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Different Jobs and tips


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Different Jobs and tips

When we started our business is the game Novice, Novice. In the city that appears, if we left the city find an area with easy enemies to level up. When we get to Job level 10, we see that this does not rise more. It's time to seek employment.
Here is a homemade table Jobs.

Well, let's do a little summary.


• Novice: The novice, with which we started the game. In it you can access all the top jobs. The SuperNovice can learn all the skills of the first trades, with some extra little things.
• Swordman: The typical swordsman who we are in each game of this type for lovers of the sword. His forte is melee. Then you can choose to be a Crusader or Knight (Crusader or Knight).
• Mage: For those games so what he likes is the magic, the magician is his. Controls the elements, fire, earth, ice and electricity. A step up is to be Wizzard, Sorcerer, or Sage, Wise.
• Merchant: A humble vendor able to open a store anywhere in the country. Then you can become a Blacksmith to forge weapons, or Alchemist to create potions and other things.
• Thief: The thief, expert in stealth and go without being seen, while extremely fast attacks with their weapons. Well, this does rather Assassin (Murderer) and Rogue (Rogue).
• Archer equipped with a good bow, the archer is able to attack from far away enemies. The Hunter (Hunter) will have the help of his falcon. If you're a guy, you can also become Bard (Bard), or if you're a girl, Dancer (Dancer). Together they are formidable with their combos.
• Acolyte: The acolyte is essential in parties. His ability to heal and improve the skills of attack, defense, etc.. of their peers makes it a very important element in the groups. From acolyte, you become Priest (Priest), the terror of zombies, or Monk (Monk) to hosts such as bread.

After every second job, you can access a third party. To do this we must get to lvl 99, Base, and "born again", that is, give us the opportunity to start from Novice, then enter the third job.

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