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Neighborhood Bonus


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Neighborhood Bonus

You will still visit your neighbors and earn the "All Clean" bonus but it will be handled in a new way.
Instead of cleaning every room of your Neighbor's house you will now clean only the first room and the trash items are still worth the same amount of coins as before.
Since there is now less trash in the game to clean overall you should be able to get through your visits faster.
Above each of your neighbor's images at the bottom of the screen you will see either a red, yellow, or green Petville symbol.
Red - Pet is not clean. House is not clean.
Yellow - Pet is partially clean. House is partially Clean. One or the other is partially clean.
Green - Pet is totally clean. House is totally clean.
If you place your mouse over your Neighbor there is a meter at the bottom that will show you what needs to be done.
Now you will receive a one time lump sum bonus that you can control.
Scan through your Neighbors and look for those with the Red Petville Icons. These are the very dirty houses in the game.
TIP - It is best to clean the largest houses with the Red Symbols first.
After all the red houses are clean then you can start working on the yellow. Green houses do not need to be cleaned but you will still want to visit to earn first time visit bonuses for the day.

have cleaned all the houses you want for the day click on the green Petville Happy Neighbor Bonus Symbol at the bottom of the screen.
Here you will see a meter and a tally of all you have earned for the day.
If you have the time work to get the meter all the way to the right or at least as much as you can do for the day.
You will earn money as follows:
Green Symbols - You will earn 100 Coins for each house that has a green symbol.
Yellow Symbols - You will earn 25 Coins for each house that has a yellow symbol.
Red Symbols - You will earn 0 Coins for each house that has a red symbol.
When you are ready to claim your bonus for the day click on "Collect Bonus" and you will earn the lump sum listed on the screen.
It is completely up to you how much you want to earn for cleaning houses for the day.
NOTE - If a house is very dirty there will be trash in all rooms and if the symbol is yellow there will only be trash in the first room. Green symbols have no trash.
NOTE - Clicking on the symbol will tell you how many hours until you can claim the bonus again.

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