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 FanUp Community for Gamers Plays Like a Game brings game-like experience to fan community with virtual currency rewards for user created content, badges, leaderboards and more


Belmont, CA– June 21, 2011How do you get online gamers to flock in droves to your community website? Turn it into a game, of course.

         FanUp, which  officially launches today, is targeting the audiences of free-to-play MMOs, as well as Facebook and mobile phone games, by rewarding users with virtual currency for posting content or engaging with other community members.

         “There are a lot of me-too forum or review sites for gamers and we wanted to try a different approach,” says Norm Swaton, community manager.  “We’ve had thousands of gamers visit since we launched our beta site a month ago and they seem really excited about the concept. We already have more than 20,000 pages of user-created tips, strategy guides and articles.”

         FanUp’s approach to acquiring and engaging customers is part of a larger phenomenon called “gamification” which involves borrowing certain features of games, such as badges or earned points, to enhance the user experience on a non-game property such as a traditional media website.

         On FanUp, gamers can meet other gamers, create profiles and avatars, write strategy guides or tips, post videos, answer questions or rate games and earn FanCoin rewards and badges.  They can then spend the rewards on avatar accessories or use them to win game cards or in-game digital items or currency from their favorite games.  They can also compete in contests and tournaments to win virtual currency, or earn FanUp’s cash currency FanBucks by completing advertising offers or surveys. 

         FanUp has teamed with top free-to-play game publishers such as Gamersfirst, YNK and Ijji to provide authorized merchandise such as G1 Credits, Blynks, Z8 Points, Silk, Turbine Points and G Coin. Facebook Credits, iTunes and game cards are also available for sale in the FanUp Store.   For complete launch details visit


About FanUp, Inc.                                                                                 

Founded in 2011 by gamers for gamers, FanUp brings a game-like experience to its social networking community for online gamers.  Visitors to FanUp are invited to take their game to the next level by finding tips and strategy guides, as well as asking questions of more experienced gamers.  FanUp is headquartered in Belmont, CA.

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