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how to make a good clan!?

Try-Hard posted at 2011-05-07 14:32:18


  • Get good players , have a nice clan name (something funny always helps) , always cw

    10 years 16 weeks
    5 Votes
    yes always cw
    nona1239 posted 10 years 14 weeks ago
  • Get good players

    10 years 17 weeks
    4 Votes
    Jetxlix, that made no sense. He said to get good players but you said they all suck; how is that possible if they are "good players?"
    gr77n posted 9 years 36 weeks ago
    no one is asking you XD
    posted 10 years 9 weeks ago
    They all suck
    jetxlix posted 10 years 10 weeks ago
  • Try-Hard said:

    Thanks Nobelg for your effort, i really did understand how to make a good clan.

    10 years 23 weeks
    4 Votes
  • nobelg said:

    Introduction :

    I am sure you have seen clans like Innovation , Sparta , Poise etc...
    And you must have been wondering, what keeps them going on and on ,
    getting more and more successful on gunz !
    Well, after weeks of research and interviews, we are ready to share
    some tips and advice, on how to be as successful or even better than
    them !

    Clan Name :

    The first thing you should think of is a clan name. Try and think of something catchy, or funny, or new/fresh. No one likes a copy-cat in names. Don’t try and copy some famous clans name to try and get more people to join “your” clan.( Like Sparta and TriSparta ) Those clans usually fail pretty fast. Also, try and choose a name that you will like, since I highly recommend is to not change your clan name often (if you want your clan to last I mean). And to make a change in the name later will just cause headache and gcoins you could have saved for something better.

    Clan Emblem :

    The next step is to choose an Emblem (picture) for your clan. Again, try and choose something cool, but not copying others. Try and have it be related to your clan in some way. For example, the clan toasty, used a piece of toast for its emblem. Another example is HeadShoot, who
    usually uses an emblem of a guy getting headshoted. Or try using something innovative, or original. Good examples are Winland and Innovation. In any case, you also don’t want to change your emblem (editing the emblem like color or what not is ok), but don’t completely change it often. Your emblem will be like your clan’s trademark , you know your clan mark is good, when people REMEMBER that your clan is pro, by the clan mark... ( Like Sparta )

    Clan Server :

    Set up which server your clan will most likely be in. Clans that say, we play anywhere usually fail. Choose and stick to 1 Server your clan members should hang out in. Something that should be noted, the top quest clans play in Atlantic Quest server 1 and Pacific Quest server 1.

    Purpose/Goals :

    A clan without purpose and goals, or "Just for Fun" Clans, will not go anywhere usually, and will likely disband after 2-3 weeks. Look at Innovation, 1 of their goals is to be the BEST Quest Clan in gunz . They worked hard on it, and they have achieved it , till now, their clan is still alive and very active. Always have a goal in mind, maybe being 1 of the Top 5 quest clans, or maybe be in the top 100 in Clan War every month. Or for cw, take Sparta for example, they always strive to be the best in cw and now have become legends in the cw tournaments. Goals make people work hard...

    Intermediate Steps :

    Clan Requirements/Tryouts :

    The ONLY type of people you want in your clan are friendly, helpful people, that are loyal, reliable, honest, and never cheat (100% of the time). You do NOT want "clan-hoppers". Members should compromise occasionally, as needed for the good of the clan. They should regularly help and participate in your clan's work and Events. ONLY let in "friendly" people into your clan, do NOT let in guys that are jerks, just simply because they play good or are famous. You want people that are loyal, reliable, honest, and never cheat (100% of the time).

    Level requirements are a recommended, but not needed of course for a clan to succeed . However, keep in mind that just because someone is a high level, it does not make them pro. The same goes for the other way around, just because someone is a low level does not mean that they are noob.

    Also, make sure to set up clan rules. A clan that allows hacking, infinite bossing, abusing, egoing, taunting, are clans that will either fail or be hated on by the gunz community.

    And, have a CHALLENGING tryout. If you want to have a pro quest clan, have the tryout be related to questing. If it’s a pvp/cw clan, have a pvp/cw tryout. For example, Innovation which is a pro quest clan, BUT still does clan war games, has an initial quest tryout for everyone, and then a second cw tryout for those who wish to cw. This helps keep everyone in your clan at somewhat the same level.

