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Hello everyone I would like to tell you about the main classes in this game that is almost unknown MMOPRG, very bloody and based on the idea of ​​realizing a purely horror title, the locations, history, atmosphere and everything in general. A world populated by the walking dead where we can fight without mercy, by the enemies to shreds.

In Requiem: Memento Mori, we will have the opportunity to choose from four different playable races, which we will know and analyze in this article. The information I have gleaned from the official site in English, translated and rearranged.

Key features and classes

They are representative of the breed EtherGate. Even if you do not have exceptional strength, are renowned for their tenacity and solidarity. Rational and in favor of justice, preferring balanced and harmonized combat styles, quick movements and the use of agility over brute force. They are also able to learn skills from other races, adapting the divine magic of Xenoas for their use.

The fighting style of Turan is mediocre in terms of strength and spirit, but they are exceptional as to agility and intelligence. These are the characteristics that allow them to learn and use a wide variety of skills. They are a race deeply moralistic and therefore tend to use human skills, without needlessly torturing the enemies on the battlefield.

The breeds used Bartuk Turan and fighting styles based on physical strength early in their history. Since Bartuk were physically much stronger, the Turan began to develop a more balanced fighting style. During the Xenon Empire, many Turan studied divine magic becoming adepts. They are naturally opposed to black magic and are weak in dealing with magic attacks.

Key features and classes

The Bartuk have enormous physical power, but tend to be spiritually weak. It is easy to rage against the enemy, a major weakness that is sometimes exploited to cause loss of control. I am absolutely generous with their allies and fight alongside them with a strong sense of solidarity. They have very clear ideas, help friends and destroy enemies. The Bartuk who use magic are generally limited to the use of black arts and fire spells. The lack of intelligence prevents him from using spells more sophisticated.

Their fighting style is based on the use of physical force and weapons, while the spell is usually limited to the ability to curse the opponent and do support magic. However, the magic of Bartuk is unknown to other races, which are so difficult to counter.

They hate it because the Xenon have historically dominated. Now they know how to exploit their weaknesses, so things have changed. The Bartuk may cooperate with Kruxena, but hate is that the Turan xenon.

Key features and classes

Endowed with great strength, both physical and spiritual, they can use short-and long-range weapons, in addition to being skilled at using magic. A cold heart and brutal, creatures created for the sole destruction, capable of sacrificing even their comrades in order to achieve the purpose. Do not hesitate to mutilate their enemies, and tend to be completely antisocial.

The warrior classes use light, short-range weapon useful to perform quick attacks. They can also use long range weapons for preemptive strikes. The magic classes use magic to curse and poison the enemy, but they are more vulnerable than the warrior classes.

They are hostile to all other races, except as Batuka share some genes. Their wickedness and cruelty goes to clash with the compassion of Turan.

Key features and classes

Featuring unparalleled intelligence, have good hand-skills and excellent eyesight, which go some way to support the lack of physical power. To compensate for their weakness have improved long-range attacks based on magic. Very religious, base their beliefs on faith and authority. To become a leader of this race you must show great power of faith in public. They believe they are superior to other races, are very selective and ignore those different from them. Currently there are in the minority, but their knowledge in science is excellent. They developed the arts of magic in order to defend themselves effectively, although some spells can be used to attack the enemy by surprise. The little body will benefit in the long range attacks, and in arranging the traps. The healing abilities are more powerful than those of other races, unlike the direct magical attacks.

The fighting style is based on long range attacks, due to the limited physical abilities. They are also skilled at hiding, manipulate and use the magical power more than any other breed. Their magic is based primarily on power and the spirit of faith.

They are very intelligent and tend to neglect the existence of other races. Nevertheless, a Xenon has the wisdom to hide this resentment, besides being able to manipulate other races.

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