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information basic: It has your name, profession, HP, SP and Base Level of Job, and 8


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information basic: It has your name, profession, HP, SP and Base Level of Job, and 8

* Press ALT + V simultaneously (INSIDE These have several buttons to push)

- HP and SP: Number of life and magic, so to speak, you have. If you stand still, anger slowly recovering.
- Base Lv. Indicates the level of base you have and the percentage of this in you. When you reach 100%, you get a lvl more.
- Job Lv. Indicates the level of Job, or office, you have and its percentage. Also, upon reaching 100% gain a lvl.

* ALT + A
- Status: Opens the status window. When we got 1 lvl base, we awarded points to distribute among STR, AGI, VIT, INT, DEX and LUK, ie, strength, agility, vitality, intelligence, skill and luck. Every profession needs a distinct specifically.

* ALT + O

- Option: Open Opcions window, where you can raise and lower the volume of music and sound.

* ALT + E

- Items: Open the inventory

* ALT + Q

- Equip: Opens the computer.

* ALT + S

- Skill: Opens skills. By raising the level of Job, we awarded one point per lvl risen to distribute among the various skills you have our profession.
- Map: Change the opacity of the minimap.

* ALT + C
- Comm: Opens a window that gives us the opportunity to open a chat than the one we have down the screen, where you can talk without them knowing anyone who is not in the chat. While you have an open chat, you will hear what another character, OOC, you say, except if you whispering or talking on chat group or clan chat (below). The chat can be public, private or password.

* ALT + Z

- Friend: Opens the friends. Show that you have connected friends, and in the other tab, if in party, party members, if they are connected or not and its location. To register someone as a friend, you click the second button and choose Add to Buddy List.
- Weight: The weight you carry and the maximum weight you can carry. When your weight reaches 50% of your capacity not automatically recover HP and SP. When you reach the 90% you can not attack.

- Zeny: Powerful Knight is the gift money. This is the amount of money we have.
• Inventory: The inventory has three tabs: item, we will find the items that we can use (such as healing, sprigs of death, or incubators), equipment, where we will find weapons, armor, etc. we can add to our team, and so on, where we find the objects that are not used directly as a search objects, objects that do not heal, or even, arrows and other things.
• Direct access attacks: It opens with the F12 button, and we have three pages. Here you can drag from the display of skills, skills for use with F. buttons We have from F1 to F9 to assign. Also you can assign objects, such as potions, food, skill, and so on.
• Equipment: window where you can equip items from the inventory of equipment, or remove objects and send them to the inventory.
• Mini: Displays the current map. The arrow is your present position. Pink arrows indicate the position of your clan members on the same map, and colored dots indicate the position of members of your group / party on the same map.
• Damage: When you attack, you deal damage. The number of damage inflicted from the enemy jumps out loss (for that reason is as above). At the same time, the enemy attacks you. The damage comes also makes you lost out.
• You: because your neighbor across the street playing, do not fuck. This is your character, let's be clear. Although you can only click on the characters of others with the second button to see the menu of actions with them ...
• Enemies: Enemies give us exp to level up. They can be aggressive or passive. The liability to you if you will go through him (without attacking). The aggressive anger for you but not attacks. Except for the pupa, and any other egg, all enemies will attack you when your attacks. The enemies also have their level. A magician with skill Sense can see all the information of the enemy, HP, Stats, etc.
• chat screen: use this screen to communicate, write code such as / noctrl (very important) and other things. If the box on the left write a name, and then say something in the box right, the message will go directly to that character, and not come to another. This is a whisper or whispeo. If the name does not exist, or the character is off, leave a message is displayed. To write the general, have to write in the right frame, no names on the left. We also see two blue buttons to the right. The first button is used to enlarge the chat screen 3 lines (you can enlarge with F10 or by hand if you click on the area above). The second is to change who would speak. Talk to everyone is to speak in the midst of a crowded place and you hear all. Speaking to the group is to talk only to your group / party. Talk to guild is to talk only to your clan. Each has a different color:
- Whisp: yellow.
- General: green (you), White (them).
- Group / party: Orange (tu), pink (they)
- Guild: light green.


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