    Role of Leader:/Co-Leader

    As a clan leader, you should try and be as most active as possible so if anything were to arise (like a fight between the clan) you can be there to handle it. You also want to be mature about your clan. Don’t just do random kicking. Also, as the leader of your clan, remember that you may have to spend more time doing clan stuff than actually playing. When you start a clan, start it with someone you trust to be a co-leader. The co-leader should have the same responsibilities as the leader and should act as the leader when the leader is inactive.

    How to Choose Admins :
    Choose your admins carefully. If you want it so only you can kick people from the clan, then make everyone in your clan an admin. This will prevent admins from kicking people randomly which is what happened in Konvict99’s clan. But if you make everyone in your clan an admin, realize that you will have almost zero control as to who enters your clan. You want your admins to be just as responsible as you if you want a serious clan. So you should either have a tryout or choose people you get to know well in the clan. Don’t make someone who has been in the clan for less than a month admin. Try and make people who have been really loyal to the clan, active, and mature admins. If possible try and get the whole clan involved.

    You could follow this method of ranking:

    Member level 1 : Basics privileges , has to be in clan for 2 weeks to be level 2

    Member level 2 : Decent member, been in clan for few weeks, little or no
    bad behavior .

    Member level 3 : A long term member, who DESERVES adminhip, will certainly receive it unless he rejects it. Well respected in clan

    Admin level 1 : Admin, new admin, cannot kick members from clan, unless providing evidence that member is hacking / swapping etc. This shows admin has control over members. Not allowed to recruit.

    Admin level 2 : Distinguished admin, has kicking abiltities, still needs to provide evidence on kicking matter. Can hold tryouts .

    Admin level 3 : Head Admin, no more than 3~5 head admins, can kick with a little evidence , and has to organize help and supervises other admins.

    Co-Leader:, Almost certainly founding / most oldest members, full rights, can kick anyone for repeated misconduct in behavior etc, do not need to report to anyone. Allowed to recruit anybody.

    Leader: Full responsibility of clan, and full privileges, anyone kicked by leader will merely state that so & so was kicked for being a XX. Invoke adminship, demotion of admins / member level XX and increase of member levels.. Their word is final, unless challenged by Co Leaders and admins, and generally supported by other admins and senior members.[/SIZE]

    It is also a good idea to set up guidelines for admins. As an example, below are the guidelines for Innovation Admins.
    1. people who are responsible.

    2. people who are friendly.

    3. people who are pro, and by pro I mean not just someone who can solo page 41 naked, but people who can solo most bosses, or people who are pro in quest and also cw/pvp.

    4. people who are mature. This is key. Often, we get complaints like, I want to be an admin because I'm pro. Well, most likely that person will not become an admin because they are not mature enough.

    5. Not egoing. Not starting fights with others. This is a must. Admins have to be respectful of all people in the clan, but also must not ego saying they are the best etc. Admins are not self-made, they are chosen.

    6. Must be willing to give tryouts even though they are questing with friends when no other admin is online. This is also a kind of must, since the main reason we make people admins is so this burden is more balanced among the admins. And trust me, in a clan as big and as popular as Innovation it can become a burden. There are times when I might be the only admin online and have to give tryouts to 3 ppl at the same time.

    7. Must take care in organization of the clan. This means, if for example you're playing and you see two clan mates arguing, that you go in and try and stop the fight.

    8. Popularity. Both among the clan and among the gunz community. For example, has this clan member done a lot of done a lot of videos or media related things of themselves showing that they are good (in a non ego way).

    9. Understands and follows the rules already in place of Innovation. That means not making random posts in announcement board, not using inf glitches to plvl, not listening to current admins or leaders etc.

    10. This is by far the most important or just as important as #4, but being active. That means more than 4 times a week at least. Some people in the clan only come on 1-2 times a week, but admins are usually on at least 4-7 times a week. However, lets say you have to be inactive for a while during tests etc. That is fine but as long as you let us know ^.^v Thats what we call being mature.

    11. Loyal to the clan.

    The above like I said is just an example. Other clans will have VERY different requirements, but as an example, people should note that if you want your clan to be successful it is good to think ahead for how you want your admins to be.

    In some clans, the leader makes the decision, the admins will make a decision with the leader, and in some clans, the whole clan will decide together.

