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Sword 2 (SNW)

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1st Dungeon Quests

Well guys the last time I played this game was a year ago, and my chars where max lvl 30 lol

Is it normal that I have to do like million Quests in the first Dungeon, I was like a week in the dungeon doing nothing but this Missions lol

LOLMonster posted at 2011-05-17 09:43:11


  • xeqcme said:

    Yep, it's normal.
    The dungeon is surprisingly difficult in the beginning. It's very easy outside, but once you head to the lower levels, you need to watch out. The aggro gets pretty insane and the mobs are endless. Furthermore, the picture of this banner is the first boss. He is pretty hard unless you know what to do and equipped correctly with the right team. Lots to do and also a lot of the missions are probably side quests or bonus missions. They give nice rewards :)

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  • Google is your best friend as same as any game guide you can find

    9 years 27 weeks
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