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Quick Leveling For Venomancer's Pet ( Level 40+ Required )


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Perfect World

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Quick Leveling For Venomancer's Pet ( Level 40+ Required )

Hello, today I'm going to write about perfect wold international, on how to level up your land pets at level 40

Requirements: Level 40+ , Class: Venomancer

Okay what I'm talking about today is Cube Of Fate a very fun game to play inside of perfect world

Requirements To Enter The Quick:

*Player must be at least level 40 to enter the Cube of Fate
*1 Daily Badge = can be obtained by talking to the Adventure Assistant or Khatru Pup (only 1 per day)
*Dice Tickets = each room requires ticket(s) to continue playing

You can obtain Dice Tickets in the cube usually for 900 coins per ( cheap )

This is the lobby of the Cube of Fate.

Talk to the TM located in the middle of the room. ( Teleport Master )
Select option #2: Cube of Fate to start. You may need to talk to him 3x or until he gives you a die.

Roll the dice and hope for Room #4 Mice Bashing don't take the quest summon you land pet and kill the mobs with 10HP very easy to kill and you get 1EXP each that's alot

Good Luck and thanks for reading

youngyork posted at 2013-03-16 03:39:31

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