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(Dream + Storm)

* Against mobs is a "Melee Warrior" that takes some skills mastery storm.
* Contra leaders fight changes its mode and becomes "Warrior-Mage", but does not really elemental magic but rather some "black magic" juas juas

Unlike Spellbreaker, do not recommend this as your first character prophet because even normal passes died of laughter epic, legendary takes on a very good team to perform and get hurt. Its greatest advantage is to maintain legendary mobs still and let the leaders out of power, what I mean is that turns heads in the "strong mobs" that will not give us any problems.

To pass normal and epic not need special equipment, just have to watch the resistance, especially drilling. I imagine you will find very good team in green and normal epic can use. If it is your first character may have saved the epic good team that could not make use ... now is the perfect time for the Prophet (isa) put on gala.

As recommend a good weapon saber tooth damage bonus and speed. Although the swords stuck less and do it faster if you add equipment to increase speed at the end do more damage with a slow deck. But there is a happy customer.

As we will use skills "Psionic Touch" as main blow, "Ghost Attack" in the secondary and "distortion of reality" as third ability, as trance could use "nursing Trance" for his support of life and energy, but if you want to be most mortals can use the trance of wrath. So we stick to just hit, distortion, ghost hit ... no more science than that. With these skills we can pass normal as in epic burst is necessary to use the heads.

With above normal and epic will be a little walk.

The Masters
When we reached legendary power of our prophet is decreased greatly, so we will not "play it rough" and be more tactical, because even if the mobs will fall two strokes, the heads are made of different stuff ... and very hard .

Let us then we will use the Dream Master:

Psionic Touch: This will be our main attack, we give 96% damage on the 4th beat ... not a big deal but we have more. The only improvement of burn damage that will be very useful and damage to demons, at most one point.

Phantom Strike: Our quintessential secondary attack, more than 200% of total damage, theft of energy, 8 victims, leaves stunneados to 4SG objectives and has a radius of 360 attack, I do not think I have to explain more. They fill it with the most improvement.

Distortion of reality: Well, normal and you'll quickly kill epic in legendary petrified will help us to leave everything around us (minus bosses). With just one point, but the most improvement.

Trance of Wrath: For me the best trance for a warrior, and that with the reduction of resistance that makes (up 40%), we bring a gun to steal life and so spend less potions. Also cause disruption of skills, and is the cheapest of the three trances (1 Energy for sg).

Branch lucid dream: I can say, one of the best passive that has the game, see what we offer:

* Lucid Dreaming: 28% damage, 45% electrical burn damage, 45% damage to vitality.
* Premonition: 18% and 18% capacity offensive defense capability.
* Flow time: 12% of full speed, 15% chance to dodge projectiles and 28% resistance to slow.

Then we will see what the Master Storm use:

Thunderous Ball: Useful for stunnear the distance, I use against archers, as if I have hit kill ghost loading before reaching me and throw the distortion of reality, though perfectly it can happen if you are careful. If you decide to put it to the maximum to bring improvement.

Storm surge: Very useful as it has a good percentage of activation (15%) and leaves us dormiditos the mobs for 1 second, enough to finish them off with a reality distortion or coup ghost.

Nimbus stormy: If we in epic hammer licaeon we increase a little damage, and frost heart slow down the mobs, but legendary lost all its usefulness, so I recommend that you take it if you have that weapon and only until epic .

Burst: Causes archers aim if lost or (100%), improvement also reduces 30% damage and 30% resistance, very good skill. Many times we can not get close to all heads to feel the trance of wrath, so this replaces him perfectly.

Spellbreaker: This is my favorite skill, thanks to burst or trance of wrath + two or three applications let the heads dry, making kittens with our weapons will fall hopelessly. Stealing this for 66% of energy and also the 135% of the energy that causes damage steals. Look at the video against Typhon and Hades that I will later, to see the effect of this wonderful skill.

Other skills: Since arriving at lv65 noticed several of them left over skill points, so it's up to you where you invest. If you like to bring pets can lead to the nightmare or Wisp, or take full stormy nimbus branch, although the latter is not recommended due to the large amount of energy reserved and that the increase will be minimal damage.

Here I have put as distributed skill points in Masters:

With attributes, most of the points we will need strength and dexterity required equipment, intelligence the two masters will:

• Life: Nothing here, so give the master is sufficient, and most of the equipment increases and if you use a weapon with life steal will not use many potions.
• Energy: Nothing here. The master will give us + / - 1000pts, so nothing here, and although we spend a good amount, it costs nothing to take a Pot.
• Strength: This is the one that best maximizes, increases only dream so it is important that most points go here.
• Intelligence: The two masters we provide + / - 200pts, so nothing here.
• Skill: As the friend Gigatron, necessary for the team. With 350pts + of the team which will be sufficient for the mason calzarnos handcuffs and a spike khthonion.

If we use the equipment that we propose below most resistance butt:

In case of not having the things that show a team should focus on increase the damage / speed and cover the puncture resistance and the other with stun ... not in negative will suffice. Nothing for staff for elemental damage that it would meet with a failure of character. --- Again, forget the elemental damage please ---

Another thing you can consider is getting a rig (Tracker Hood, Apollo Wills, etc.) And keep a very thorny ... not recommended but have to adapt to the situation.

Regarding the offensive capability we aim to keep it above 900, the same for the defense. With this we will receive more critical and less of them.

Well this part is very important because we must find a good weapon to do "muuuuuuuuuchoooooo" damage and increase the speed a bit if possible. There are many options and as always I recommend green to not complicate, including green weapons "veteran", "the murderer", barbed khthonion, Grudge, etc. We can help.

I primarily use mods for mace grudge, but the change in Hades spike Khthonion a bonus which is 35% damage, enfin But, it is not difficult to achieve and in a while I dropped two in the palace of hades . When I put this to make the ghost attack critics reach 20,000. It was over when the veternado Use a Folg that got ... and believe me the percentage of "stunning" as mobs increase much (for the skill that gives this weapon).

By the way, it is always advisable to place a relic of "x% damage become life" to avoid taking so many potions.

For heads occupy "sapros the Corruptor" thanks to the resistance he will reduce the bosses to make more effective the ability "Spellbreaker".

To begin it is important to have a good setup keyboard and mouse, and power lie in a long pot life, can save us from falling against Hades:

Guerrero Melee
When we reached legendary and is facing off against large groups of mobs the Prophetess has no problem because it is aguantadora besides, is qualified to hold them off. This is achieved by having stun skills, the "storm surge" to stop coming to hit you first and the rest of the dry stop with the "distortion of reality", there is only hit. If you have a group of archers can take "Burst" or let go a thunderous ball, you decide.

The use of "Phantom Strike" should be subject to the right times since its recharge is a tad slow.

Warrior Mage
When faced with the leaders we will not go "like crazy", we will change our strategy to a "Warrior-Mage", Aca black magic use is as follows:

Sapros + Spellbreaker

or if we have sapros

Rafaga + Spellbreaker

The important thing is to reduce him resistors Spellbreaker use, ability to leave them out of power, will interrupt the skills and most importantly: you burn energy to take away life, is very evident sapros and two applications can leave almost zero life and energy. It will be there just to give a few bumps and inevitably will fall.

In conclusion I want to say it's been a fun character who has taught me to "clickeadera own" that hybrids do not work, so again I repeat, the team should be based on damage or perforation.

Among the advantages that I see are:
1. A fun and different character, and that we must be more tactical legendary in fights against bosses ... but still be easy to kill.
2. Great primary and secondary resistance.
3. Great defensive and offensive capabilities thanks to passive Dream.
4. +4 To all skills.

1. Compared to the other characters is very weak physically, and depends on the verge of anger, burst or sapros and Spellbreaker to remove the heads.
2. Spend much mana, so you should not abuse the skills (even taking 1000)

Our warrior is a powerful fighter to combine two weapons damage and speed provided by the Master War, with the reduction of resistance that will give us spiritual mastery, Thanks to these two main aspects have a warrior and will do much damage to the Once life becomes much damage you do. Put in simpler words for every hit that, life is filled.

As an important note this character will have the ability to steal life to the undead (Although you may not believe).

But despite explained above it is not recommended to two weapons from the beginning, and we will not have enough points to completely fill the two weapons industry, making it ineffective because this is triggered by "percentage chance". I therefore propose the following two options:

1. Start shield and weapon that would be the easiest. If we decided on this path we will need to fill the onslaught of cold and deadly aura. The important thing is to have a good weapon damage become life, giving green feast on default are best. In addition we also carry the king spectrum to support / shield.