    Guide For Quest Clans

    How To Keep Your Clan Active:

    As the leader play a lot and try your best to play with everyone. As admins, try and play with everyone as well. As admin of Innovation, a clan which consists of over 150 people, I will often change rooms every 5-7 games. As a member, try and play as much as you can but also be inviting to others. The worst thing in a clan is when you have members who only play with the same members all the time.[/SIZE]

    Setting Up Goals:
    One good way to keep your quest clan active is by setting up goals. For example, trying to reach level 65 together, or trying to beat a boss faster, or trying to beat prison page 65 etc.[/SIZE]

    Don’t Play Quest 24/7:

    One of the things that can kill quest clans, or even non-quest clans, is doing the same thing over and over and over again. I admit, quest is loads of fun for me, but even I have limits to how much I can quest before getting board. So instead of questing 24/7, a good way to keep your clan active is to be open to other parts of the game such as team death matches or clan warring.


    Something that helps keep a clan active is setting up events for your clan. Innovation has set up numerous events, ranging from tournaments, mass sharing of bosses with random people etc. Having admins or the leader set up events is a good way to keep gunz fun for everyone.

    Make Videos:

    Another good way to make your clan more famous AND to get your clan mates to play more is to have someone in your clan make videos. I would also recommend that you establish a youtube channel just for your clan videos. In your clan videos, make sure you tag all the relevant information and that you credit the relevant people in your video. This will make it so that your clan mates will want to play more to hopefully get put into the next video. One of the famous parts of Innovation is the shear number of videos we have. In terms of quest we have around 100 videos, and in terms of cw/pvp videos, we have probably somewhere around 15-20 videos.

    Guide For PVP/CW Clans

    Set Up a Clan Thread in the Recruitment Section on the ijji Forums

    Use the below template to help set make a good thread for your clan recruitment.

    Name of Clan:
    Your In Game Name:
    Status (Leader, Admin, Member):
    Introduction of yourself:
    Introduction of your clan: [/SIZE](In this section, tell people what kind of a clan are you. Are you a quest clan, a pvp clan, a cw clan, and just for fun clan? You may also want to list your goals for the clan here too.)
    Level Requirement:
    Tryouts (If applicable):
    List of Admins (Including leader):
    Extra: List anything else which you think will help make your clan more attractive than other clans. Remember, in this section there are threads for looooooots of clans, what makes your clan better?
    Rate: Give your clan a 5 stars ^.^v

    I didn't make this, i just edited and took away useless stuff.

    Credits goes to "chihakaryu" and me.

    10 years 23 weeks
    4 Votes
    NYLeiGRAM posted 10 years 8 weeks ago
    ahahah u think that everyone here is stupid?that' s100% copyed from a forum..
    Indr4 posted 10 years 9 weeks ago
    better make a tip :P
    ikspeelspel posted 10 years 10 weeks ago
    WTF? Why so long for 10 points LMFAOOOOOO
    jetxlix posted 10 years 10 weeks ago
    nona1239 posted 10 years 13 weeks ago
    yes nice
    nona1239 posted 10 years 14 weeks ago
    nice guide LMAO
    AppleCore posted 10 years 22 weeks ago
    I think most people would join if you have a cool clan name
    sorjaialex posted 10 years 23 weeks ago
    you should have people that are active
    sponse003 posted 10 years 23 weeks ago
    but what? oh wait, and the guy's name is "chiakankaryu" or something (hard name, not sure).
    nobelg posted 10 years 23 weeks ago
    yea but....
    T0RcH3D posted 10 years 23 weeks ago
  • AppleCore said:

    Just think of a cool clan name, and find people who are good.

    10 years 22 weeks
    3 Votes
  • T0RcH3D said:

    Nobelg answered that perfectly but doing all of that isnt what is going to make a clan win tournaments, that will just get your name out there, and of course that will attract more players but most of these well known clan only pick above average generic players....hateful truth

    10 years 23 weeks
    3 Votes
  • gr77n said:

    get a whole bunch of friends and ppl that u know will use up time to get good

    10 years 10 weeks
    2 Votes
  • good names good players and reach the top

    10 years 22 weeks
    2 Votes
  • lChowFanl said:

    goood players and good name i guess

    10 years 22 weeks
    2 Votes
  • NYLeiGRAM said:

    first.. you need to be a good leaders o they will respect and follow your rules. 2nd, choose members that are nice, kind and not so freaky ass attitude. 3rd, always tell them to be a good player and teach others to be a good player too.

    9 years 48 weeks
    1 Votes
    I have recently created a tip and cheats guide providing great ways to create an excellent clan. Refer to this link
    LuckyO7 posted 9 years 36 weeks ago

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