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Rock Band

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You know how to add more songs to this one?

I like more this one, than Rock Band 2.

Jenny posted at 2011-07-20 19:05:11


  • Nope sorry but i think you can add from your iphone

    9 years 9 weeks
    1 Votes
    sorry if my answer wasn't so helpful
    silentwarrior posted 9 years 6 weeks ago
    so did you figure it out?
    silentwarrior posted 9 years 6 weeks ago
  • I think so here are the choices, buy songs or you can record them on your Ipod i think its possible my friend did it before i'm sorry if my awenswer was not that helpful usualy i just go and buy the songs and have fun with them.

    8 years 29 weeks
    0 Votes

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