2. Using the technique of Titón Guesser.
This technique allows us to enjoy a magician while using the "King not dead." If you are going to use this technique should fill the bar Spiritual Masters and other intelligence / elemental damage to get through the team.

The Masters.
To begin talk about the skills you use the Master War:

Weapons Training: What to say, with +4 to all skills gives us 50% more offensive capabilities and we 25% the speed increases. This fill it from the beginning.

Battle Rage: Just a point we will, from time to time will activate giving us 50% more offensive capability. The upgrades are a waste of points, do not put anything in them.

Dodge Attack: I can say, 21% dodge attacks will be of much help.

Onslaught: This branch is important to fill it with all improvements as it gives us a number of advantages that I list below:

• 50% damage to 8 loads.
• 15% damage resistance and 15% resistance to punctures when activated.
• 28% reduction of offensive ability 3GS, 28% armor reduction and 35% 6SG slow motion 5SG mobs when activated.
• 16% and 16% movement speed when activated.

War Horn: With improvement will reduce their life to paralyze enemies addition, when combined with Aura of deadly cold will be much more effective. This ability is not necessary to use the saw until we Oriente Epic when I stop the car to the draconian, Men Tiger and others.

Winds of War: This skill rather than by damage I use it as a "metro Express" thanks to 300% movement, leads us quickly to eliminate enemies quickly we need, ie: Archers, Makkai champions, with interruption Magi skills, etc.. or just to be in the middle of a group and give them the beating of his life.

Improved with a point enough, because it does not take weapons causing bleeding wounds, when you can fill the spots left over if you want.

Battle Standard: Well, we have to face a boss and Who will help us? The mighty battle standard! if you have the unofficial patch up 1.13rc please fill butt also improved because the two ventajotas we offer the following:

For RH.
• 38% damage absorption.
• +1 to all skills.
• 88 to the defense capability.
• 50% of energy cost.

For mobs.
• -40% damage.
• -40% damage resistance.
• -50% resistance to stun.

The two arms branch Behold this branch will be our "area attack" as having +4 to all skills will be jumping, tijerazos and 360 º turns all the time. This branch of the last fill.

All have to be filled butt for effectiveness:

1. Double Weapon: We will carry a weapon in each hand (only swords, axes and maces).
2. Double deadly weapon: The RH will jump and hit with both weapons at once causing 50% damage.
3. Scissors: An attack with both arms crossed, causing 80 bleeding wound, but what matters is that hits two targets.
4. Tumult: A 360 ° turn to hit 3 targets.

Other: The ancient warriors I am using just because I have too many points, glad occasionally be accompanied in battle, but do not hurt and you can spend them.

Now review what use of spiritual mastery:

Lethal cold Aura: This will be our trump card as being within its mobs suffer a range of illnesses that left weakened and our weapons ready to feed us with his blood, therefore is necessary to take full with all improvements legendary. It is important to have the unofficial patch 1.16 (link) to "ravages of time" to be effective.

Then we will see what effects they receive mobs:

• Aura of lethal cold: 3-9 life reduction, -25% of full speed.
• ravages of time: -36% damage, -36% damage absorption by armor and -36% absorption of Pierce.
• Necrosis: -81% resistance to bleeding wounds, -81% damage resistance to the vitality and resistance -81% absorption of life.

With this we will have the mobs and bosses "softened" and ready to give us his blood as food.

Spiritual Shield: A little extra damage and defense areas plagued by evil undead will not come, and 1 point to the improvement.

Coat of death put is optional or not, just as a point in legendary no longer be useful.

Dark Pact: Jojojo! This will be the perfect companion for the battle standard ... butt with his improvement as for the small price of -46 life get 10% per second speed, power +21.0 per second, 50% more damage and 50 % damage to vitality. A full combo.

Stranger: Having problems with a large group of mobs? Does the Hydra is biting you buttocks over the account? Stranger Call for help! The Stranger + Aura of lethal cold will cause a delicious 33% reduction of life to enemies. With one point is enough.

Vision of Death: Well no one is recommended, but at least for the normal level I would use it as a substitute for war horn (we do not have enough points to butt Horn). It is not the same, but is effective against large groups because most frightens, makes them fail attacks (66% of failing probalidad attacks) and when they return several seconds remaining as "silly" no attack ... long enough to finish them off .

Well the above is what I use for both masters, then put a picture of what I carry:
With attributes, most of the points to give him strength and skill required by the team:

• Life: Nothing here, so give the master is sufficient, and most of the equipment and the increases will be filled constantly in fights.
• Energy: The spiritual master will give us as Spartacus says the friend, nothing costs take a Pot. Nothing here.
• Strength: This is the most widely maximized as we increased damage.
• Intelligence: The spiritual mastery we provide 96pts, so nothing here.
• Skill: As the friend Gigatron, necessary for the team. With 300pts + of the team which will be sufficient for the mason calzarnos handcuffs.

Here begins the most important part. Speaking with Pchead friend told me he liked my Spellbreaker was not conditioned by the team as he is the guide RH shadowlink friend. After meditating I saw that he was right, so even show you the team I have committee recommends no more than weapons, however my recommendation is to get equipment that allows them to highlight the following aspects:

Primary resistance

• elementary resistances need to be taken not to stop, with not in negative will suffice.
• For poison resistance may have saved a ring or piece of equipment that we the rise, and that only in some places need to be protected (escarabajote in Egypt, spiders and plants east, Cerberus, jellyfish IT, etc.) otherwise that is not in denial will suffice.
• Puncture resistance, it is important to have a 40% or 50% to avoid being cooked with arrows.

Secondary resistances

• Resistance to damage to the vitality, energy and bleeding wounds will be the same as for the poison, only in some specific places have to be taken up (Limnos giant Graeae, Typhon and Hades). Keeping a "headband of souls" or other similar can eventually solve this problem.
• Resistance to Stun: This is another story, here is one to 80% shooting because if not stun you life steal, if you steal for soil life. I think I can not be clearer.
• Skills Gap: Actually I think you only are the skeletons do magicians, so do not worry about it but worry for quick kill.

Other aspects:

• Speed: The letter teacher with high speed're juggling your weapons down and seeing the mods. The characters of two weapons have a maximum speed of 199%, so it is not hard to achieve, and that weapons training and fury of battle and have won at least 46%.
• Damage: It is very important to have a very high damage, and that the more damage you do is fill in more life per hit. There are a lot of equipment that increases (Myrmidon Necklace, Necklace immortal rage, of Peleus Armor / Achilles, etc.).
• Capacity offensive: Needed for critics and others, try to have it up 900pts.
• Ability defense: Necessary to avoid critical hits from 900 up avoid those pesky red.
• Running speed: As we will be more fighting than fleeing with 145% will suffice.
• If you can bring bonuses to dodge attacks / projectiles and damage resistance would be preferable.
• I do not contemplate the slow wear resistance, but if you look affects veneficie you looking team in that aspect.

Then it will be necessary to have a combination of equipment that meets the above issues. I am not mistaken in saying that there is equipment that can help green cover, such as "bibs Alcyoneus" you get more than 200 defensive capacity and a good bonus to puncture protection (these are given by the giant blue / dactyl of hades).

To give you an idea of ​​how they could have him put the team that led me, in my opinion I only need to get the necklace Myrmidon to increase damage but still hard I 30sg Hades.

This is the "delicate" of our build and allowing us to be the vampires of Titan Quest.

The weapons must have if we use or the bonus "% Damage become Life". I have found that if you do not carry guns to damage the Spellbreaker life become the will "hard time" in all lvs. Difficulty. The advantage is that getting these weapons is as easy as making runs to traders. Some examples of weapons that could be used:

• Option 1: Weapons of feast / devouring, especially veteran of devouring, for me they are the best but you can use axes and maces if you have Achilles relic with 18% +35% (only legendary or inherited) of Speed ​​going to have a huge damage and a high speed. The're doing runs in stores all lvs. Difficulty.

• Option 2: Veteran Weapons annihilation, I can say, weapons of great damage and speed, to give them the damage attribute life become a relic of Anubis will you need (in legend can be found with 35 bonus % speed). The're doing runs in stores all lvs. Difficulty.

• Option 3: Sabretooth, With% damage + anubis relic ... uffff have less damage but in return a speed demon. The're doing runs to the Tigers in the east.

