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Perfect World

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Lol this game has a 3.8 rating. Apparently its pretty brutal? Guess im not going to play it.

Molten posted at 2011-05-20 21:09:12


  • NYLeiGRAM said:

    here where i stay is good. So many playing this game. but i don't played. XD

    8 years 46 weeks
    1 Votes
  • it tends to get boring

    9 years 3 weeks
    1 Votes
  • Rales said:

    Game is bad because its all buy power basically in the cash shop.

    9 years 7 weeks
    1 Votes
  • if you like silkroad

    9 years 8 weeks
    1 Votes
  • big papi said:

    this game looks and sounds stupid the rate tells it

    8 years 43 weeks
    0 Votes

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