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Guide for Perfect World


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Perfect World

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Guide for Perfect World

This is a guide for Perfect World:
So :

Your character can belong to three different races:
-Humans (Human)
-Untamed (Indomitable or man-beast)
-Winged Elves (Winged Elf)


Each race has two respective classes:
-Humans may or Blademaster (master blade or warrior) or Wizards (wizards)
-The Indomitable may or Barbarian (barbarians) or Venomancer (or evocative tamers)
-The Winged Elves can be either Archer (Archer) or cleric (cleric)

Each race has thus two different classes: one more conducive to physical combat, tending more to the magic.

Peculiarities of the Indomitable:
The Indomitable have the ability to be transformed into beasts:
The Barbarian-transformed and becomes TigreBianca can carry other players on the back;
-Becomes the Venomancer Fox, can not carry other players transformed, is the only class that can capture the monsters of the game and use them as companions in battle.

Peculiarities of the Winged Elves:
-Both the Cleric Archer that can fly using wings innate.Tutti other players can not fly until they reach the LvL 30 when it can buy a pet (domesticated animal) steering wheel or a Sword.


F6 to activate the wings / flying object
Space to get up in the air
Z to get

Once you've created your character wisely (playergaming) appears in a different area depending on the breed:
Elves-appear in Battlemark Village, near the city's main PlumeCity;
-The indomitable will appear in the Northern Pass, near the city's main LostCity;
-Humans appear at Inn Of The Eagle, near the city's main Etherblade.

In the city of its membership have to do your first quest (mission at the request of a character CPU):
Talk to PG's game that has a gold shield on the head by double-clicking and selecting the scrollbar QUEST RELATED.Fate this quest otherwise you will not necessarily unlock the following!

On the head of the characters may appear:
Golden-Shield (new quest to be taken)
Silver Shield-(but not taking this more complete and a new quest to be taken)
Golden-Flags (quests completed but not delivered then click to deliver)
Flag-Silver (this taken but not completed)

Keyboard shortcuts
B-Open the inventory
Q-Show quests that have taken
M-Show large map
The Help-Opens the box

All other hotkeys do not carry them because they can arrive at their destination, even the menu at the bottom right: from here you can see friends (or F), see your neighbors you can invite into your team, change the setting, exit the game, watch their status (useful for raising the points obtained with the Lvl UP), look at their skills, etc ...

The game offers side compartments empty or you can fill them with the skills or items (potions) so that you can use as quickly as possible Durane a battle without having to open the inventory and to suspend the work of war.

You can chat freely, both to make new friends, and to ask for help.
At the bottom left there are several chat:
-The plus symbol to the left you enter in the common chat or chat municipality in which you talk to all users in your area;
On the right-side squad will have the chat or team chat, after a team can only speak with members of the team (the markings will be green and your message will be preceded by two!);
Yet you have the next-faction chat or guild chat where you can speak freely only with members of your guild (the markings will be colored blue, and your message will be withdrawn! ~);
There is still the whisper-side allowing you to speak with one person (the markings will be pink and your message will be preceded by / more precise nick of the person you want to speak to avoid typing a nick too difficult to go on your friends / neighbors or players (nearby players) and right click until you find whisper and the game automatically selects the nick of the user selected whisper)

At first you do not belong to any guild: a guild exists, however, which only Italian Italian users so if you want to be part of a guild where they speak your language contact me with the whisper and let me know that you want to go, I will in less time can.

To add a friend user and then right-click on ADD FRIEND, twice accepted the confirmation by clicking on the exclamation mark that appears at the top accompanied by a little noise Nelo screen.

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