• Option 4: Phonoi, these are like the devouring and you can find them with bonds% damage and have a 10% damage become life and if you add to that a relic of Achilles will have more speed. The're doing runs to Makai to be that drop (This ax is Homados sister).

• Option 5: Grudge, for me the best of all in legendary for RH has a 236-256 damage ... joer paste like a spear, has a normal speed (like an ax), gives you a bonus of 66-70% of 3sg slow and you fall with a% damage bonus (<--- is this which seek ). The only catch is that you have to get a bond anubis relic speed or use the conquistador bracelets if you want to stick fast. The Giants get the hades magic ... care with Dactyl.

The above are only ideas, if they can have combinations thereof. In addition there are several legendary weapons that have the damage bonus become life (Sword Covu, Phyto, etc..) As seen in the next picture I'm using sapros a saber tooth, because it only lasts me 30sg hades. I'm still looking combinations to increase the damage, but if they did something like that and
Walk Mode: Here is resting or taking a walk around the lands of tq.
Mobs Anti Mode: You mean is when I'm fighting mobs and just use violent attack.
Bosses Combat Mode: This results from combining Banner + Covenant + onslaught 8 loads, you see doubles the dps.
When the maximum capacity was Spellbreaker (+ / - lv. 60) can go into battle as a "Berserker" ... a warrior who fights without considering the consequences. You can do this because it has the ability to "steal life". Although he recovers quickly takes damage in the same battle.

With the mods and leaders must take the following precautions:

• At the time of the battle with melee groups No problem, thanks to the deadly cold aura remain weak and will fall quickly. All you have to do to stop the attack key pressed static and expect them to come to you.

• With mixed groups will be eliminated quickly mages and archers. What I do is use the wind of war to get to them and delete them. If too many uses vision of death / war horn to stun.

• Against the heads if you use the combo Banner + Covenant + Forastero, the feet have to fast, but be careful to adjust the equipment to the type of damage they do, to avoid annoying drawbacks. Also remember that you're a vampire not a God, dodge dangerous attacks (Thorns of Typhon, death ball hades, Telkine spotlight of Egyptian, etc.)

• Against the Centaurs have to be especially careful legendary as prey study used if you are using a multiplier can finish on the floor in a flash, it's best to stun them before they shoot you.

• With Makkai is best to seek cover behind a pillar or side of a door and wait for them to come to you, their arrows stay stuck in the walls or columns.

• A disruption magicians who use skill must be removed quickly, but if you do not let the mouse button pressed, click start fast for the RH hit "manually" and not kill him. If you get a wave of Cyclops uses the technique of manually hit too.

• With what is best stun draconian, I noticed that no resistance to stun / fear, so vision / horn with them. Try removing the draconian black / mage group first.

• Tigers / Panthers East are very strong and Panthers battle standard used, it is best to get them out of the range of the standard to avoid disappointment. Remember again that you're a vampire not a god.

Hunting + Storm

Getting Started

Well like every archer should begin only with hunting, first goalkeeper to tradition and aim, then when we see what we need to give points call hunting and improvements. For that we will use to study prey are the heads, which render the first few points. With this as they say over there, normal will be a "pass".

Regarding the attributes, then we can be giving a point to Strength and Dexterity another since otherwise not given the equipment and master bars.

Here we must be completed and hunting, and begin with storm: First if they had not done is to place the elements necessary for achieving burst, as from Epic East will provide for archers and mages at bay ... in Epic Hades and help us to avoid being sewn to thumps / crush the mobs, and thanks to the 100% rule that the mobs drop them, if we are in the blast radius of effect of these fail in trying to give the first hit ... fall time in which our arrows.

Regarding attributes, here we give some points to energy ... that??? If further energy since the need for consistent use of burst. With the above pass quietly Epic.

Legendary Started
Well, the moment of truth arrived, so here we noticed a drop in the strength of our character, but do not worry I will tell you how to go by solving our weaknesses by recommending appropriate equipment right skills and combat strategies.

Already in our legendary character is a defensive one, as we escudaremos burst and skills as bait to avoid falling into the clutches of the mob. Thanks to the team that we will be as strong as we use to get us into a legion of empusa and out alive, or receive the bombings of Hades and have life to tell.


Then explain the skills they will use for hunting.

Increase bow attack speed and defensive capabilities will give us more. Complete all the skill.

-Art hunting for cover and open roads
This will be our aura, provides borer damage, the second improvement gives us chance to dodge projectiles. The third will be useful at first, but after having the hood and greaves tracker atenea not necessary movement speed traps and disabling it provides. Complete all the main skill and improvement 1. (Only the second improvement until we're the team final)

-Aim, sharp arrows and arrows scatter
These are our main attack, thanks to our bow shoot them quickly, dates and objectives traverse hurting bursting with fragments. Complete all the skill and improvements.

-Call hunting and exploit weakness
Be our enhancer for situations such as heads, and dangerous mobs, provides a damage boost and speed drill. Complete all the skill and improvement.

-Study and find prey
Our debuff, thanks to the reduce the puncture resistance of our enemies. "Discover" is not really necessary, but in the end when we can use the leftover points if we use nimbus stormy ... is never more than about 800 extra electrical damage to the heads. Complete all the main skill, improved only if we place points stormy nimbus.

No comments, three arrows instead of one from time to time does not hurt. Complete all the skill.

With Menrock discovered the potential of this skill useful to mislead legendary bosses ... to hades falls under her charms as noticed in the video. My recommendation and throw it away and shoot from a distance, if you shoot very close attention to bait us again. Complete all the main skill, nothing to improve.

only if we have low poison resistance (normal and epic), but I doubt the team would recommend having problems legendary.

This support will be our master, and only few abilities deal of it, remember that ours is a traditional archer, not elemental like the Skorpion friend.

-Burst and obscured visibility
Will support our ability to master, is useful to avoid legendary clubbed in addition to reducing resistance. I usually throw it in the middle of the mobs and I, that by having a range of 11mts, much more than looking at the animation therefore affected both archers as melee ... always, always have to throw in if you are using Xmax legendary. Complete all the skill and improvement.

Fabulous skill, thanks to her stunearemos the mobs that are around when activated, giving us a beautiful 1.5sg to fuck them. With just a point.

-Nimbus stormy heart of frost and static
It really is not necessary since we got him not understanding anything not damage electrical power, but hey, at the end when we can put leftover points. Personally, I love seeing dates electrically charged. Regarding use frost heart, I personally do not use it, but in the end is to suit the client if they want to use.

-Summon Wisp and Eye of the Storm
Well, a pet not to go alone, and that the storm's eye protects us from damage to electricity and damage increases slightly if we put points stormy nimbus.

I want to clarify since many have asked. For convenience I have not used, I personally feel that between studying dam burst and I have what it takes to make the character work, but if someone does this character and want to use it right. What they should do is pull burst to reduce resistance and then RH.

Attributes and resistors.
Like any goalkeeper, it is necessary to give strength and skill points, some points will be given to energy to be around 1,100 as we will be constantly using burst.

With the team I've been left with good primary and secondary resistance .. Slightly lower the electricity but by improving it solved Wisp. The resistance to stun and damage vitality are high, thanks to that I can take the fight with three hades, and as you can see the speed is very high.

When I chose the computer for it to give me more speed, and something I thought was important, my character look like a goalkeeper, after trying different armors with me that I left, and now thanks to Robin Hood seems so.

Like any good keeper tracker hood, do not think I have to explain why.
The device may be a strange decision for you, but I chose it for the speed, protecting 10% of elemental damage and become life skill providing often saved my life.

The arch is one green, one of the promptly seek with relic of Artemis as we greatly increase the damage, and I tried it with Anubis and Achilles and going, it's best to mugwort (give reason to Pali).

Thanks to Athena and armor greaves this character runs like the wind, perfect for a bait and let the mobs more fucking fall in its charm.

1. To start, Never challenge a Dactil directly, but you can beat him I will step aside, you are wasting time with insurance and all that accumulate are deaths.

2. In legendary burst always have to use if no archers in the group of mobs tíratela over failed attacks and kill fast.

3. With the hard mobs (especially Hades) and heads please use the bait and walk away, you avoid unnecessary deaths, and you can pull Study prey if they come to you.

4. In addition heads bait, throw dam burst and study, will fall rapidly and failed attacks.

5. A giants kill them from a distance, remember that stun when they come to you

An interesting character and fun, not as powerful against mobs, which is a real challenge, but it is very powerful against bosses due to its ability to keep confused.
Very defensive elementally thank the team, but physically weak, hence we use constantly burst.

