next skill
Intelligence Blow lvl 5
Useful for those who use MA (RDPS healer, wizard)
Group Heal lvl 5 lvl 7 ---->
Sometimes you will save if Heal is on cooldown. Especially useful in a party
Magic Barrier lvl 5 lvl 7 ---->
Very useful, I recommend to take it as soon as possible
Divine Beam lvl 1
I have taken by mistake, but after all is the only attack skill (based on psyche) especially useful for those who need to do this in only
Other skills (I have not taken to save points for the second class):
Cure Confusion
You can take it even if not yet ... maybe I found the utility at higher levels, but I think we can wait before taking
Cure Silence
(See Cure Confusion)
I do not know if there are mobs of Rohan (monsters) that are hidd (hide), I think is more for PvP against Dhan.
Instant Heal
It is based primarily on a heal 'int so will not have an FS the most out of this skill but perhaps someone will be useful
Mental Barrier
Increases the physical defense. Beautiful as skill ... sin is based sull'int.
It tends to keep the points and use them for the resurrection of the second job skills that you also returns a percentage of the EXP lost
Recommended Skills for the RDPS (the important thing is to do damage in this case
Heal lvl 5
I think it's especially useful for themselves
Mind Blast lvl 5
Block the enemy on the ground will come to you later. Sometimes useful against enemies with MA if they have a fairly short range. In PvP, I do not think is very useful since it is the skill to remove it
Divine Aura lvl only
Required to unlock the next skill
Holy Light ----> lvl 5 lvl 7
Your main attack
Detect lvl 5
Council to take it only if you want to do PvP
Instant Heal lvl 5
Useful as a second heal and especially useful in an emergency because it is instantaneous
Mental Barrier lvl 5 lvl 7 ---->
Increases defense ... I've said it all
Net Bind
A sort of Root that can not be deleted but the castatore can not move, I would say only useful in a party
Saint Strike
Damage Pison constant (over time) based on both int and psy of a debuff in the same way ...

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