Thank you for your advice Skorpion Artifact, to spend the Pchead by Arco, Pali forever to say the benefits of the relics of sagebrush and Menrock for recommending bait. Everyone else involved because I always take ideas from what they say.



The Destroyer is a character of pure brute force that lives up to its name, quite comparable with Diablo3 Barbarian. But besides that advantage as the other two characters in Torchlight elemental damage / poison make fencing weapons, the same as any character in Diablo 2.

This destructor uses shield, but the guide is perfectly suited to a character using two weapons or two-handed weapon (all melee).


As in any game's RPG-action attributes, and TL (Torchlight abbreviated) have 4:

Strength increases the damage of melee weapons.
Dexterity, increases the damage of ranged weapons.
Magic, increases magic damage and magic type weapons.
Defense, defense increases.

For our character so interesting to be up strength and defense, but also have to spend some points that give a magic skill and equipment as required to take.

In my version the points and handed out three to two defense force. Since blocking shield and took almost 50%. Now if you decide to take the lead double weapon 2/3, as almost not block so you need a good defense, and that you have two passive increase the weapon damage by 80%.

On resistance, do not work here like in Titan Quest%, absorption function damage like armor. For example, if you have 260 cold protection and the enemy throws you a ball of ice with a damage of 500, actually damage you will be 240. For me that for the last levels of the most important is to have high fire and poison dragons and witches.


Here I explain the skills they will use.

Tree Berserker skills

Eco spectral (active): When this ability is active Launches spectral wave can cause 90% of the DPS of the weapon.

This will be our main skill, just for the following reasons:

1. Just spend mana once and skill remain active for several seconds.
2. It has almost 180 ° angle of attack, so you hit a lot of enemies.
3. Lets theft and mana, which does not make the other skills (in TL skills do not steal or mana or life because they are considered magic) But only steal the enemy you're hitting directly with the weapon.

Critical Strike (passive): we do increases the chances of critical attacks and the damage that it inflicts.

Well, I think it's self-explanatory. In TL critics are very important, and all spells and skills become critical.

Titan's skill tree

Titan Stomp (Active): Gives a powerful stomp that damages enemies and alienates you have around 115% maximized for the DPS of the weapon.

But it also has a chance to stun the affecting, so it's perfect for removing enemies are surrounding you. Definitely the best secondary attack.

Martial weapons expert (Passive): Decreases the requirements of melee weapons (swords, maces and axes) and a 40% increase from the same damage when maximized.

Lock and stop (Passive): Increases the chance of blocking 20% ​​when it Maximized shield but deprecated.

Spectral Tree skills

Armor grim (Active): This skill is almost like an aura, destructor invoked on a shadow attacking and blocking will increase by 31%.

It also hurts, but not much since what matters is the increase of the blockade.

Aura chaotic (Active): Creates an aura that causes the following when it Maximized
38% slow motion 1sg.
38% slow for 1sg.
38% slow attack by 1sg.
10% chance to interrupt.

Dura 90sg therefore estarla casteando will have all the time, but worth having slow enemies.

Expert in armor (Passive): Reduces equipment requirements and increases armor by 40% when this maximized.

Advanced spellcasting (Passive): Decreases the requirements for learning spells and mana regenerates at 12 points per second. When this maximized.

This ability would last, and thanks to spectral echo can be stealing mana.

The team:

Hey, and you'll Aionios and one sapros harness? No, this is not TQ, this game is more like Diablo1, the team is somewhat "generic".

Although the team has brought name and "coupon base" have the opportunity to improve the sources of charm and enchantment.

The charming for a certain amount of money added to the team bonds or holes for crimping (random), so Valkyrie shoulder pads may end with good modifiers after spending some time at the hands of the charming spell or power (the latter are free but limited).

All we have is a risk that the team loses all bonuses and it looks like a simple white item, so do not use the lovely abuse.

But Chro, telling me not to use a computer! Well what I will recommend is that bonds look on the computer to be found:

 Damage to melee.
 Ability to lock.
 Damage to critical.
 Ability to freeze (very useful).
 Ability to knock down (nockback).
 Lifesteal.
 Theft mana.

The mascot

In TL have the opportunity to bring a pooch or cat to accompany us on our adventure. The advantage is that apart from the animal that can serve us fight mule and go to town to sell things that we find.

Also has an ability to become other monsters to be fed fish, so do not forget to fish, especially when they go for the later levels. Look at the description of the fish as there are some that leave our pet permanently converted into another bug, provided of course not give other fish. The best fish you can give is a pocketfish making our mascot a "Mimic".

Also remember equipales with good spells, zombies and cure all are best for them, too coloquenle a good pair of rings and a necklace.

How to start:

In TL the character levels up and get 5 points to 1 point for attributes and skills, but also level up the "fame" and this happens only when killing enemies (the aura of orange), to kill bosses and missions, when that happens you get 1 point for skills.

Well, at one point you'll start already assigned one point to "Slash Attack" this skill is like a "rajazo" giving the destroyer and hit everything he has before. So you have to use that skill until you reach LV20 and spectral echo can use.

So initially spent your points to improvements in armor and weapons, climb a little shade and give a point to the stomp of Titan (the latter is to take away from the mobs enzymes), then when you get to climb eco LV20 spectral , and stop blocking and critical attack.

Well, if something is missing then update, I am aware of a video, I'll have to buy a scroll here because you can not kill a boss twice, when you kill one is dead (here no runs).



The idea, even before you start playing with the Necromancer, was to make an archer. Saying archer is the same as saying that the first Hunting and decision was made. All that remained was to choose the master support. And I went for the better in this respect: Spiritual. I thought about this more than anything because I would provide the defense would not have with Chase as principal.

Also figured I could not be wrong if they chose to be the best masters of the game, but are among the most important.

Attribute Mapping and first items to highlight

Basically I concentrated on climbing skill and strength, with a special, I did not evenly, ie 2 points for one and 2 for another. In the first part of the game only increase the skill to level 34-35. The aim was to use a bow very early life of those eaters (attack become life) Delphic and crimping with a relic of Artemis Bow, for 389 skill needed. At that level I could put the complete set of Hunter Armor, among other very good bonuses, granted the missing skill for the bow. Then I began to increase strength, almost everything was there and some skill points to reach the final number. After only force. Already around level 60 I started to add some points.

Having this arc (which is achieved on Legendary) before fighting for the first time against 3 Typhoon in Normal allowed me to gain a lot in attack capabilities in damage. A single arrow that crossed all absolutely killing mobs that were in the way. It was too much, as he attacked with a rifle.

Now with a level 42 I could fit the rings will of Apollo (and will develop their strengths) that gave me more dexterity. Beginning in Normal Hades, thanks also to be maximized this attribute, I could use the full set of armor tracer, excellent for an archer, among other things, gives high strength, very high percentages of drilling, increased projectile speed and major increases in hunting skills. I use to Hedes of Epic.
As you can see in the pictures the primary resistances are not entirely good and bad side directly. I left them because they simply are not necessary (except in rare cases and with a few bosses), strategy (as I will later) focuses on very fast and kill from a safe distance, melee defense or when becomes necessary, more than enough to cool Aura lethal damage become life.

The items are focused on providing more damage resistance and / or defensive capabilities

1 - The arc is impressive. With previous characters, as a Diviner, Arcos gathering came on Legendary, was full of them, knew that the best option would be a green one and I think it was, I was trying to get to this number. High damage, piercing damage and become life damage. Le relic seems the most appropriate, especially given the speed and bonus damage that looks driller increased by attributes, skills and items.

2 - For me one of the best rings in the game and, without doubt, the best for an archer. In addition to the resistors and other virtues, the most important is the increased (almost 200% in all) of drilling damage and velocity projectiles.

3 - The use mostly by increased drilling damage also reduces the recharge time.

4 - The reason for the selection of this armor is resistance, increased damage and Pierce, and increased defensive and offensive. The other attributes are welcome but not motivated the choice.

5 - This item should be among the favorites of the forum, mainly for use in all skills +3 and 25% elemental resistance. Negligible percentage of regenerating health, the percentage of borer damage and 7% chance to dodge projectiles (which adds to Search gives 35% coverage). With the linker looked hurt.

6 - I was interested in doing a lot of damage and fast, for that the best answer was this necklace. Terrific. Also useful drilling resistance.

7 - Is the option 1 artifact, Gema blood. This made for the goalkeeper, each and every one of their bonuses are useful and relevant acquires +1 to all skills, mainly before maximize the character. But I want to stop the granting Skill: Blood Boil, activated at low health. It's awesome to be combined with the cold Aura lethal is what has been responsible for saving my life many times, along with death Shield. 1170 Imagine bleeding wound damage plus 1000 to 1150 damage to vitality, weakened by mobs Necrosis (ability of the industry Aura Spiritual lethal cold) leaving them with -107% resistance to bleeding wounds and - 107 of vitality damage resistance, 100% of the damage life becomes. The result is that all nearby enemies (the common) character die and recharge it forever. Attached below the video showing how it works.

The only downside of it is that takes too long to recharge, is not going to save your life twice.

8 - While initially chose for the damage award, the kept by resistors giving, the idea was to use the Grabas of Poseidon with good attributes, especially their defensive capacity +350, which when added to the + 50 % of Tradition goalkeeper was left with only 525 of them + CD. The problem was that when used -63% leave me cold resistance, too.

9 - This appliance use it almost as much as the other, in the final comparison of the damage are almost equal.

Polymath me elemental resistance and the ability Bloodgem Blood Boil.

Against some bosses used the Myrmidon's Pendant improving my low resistances many primary and secondary.


The arc took him from the beginning, even before reaching the level 1. Imagine that the master properly then that first and foremost I chose maximized was Chase.

I want to mention the skills you do not even have a point in the image: Catching Bait and monsters. They are useful in the first stages of the game, right at the beginning. Just 1 point in each of them I then took them off. I used to catch the right mouse button until you put it there Studying prey.

All skills that are before maximize them I put a point, then began to increase them as follows: 1 the entire branch of Aim and discharge 2nd Tradition archer, Art hunting (and its corresponding branch) and study prey (and its branch), 3rd call hunting (and branch) and 4th Herbal Remedy and Pang.

Just add a few points at the start of the character before, as I said, Maximize Chase.

Aura of Dark Pact deadly cold and are not only the most important skills of the master but they justify themselves by choosing Spiritual in fact, as seen in the image, are the only maximized (with corresponding branches). Coat of death

Stranger and spiritual Shield than enough with 1 point.
King Spectrum also has one single point and their role is more strategic than killing. Its function is explained in the section below called "Strategies and some notes"

Studying prey
This should be better archer's skill, because it weakens absolutely any mob, even the bosses, and devices. Tends to raise almost twice the damage and harm caused driller. Have a high resistance when it can reach triple or quadruple the damage. It is responsible, for example, three Hydras die at 12 seconds (see final video).

The picture below shows a table comparing the difference in damage by throwing the dispersion habilidad.Flechas
Excellent ability, each of the impacts of the arrow, or crosses only one which generates fragment of 8 to 10 causing each perforation damage, average 1000 each fragment, which is a kind of rain mortal is as an area attack. For this reason, the main increase in items that look is to pierce, to maximize each of these pieces of bolts. You see in the videos as many mob die without even the impact an arrow, but by the many fragments that hit.

Dark Pact
Use this ability constantly recharges quickly, especially with the hood of the tracker, the disabled and leaned over half. I use it because it greatly improves the damage and speed, but also because it regenerates energy in fact there is little need to use potions.

Aura of deadly cold
In my opinion the best game aura. Very good to improve defensive capabilities and weaken enemies.

Strategies and some notes

* Ranged Attack is key, fundamental. Almost everything I shoot from a distance, as far as possible, the idea is that the mobs die before they can react or that when they do nothing to make, as far as possible, but always mixed first. There are some exceptions, are boss fights, where you should shoot from the side, for example Manticore or Hydra of Lerna, to prevent them from casting their powers (see video).

* I open the camera zoon (the way you see the character) as much as you can, to maximize my view, the arrows go so far beyond what you see on the screen.

* I use the technique of the shift key (shif) that allows you to shoot down an enemy from farther away than usual, sometimes even before it appears on the screen. The high rate of fire allows me to use the bow as a kind of machine gun, and I shot endlessly correcting marksmanship as needed.

* Prior knowledge of the mobs usually also be decisive, but nothing against big opponents.

* I also try to find the best prospect of attack, meaning that all remaining mob in front of me, to get the ability to cross and avoid complications, if they are to surround me I do is go back a few steps and attack again.

* Always try to exploit the advantages of the stage, shoot from above or below a bridge on a hill, cliff or ladder, behind rocks, fences or palisades of a camp, in order to attack from places where enemies can not or access to reach what should surround many obstacles.

* Rey spectrum: (no coincidence that this under "strategies") Its function mainly on Legendary, is decorative in 90 percent of the time, can hardly serve only companion. But becomes important in some complicated battles against some bosses. Its function is to provoke. For example, the fight against 3 Minotaur or 9 Graeae (product of the multiplier) is really complicated, here is where our comrade in action, from the door in the maze or the gate of the cave select the king and sent him "cause" the enemy, the pet goes back and forth with us and surely some Graya or Minotaur chases him, entones avail to attack, if the situation gets ugly step back and I repeat the maneuver.

I put here the second video. It's a run against Telkins who are in prison himself against Typhon and Typhon. It is the way to kill them safely. (Note: in the final video are battles against these same heads but almost melee fighting would not be recommended as an archer, but is most attractive).

* The hunter usually has good range of motion, their use can make the difference in battle. [B] Contra remote attackers is recommended shoot and move, again and again, to avoid impacts, even if this means that the character also fail by not having a sure shot. It is worth remembering that this is not good resistances Necromancer so if possible it is best to avoid elemental attacks, many of which are performed remotely.

I recommend the use of steady attack (with the "capital") when it has gained attack speed and projectile speed, approximately epic level, or a little before. As noted above the arch is used here like a machine gun, too many arrows.

Mouse (Right Hand):

Left button, main attack: Aim.
Right Button: Studying prey

In normal, the situation is different, each arrow is golden, no so fast, I did not use, nor do I recommend pressing the "capital", ie the steady attack, but each shot was selecting with the pointer to the mob wanted to kill.

Mobs that bother and some heads

Terracotta Soldiers. They have a high resistance to perforation, the study shed prey almost any enemy dies very easily, they do not.

The empusa, also have high puncture resistance and attack from afar with elemental damage, resistances, as I said, are not maximized in the character. Besides launching the green circle that consumes all the energy, off some skills you and leaves you unprotected.

Skeletons Abyss (are magicians), mostly because of the variety of elemental attacks that have remote, worry when they are many.

He feared the Makhai, mainly archers, but the fact that they are strong on offense and very weak defense and puncture resistance. They die very easily with the keeper, are equally respected.

Giants (Dactyl's buddies). They are very easy to kill, but not kill them fast before I touch and I aturdieran much the situation was complicated.

Dactyl. About to finish Legendary Dactyl finally I found, I would say I was waiting for this moment throughout the whole development of character, armed with a spear as secondary to face with him in the long-awaited battle, I thought as my antagonist So that was +100% dodge projectiles. I saw it and ran, I threw study prey, I threw several arrows and died. Conclusion: no +100% dodge projectiles capable than 80%, because I shot a lot (from afar), not mob more, no simple, but not, as I imagined, the worst monster against an archer.

Toxeo, if this is the worst for a goalkeeper, at least against this high damage, 3 Legendary clashes, 3 arrows and 3 deaths, died unmitigated. In fact these three deaths account for almost half of my total Necromancer.

Typhoon. To fight them wore a full set of eternal guardian of Tartarus. He always kept saved and decided to take it into inventory to be used only against the Titans. (See videos)

Hedes. To fight against Hades use three methods already described, from the door (or whatever where a separation of ice) King Spectrum command for attacking the cause and I'm approaching. If impact me more than once took my steps back a potion of life and I perform the process. Not the most attractive but it is very effective.

Character Clues

* Attack from afar, from afar.

* Added ability to damage and perforation damage combined with the ability to study anything debilitating prey.

* Ability to survive, one of the key points is the Aura of deadly cold.

Bewitching (Cunning-Spiritual)


In this guide I will try to wash your face a little cunning, a master not only appreciated and sometimes recognized as secondary master. Here is reversed, this will be the main character's base. And I chose the best support in this regard: Spiritual, "satisfaction guaranteed", say advertising.

The first master I chose and that first maximizes was cunning.

So we started with a criminal hundred percent and with the support of a well known and great expertise.

Initial levels

Normal does not represent any problem, it is a level that maybe can fool some results observed there. The spectrum is mighty King, the poisonous gas pump is very effective and deadly, was not in order parameter of the possibilities of the character. I must say that if I inherited items early so complicated I can not pass it.

Epic was the level of evidence (see: "false starts and some useful skills"). Here I used some specific Wits September as Evildoer coverage or Murderer Harness, ideal for increases in this master skills, better understand its operation and intuit their chances on Legendary. Unfortunately for me the throwing knives started using the middle of this level, since then greatly simplified character development. Of course I recommend their use since before. The use throws in Hades, the main weapon was previously sabertooth.

Distribution of attributes

Force mainly the necessary skills to carry the spear (425) and some health. The initial distribution was 1 pair 1 and, in some cases 2 strength and dexterity 1. Around level 50 only few small force and health.

To achieve the necessary high end skill that increase use items: rings will of Apollo, tracer and armor hood Shadow of Thoth, the function and the reason for their use, other than the above, are explained in a later section.

You will see that there are some points of Intelligence, put them to perform some tests then comment. Of course, not recommend putting anything here.

Statistics and Attributes final

Team usual offensive against mobs mainly use it. It privileges the damage (Lanza and knives).

No Dark Pact

Team secondary, defensive, usually use it against some bosses. Viewer lord of the shadows, much improved secondary resistances and defensive capabilities (CD). And it takes another spear: Lawyer Mbuti (This change is explained later).

The secondary resistance with a character that makes life much damage (two object is awarded, and the two weapons come to life), in able that 80 percent of game, not necessary, or at least with this character did not seem useful .

As you see the CD in the usual equipment is just ok, the point is that I do not consider all-important, the combination of knives with poison, plus the Lethal Cold Aura (AFL) are responsible for completing and constitute a very good defense in the character (this idea is developed later). Instead offensive capability (CO) if it is a flaw that I have not heard correct without removing other attributes.


It is very common to read the opinion of some players claiming Titan: "Cunning has no area attack", they think, ultimately, that has no spike. Error. It has very effective. And not only a good offensive weapon but also are a great defensive option. They are a key weapon in this character.

They are very useful to stop an angry herd of Draconians or a small army of Makhai a single burst and no longer represent a danger, not die at first but will almost harmless.

The advantage they have is that they acquire all the skills and attributes of the items (damage, x% increase, + x% absorption of energy or life, etc.). The only features that are not transferred to the thrown knives are the main weapon, except x% of total damage and shield. Ultimately knives are like a second weapon. And understanding that must be analyzed may acquire other virtues, but by themselves would almost harmless. They are excellent for enhancing properties of other skills and items, such as the poison would not be as useful if not for the knives thrown. Options become as damage or disruption of life skills, to cite other cases, achieved another meaning to them, because each of the projectiles acquire the qualities and have 100 percent chance of crossing, the mob are impacted several times these possibilities thereby enhancing activation.

The enemy made surely die alone, bleeding and consumed by the poison, but being infected are disoriented and relentizados and no longer a threat and you can take care of others, is like taking them for dead before they are clean. This is not to say that the main alarm is not used, instead, the spear is the most kills, but before the mobs are out of combat. (See: Survival - Strategy)

Another concept that I have read is that "fail long knives", I have found after many hours of play that this is not so. Perhaps the difference lies in the speed of projectiles (I have 100%).

As we intuit are more effective in the AFL, causing among other very valuable bonuses, -107% (approximately) of resistance to bleeding wounds in mobs, very maximized damage the character.

In short, are the ranged attack and area of ​​the wrongdoer.

What is the ideal shooting distance of the knives?

It would be midway within AFL, not so close to the mob to allow some opening thereof.
Explanation: Whenever I refer to the damage will be in relation to the main gun and knives, items, as already noted, improve both.

If you pay attention to the videos will then not in the character of some items that I will describe below, lord Viewer shadows for example. Or notice that the knives do not steal life because the soul is not Estoque. It happens that I consider the ideal team recently found it Hades. After finishing the game turned on places I had been complicated and kill some bosses and this team was no longer a problem.

Items Bed has a corresponding reference between text and image.

1 - Weapon. Excellent spear. Much damage and speed. And importantly the +30% total damage, this bonus is very useful. Capacity is the only weapon that is transferred to the knives and also to pump poison gas. It's one of the reason that I ended up choosing this spear. Prioritize relic to steal life.

2 - Increase the damage drilling also gives me poison resistance and puncture. To highlight, increases the velocity of projectiles (knives) this gives greater accuracy and less chance to dodge mobs. Between them they account for the necessary final skill.

3 - I use it for two reasons: increases damage and decreases drilling some recharge time.

4 - A classic Titan and the forum. Excellent blocking resistance,% protection of the armor and CD.

5 - The reason for their use is varied: good elemental resistance, 51%. CD and 10% CO, 10% chance to dodge attacks and +2 to all skills of cunning. Besides grants and life skills.

6 - Your use +3 to all skills, but also enhances the piercer and damage resistance. It has other attributes that are welcome.

I want to dwell on the relic with which linker pedrero wives, the wrath of Ares with a completion bonus of 25% damage. Most importantly, the 15% chance of damage +450. This makes some knives tend to average 900 damage, do more than 2000 and each burst usually at least one of them to generate this impact.
7 - I wear mainly speed (for launch), and CO damage.

8 - (Uff ... I struggled to find the perfect gadget) With soul Estoque seek more damage become life and have this attribute as well as knives (I remind you that if this is the only weapon he has). A single burst recharge well launched entire health bar. Watch the video of the fight against typhoons Dead for example to see how high is the conversion of damage to life.

9 - Excellent defensive option. Very good armor, elemental resistance and percentages of strength, dexterity, CO and CD. And as if that were not enough giving life and motion.

Team boss fights and complicated group of enemies

Mobs with this character are simple, without a lot of equipment with poisoned knives than enough, however with bosses should set pieces (this concept later development), which is why it has bewitching changes to fight against them, a castle of some objects to make a character more defensive at the inability of the ability to Mandrake heads: Change the weapon and hood tracker (the latter only in some cases).

10 - Fundamental and just use it because the resistance is much improved secondary.

11 - Awesome gun too, with extraordinary attributes. Most importantly, and the reason that I chose to fight bosses, is that it gives the ability to study prey (-30% damage resistance and -29% resistance to puncture) is not like the Hunting mastery but helps weaken. Curiously also activated ability with knives so use it more often and with poison gas pump. I note (and what you can see in the picture) not crimped with the wrath of Anubis, but with a dark medicine Incarnation of Shen-Nong. The damage become life reaches the artifact.

Attack accurate: very good main attack. Every four hits plane maximizes damage and adds 200% borer damage. Also, it is useful stroke of luck that amplifies 1 every 3 attacks, 33% of them to be precise with the data.

Afilaespadas, Anatomy and Wounds: very good skills to maximize drilling damage and bleeding wounds of the spear and knives.

Poison gas bomb: Not a big deal but it adds up, in fact if missing skill points could do without it. It is far more effective within the radius of AFL. The most important thing is that 33% slows enemies. Another element to consider is that if you throw the bomb by pressing "Shift" (steady attacks) have a large enough
Attack lethal damage causes very high, I have to make 60,000 wounded in a lunge, but recharges very slow, energy intensive and only kills a mob. Ultimately I agreed to use it against the captains, heads of herds, heroes, finally earned some enemy such a blow.

Dismantle traps: no more than one point here. Devices will be useful against.

The knives are widely developed as poison. Just add the ability Poison Mandrake branch, and is very important to first maximize recommend. It is the responsibility of the enemies are confused and fail impacted many attacks.
Lethal Cold Aura, or AFL. In case the aura of the game better. Provides excellent defense and weakens the mob. It is useful to -107% resistance to bleeding wounds affecting the opponents, as this type of damage is very cleverly maximized. Also very useful for weakening that gives life steal.

Dark Pact. The haunting is a priori a serious energy problem, with the AFL (and all its branch), Weapon poison (and branch) and spiritual Shield (when it is necessary to activate) the feedback is negative, adding the reserved power, as stated a priori is a serious drawback. Dark Pact With the feedback is very good and almost no need to take potions. The ability to use constantly.

Spiritual Coat: Very good contribution to knives to fight against undead, so maximized against them.

Coat of death: A great jacket, one or two points here reach.

Stranger: It helps a lot against bosses, with only one point more than enough.

Rey spectrum: Just a passenger on Legendary. It may be useful from time to time, if you get a missile aimed at us, just that. If it is profitable to Normal.

Survival: Knives and poison

The poison of the Master of Guile, and its entire range, works well with knives, this is a great way to spread.

The Mandrake (Poison branch) is what confuses enemies but also leaves them with 70% chance to miss attacks. Furthermore, Nightshade, the same branch, increases poison damage, but mainly slows by 50% (so half stick).

I emphasize again that thanks to knives and attack speed almost all mobs present (say 12 for example with a multiplier) are affected. That is, they have only a 30% chance of hitting my character, and Thot Shadow armor gives 10% chance to dodge attacks, and weapon 8%, coupled with a defensive capacity of about 800 ( not much but okay), plus almost 2,000 full armor and also a clamping capacity of 55%. And, fundamentally, the aura of deadly cold leaves mobs still slower and less damage. Far from being invulnerable but hardly can strike several blows at once, allowing you to move without major bewitching and relatively quiet for scenarios filled with monsters.

The attack step by step

The first attack should always be the bewitching, from afar with knives. Then there are two options depending on the difficulty of the mob:

A-For those who are single or not as many: after the aforementioned burst shooting knives and have to wait, they are hard-pressed, surely the enemies surround the character and there you can make one steps back and I could shoot the second burst and attack while they strip "face to face" a poison gas bomb. This will slow the attackers adjacent re.

B-Contrary toughest opponent and / or in large quantities: first we said knives. Then you must go back a few steps, and while recharging them again bursts can release a poison gas bomb, and reroll blades. This will kill most and but in any case will be very weak.

Failed attempts and unhelpful skills

Almost all Epic level I used to test skills mainly of cunning. I want to have the experience because I think it can be useful to save time on issues that I think are not worth it.

Charging * 1 -100%. Actually I sounded very interesting the idea of ​​putting primary lethal attack (left click). A failed experiment. It is this ability as main attack, devouring energy. I thought for bosses, tried to swallow one after other potions, and not enough, was running faster than the time that elapsed between feeds. To cap to reach -100% recharge must sacrifice much. Good idea, bad result. Forget it.

* -100% Recharge 2. I also tried the throwing knives, the result was not all bad on the blades itself. The problem was that the damage was not high enough to justify the disproportionate remained haunting me and I had to discontinue use. Also, having a seizure so good with the lance would be wasteful constantly shoot blades. (I think he could get to try some expertise as Earth or Storm to increase their damage).

* Traps. Another step failed, with the difference that here fast I did not realize. I tried to maximize their damage anyway, put + 7 skills to maximize all appropriate branch and got no results. Working but not as expected.

Mob and heads. Reflections

Actually before the character, and even when it was not yet to Epic, thought I would have more trouble with normal mobs with bosses. I always played with multiplier xmax and sometimes at first max3 therefore imagined that I would easily encircle enemies "common" and I would be in trouble, and, in return, that heads would fall easily. New error. It's easy to walk by Titan between multiple adversaries, knives with poison are responsible for that to happen, but the bosses are usually immune to some of the industry skills venom (like Mandrake) and that complicates things. However some equipment adjustments corrected the deficiency.

Advice against some bosses

Terracotta soldiers. They are not leaders but define it in three words: In so portable. Very annoying, a headache like few others, has high resistance to puncture and poison and does not affect the bleeding wounds. All damage that specializes in this the bewitching.

Describe some bosses that are not in the videos:

The minotaurs (3): To kill uncomplicated technique used to provoke, with poison gas bomb, from the door and kill at least one before. The other form was also used with a parchment more of vampirism. Having used the Grabas of frog, bull-headed monsters had no meaning any inconvenience.

Neanderthals giants (the fatal shooting meteorites) were found to be highly susceptible to the attack of poisons and bleeding wounds. Easy, and a gust blew them back on my way, then turned to attack with knives and so a couple of times.

Bulls demonic (the ones on Mount Qiyun, Jades Palace before) I took two lives and then kill me until I changed cost method. I turned to shoot knives from the bridge this before. It greatly simplified the fight, and no watering. Burst, recoil, blast, recoil and ready, the poison does the rest.

Graeae (9). Actually I expected it to be more difficult to fight against 9 of them. They are very susceptible to damage by poison and bleeding wounds. It is better to kill a lot of running around throwing bursts them and go all the time, occasional light tap and a lethal attack every so is not denied to anyone.

Typhoon. The fight against three titans definitely cost me, was the most troublesome of all Titan with bewitching. I tried first with the traditional team bosses and I took three lives. So I turned the set Eternal Guardian of tartar, which together have a 40% resistance to Titans. (In the video you can see that I use a mad god's divine Parchment, which helps a little to lower the lives of at least one of the Typhoon).
Scrolls - Extra 1 guide

I want to add to the guide's explanations of three scrolls excellent for Spiritual Mastery and Wits.


Parchment mad god's divine. A beauty for someone to play with this expertise. It is a kind of invisible beast (the touch of God) that has 800 damage to the vitality, plus another 350 attack also vitality (this much is maximized by lethal cold Aura which provoke at least -100 this resistance). And the best: 50% reduction of the enemy's life. You have only 25 seconds to live, but is very strong and damaging to the heads and deal with it and take away the attention for a while. (This video present against typhoons).

Parchment most of vampirism. Another excellent Spiritual parchment. Life 200 absorption per second (maximized, also, by the aura of cool leaves lethal enemy resistance -100% absorption). The downside is that it is short, 25 seconds. And there is no divine parchment, for use on Legendary you have to bring it Epic.


Parchment greater frenzy. It is very interesting for the characters that maximize drilling damage is not so much what he brings, but short enough and last long. His injury adds to the knives. It also provides a +55% movement speed. (You can see it against Hydras against typhoons or undead).

Final recommendations - Extra Guide 2

Knives (Wits), in my opinion, would be a good option (apart from Spiritual) with the following masters: Hunting (Lancer), Storm, Earth and Nature. War, Dream and Defense have area attacks that would be more advisable to use the type of characters that shape. But nothing is written, or as in this case, but the chances depend on each. Well, you understand.

04.05.10 computer settings

I made changes to the team extremely positive: The armor, now I Babeizi Gi. I got it recently, this day I was doing some tests, I used it and really liked it. Very useful its damage increased drilling, and almost 20% full speed, which not only greatly enhance the damage per second (DPS) but increases the movement speed, very useful to reposition and re-attack with knives. Going up a level, I am now 68, could compensate Wits skills that had not completed since the previous shell, Shadow of Thoth, granting +2 to Wits skills and is only +1.

Titan Champion (Nature-War)


Still, the specialty is to manage a small team. It focuses on the survival skills that give and prolong life. It is also an expert is a tiring and weaken enemies.

War, perhaps the most offensive of the possible specializations on gambling. Theirs is the attack point or area, can cause significant damage. Owner of a standard that helps drive the virtues of the entire team.

A good herd, is a good defense

One advantage of having a team that is obviously working with you in the battle when it comes to eliminating enemies. But also one of the most important functions have is to defend the character, since captured the attention of many of them greatly simplifying the task of survival. Attacks would receive the Champion receiving them wolves, nymph and / or Battle Standard. The center is the character attacks but capture some shots of the pack ends up being a key to survival.

Attribute Mapping

Strength and skill were added in almost the same way, maybe one point in the first. Dexterity is important to increase drilling damage (major character) and offensive capability (CO) and Defensive (CD).

I put some points in health, which is maximized by Heart of Oak. They may not be entirely necessary, but helps ensure survival in mean levels.

The strength of the pack in Average

The first master I chose and maximizes was Nature. In this first part of the game I decided early on by wolves and quickly climbed Call of Nature to summon more than one. They are very powerful, indeed maximized at this level.

In just the first war levels of violent attack, and to have offensive power.

No problems and practicing for Epic

The Champion is tremendously powerful in all levels, but this is even more so, I have a good level: 50, allowing almost have developed key skills. While not inherit much, if a pair of epics and the main gun, Heavy Hammer Espinoso. As was fetched to imagine the difficulty. Satyrs flew through the air as if he were attacking with exocet missile artillery; huge if, but very entertaining and lawful. A variant turned out different, fun and allowed me to go faster Epic, which is what I wanted.

To gain a little more experience, adding an extra challenge and balance down before the power of the character, complete with a Talisman played atoning, but a relic of Isis to avoid penalizing health negative feedback, so if I suffered lack damage, 3000 life points lower bonuses and no I could take another amulet.

At this level mainly maximizes War.

Statistics and Attributes final

These statistics are by Heart of Oak, the most violent attack with Strength of the Pack (ability of wolves) and under the influence of the banner. In 80% of the game with these auras.Equipo one is, because of its use

In the beginning of Legendary I put all the final team. As character was left of offensive and defensive capabilities and his life was very high (even on Legendary) wore an amulet atoning for most areas, to add a greater challenge and gain more experience.

Items Bed has a corresponding reference between text and image.

1 - Prickly. Extraordinary mace after sapros probably the best in the game. His specialty is piercing damage.

2 - The main reason is the increasing use of piercing damage, among them two only reaches 220% increase tremendously. Also adds life (important because nearly doubles with Heart of Oak), skill and a good pair of resistors.

3 - The mask is formed as the primary object of the defense. Two points stand out from the rest: its impressive 442 CD and 600 of life (meaning ending about 1100 health points).

4 - The shield I chose to have resistance to all. Also for the life giving.

5 - The breastplate seem to be made for the Champion, more specifically for Nature, designed to measure each and every one of its attributes are important. Its recharge -10% -90% for supplementing the Accelerated Growth (see "Skills - Description and Use") to be available all the time Regeneration. Also useful are their energy cost -10, Champion spends far. Good strength, good defense, CD, counter punching and, as if this were not enough, +1 to all skills in Nature. A beauty.

6 - Use mainly for its +3 to all skills. The crimped with Ira took Ares to increase damage.

7 - The preferred device of a mele. Damage, strength, skill and speed.

8 - The reason for their choice is like Priam door. Resistors and life to everything. Furthermore also the damage it has.

9 - The boots were selected for the harm they bring, resistance and life.

10 - The Amulet atoning only serves to heighten the experience, nothing more than that. Must be used with care because not only deprives you of having another pendant with virtues offensive and / or defensive, but will reduce the life. Thanks to Nature, to be left constantly regenerate health and one can afford to use it very often.

11 - Cholera elementary although this could be considered one of the best devices for a magician, after many tests I can ensure that it is also a good choice for this mele. The reasons for its use: mainly damage become life also: attack speed and elemental resistance, and passive ability that burning all adjacent foes are welcome.

Skills - Description and Use

When I thought Champion early in the game and felt the need to increase the skills more than I would the levels throughout the game, the points assigned, yet the completed character, are few. That is why this champion has +3 to all skills and +5 to Nature. Accordingly it would be inappropriate displaying through TitánCalc but through skills screen comprises the same dimension with the increase noted.
Heart of Oak: Great skill, gives full speed, almost double the health, provides an important opportunity to spend less energy each time you use a skill and gives elemental resistance. All this not only for the characters, but also for the whole team, including the banner.

Wolves: Champion's best friends. Hard, tough, able to capture shots and enemy projectiles, and the possibility of reducing the enemy's life, useful for bosses. In addition, by improving herd Force, allow good character damage increase.

Ninfa: While not very powerful and its contribution is not entirely transcendent, there is much that contributes to only have 3 points total for her, one for each branch ability. With the +5 to all skills in Nature is a Nymph level 6, or 7 if invoked under the effect of the Banner. Of course the best time to be reconvocarla after activating a shrine of the Master (da + 4 to all skills), it will then be on a level 11 if we add also the Banner. All this with just a dot, excellent value for money.

Regeneration. A character who gets to have almost 10,000 points of life to restoring desperately needed all the time. In addition, note that there are many invocations: 3 wolves (with over 9000 life points each, with Heart of Oak), 1 and 1 banner Nymphs, and all of them also need regenerate. With this skill the team constantly manages to recover the lost life. 1500 points may seem that regeneration is not enough, but thanks to Accelerated Growth Regeneration has a -100% recharge (-90% and -10 per skill armor coated natural Peto). A double or triple-click the right mouse button, and although the equipment is very damaged, will fully recover.

To be most effective spawn points have to be more, or the same, that Dissemination (which is in the same branch and allow healing mass), it is useless that can spread +1000 life if only +600 regenerates, would like a superhighway for low traffic.

This skill is so good that you can play with a full set atoning charm, use it almost all Legendary, but allows to gain more experience, leaves the character at a tremendous disadvantage, falls mocho damage, resistance (primary and secondary) and life.

Renewal. Good choice, not taken into account in the forum I think. To many skills that are not recharged so slowly gives a total regeneration and allows you to use you again, as a -100% recharge but without resorting to a team that grant. You can have all the time such a battle standard, while recharging lasts one another (with the help of this ability). It can summon two wolves while throwing twice followed Plague Wind war or use more than once with no time between them. The problem is that too Renewal requires recharged, so you can use just twice renewed skills.

Scourge. Always good, even better with multiplier enemies. Infects all mobs and bosses that are in the area, even those who are not. Weakens and fatigue, this means that reduces life slows, reducing the damage they do and leave them more prone to damage that can receive, so it is useful lAtaque infect even violent, "" Attack of the champion and any character War bearing. Increases the damage and speed. It also offers some resistance.

Banner. The sixth great team member.

Its 36% damage absorption are impressive, all damage (physical or magical) are significantly reduced team.

Another important feature is, and not match them in the skill description is that occupies the minds of the common mobs and bosses, would like the ability Bait Hunting mastery. For example, thanks to the ability to fight against the Graeae Renovation (9 product of the multiplier) with two standards at the same time, and some witches to remove occupied and diverted my attention (see video "Boss Battles 2"). The two also have permitted underneath their effects virtuosos ever to end the life of one, or to be removed, will the other, not both attributes are added.

Useful, too, its all hailidades +1.

Winds of War: Very good area attack, and has an effect that makes the mobs go flying through the air, it's great, is the only skill that achieves Titan desparramarlos well. Excellent.

Horn ancestral, this skill just started to be used in the Act 2 of Legendary, before I did not need, nor told to be ready for summoning warriors. Just two points I put to help a little against bosses. You see in the videos against Act 1 bosses are not. Greatly enhance their performance under the influence of the Banner.
Aten (right):
Left button, main attack: violent attack.
Right Button: Regeneration.

Techniques of Attack

In every battle ideally: from afar Scourge, to infect, weaken and making enemies more docile after wind enters war to fight, after launching Banner, after Renewal (skills are recharged) and without delays launch again Scourge mobs sector unaffected and still wind of war again.

Invoking the team, beginning

The best way to start and to convene the team is as follows, this is all in a matter of seconds:

1 - It convenes the first wolf.

2 - Heart of Oak is enabled, going after the first invocation because of the energy that was used is reserved for this skill required. Tranquility is now set to save water breast.

3 - battle standard. For two reasons: to use 50% of their energy consumption and to earn a level the Nymph.

4 - Nymph.

5 - Renewal, will primarily skills available call nature.

6 - Wolf 2.

It only remains for a wolf, I usually start a fight and then called him. Otherwise, you can wait a little ability to regenerate and invoke it before the battle.

Special mention: Skeletons abyssal

A headache, without doubt the most difficult mobs Champion. I kill them cost much, drank too much potions (this character hardly used), until he had to summon the ancient warriors and sometimes used a scroll. The xmax mass makes them very powerful, while stun you will reach all types of elemental damage, gas pumps, wire fragments, plague, will also slow down, wow, terrible. The team is decimated quickly, so the champion is often left alone to finish them.


Overall the heads are not a problem at most could be delayed a fight, but the possibility of defeat the Champion is negligible.

Neanderthals of the hill, the Bulls demonic and Typhoons are the most caring, often cause problems because they are those who have area attacks and kill the whole team so many times, against the above, is the only character in the fight.

Champion in Action

This is the most entertaining part of the guide. There are 16 fights against bosses and a climb to Olympus.

It seems important to note that the videos were captured the first time the champion arrived, not to end the game. Thus, for example, against Hydras just had a level 64, far from the 69 final (and, of course, without improvements in skills and attributes then also got the character through quest rewards).

Bosses 1

Alastor, Colossal Peng, scarab, Toxeo, Hydras, Minotaurs and invincible champion Ormeneos.El

How to kill a character that has almost 10,000 points of life, which absorbs 36% of damage under the influence of the Banner, which has a large team that captures shots and shots, which has all the strengths, including high schools, the most , that constantly heals, coupled with generally good armor, high CD, a good lock, an acceptable ability to dodge attacks and own a great destructive power that makes enemies fall one stroke?

This guide was made ​​based on information collected from various points and information and help from friends NOT STAND FOR THAT LINK OR ANYTHING JUST GIVE THANKS FOR THE GREAT HELP  KONDRAG AND OTHERS  :)

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