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Nostale guide to swordman!


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Nostale guide to swordman!

Here is a guide to all of you on the swordsmen, we begin with a brief introduction and then talk about the skill of the character.


The main caretteristca swordsmen is a high index of HP, but low MP.
Another aspect is the defense that, compared to the other characters, is quite high.
The attack power is in the middle, and short attack range is always (except when using the crossbow, but in this case, the attack power is considerably low).
They have many attacks that contentrano on a single enemy, which suggests that they are fit to rule in PvP as big mobb mob and make a main tank in some missions like TimeSpace Stone.
When the skill is developed, can inflict several negative status, including Amnesia or Weak Attack Opponent.
They have many AOE (large scale attacks), in fact, the only available is Earthquake, which deals damage to all creatures within the range of 3 cells (excluding Breath, which deals damage to enemies in 1 cell in front of the Character ).
A value of Swordsmen is to have the SP Card with their order in which you are taken in the TS (for example, the Fire Warrior Attribute and the Fairy of Fire will receive as a Special Prize in the TS 25 The Blade is Water, and the Fairy of the Water receives the TS 33, and so on), which does not happen to other characters, who often buy the fairies (such as the Archers, who have the Ranger Water attribute, but the fairy of the water to receiving only lv33, which means they have little time to train it, unlike the Swordsman who have much more time)


Ira (5 CP; 6300 Gold; Work Level: 1) to learn.
* Extreme Damage (5 CP, 7500 Gold, Level Jobs: 5) Strengthening Good
* Strengthening of Anger Strike (3 CP, 10092 Gold; Level Jobs: 9) Not recommended Strengthening
* Strengthens the Anger Strike for Second Time (6 CP, 15925 Gold; Job Level: 15) Strengthening Good
Earthquake (15 CP, Gold 6300; Level of Work: 1) to learn
* Enhance Earthquake (4 CP; 8112 Gold; Level Job: 6) Strengthening Good
* Catastrophic Earthquake (6 CP, 15925 Gold; Job Level: 15) Strengthening Good
Once you reach level 15 job, get rid of "Boost Earthquake" and learn "Catastrophic Earthquake", since both can not be learned
Dynamic Shot (6 CP, Gold 6864; Job Level: 2) to learn
* Strengthens the Dynamic Shot (4 CP; 15925 Gold; Job Level: 15) Strengthening Good
* Total Strike (5 CP, 19773 Gold; Job Level: 19) Strengthening Good

Dynamic shooting is a skill that mainly targets the long-range combat, so it is not very useful in PvM, but useful in PvP, so it can be recommended to those who have a lot of strength even at a distance which is often used to PvP, but those who sconsigliatissimo Many prefer to PvM.
If you want to buy it, you'll want to also buy power-ups, which would make him very effective

Double Attack (7 CP, Gold 7452; Job Level: 3) to learn

* Weaken the Adversary Attack Level (4 CP, Gold 9408; Work Level: 8) Strengthening Good
* Strengthens the Double Attack (5 CP, 15028 Gold; Level Jobs: 14) Recommended power.

Precise Strike (7 CP, 8064 Gold, Level Jobs: 4) to learn

* Important Target (4 CP, Gold 9408; Work Level: 8) Strengthening Good
* Weakness of kovolt (4 CP; 11700 Gold; Job Level: 10) Not recommended Strengthening

Energy Sword (8 CP, 8700 Gold, Level Jobs: 5) to learn

* Enhance the Energy Sword (4 CP; 15028 Gold; Level Jobs: 14) Strengthening Good
* Increases the attack range (6 CP, 23534 Gold; Job Level: 21) Strengthening Good

Shot of the handle (8 CP, Gold 9360; Job Level: 6) to learn

* Perfect Shot (7 CP, 17797 Gold; Job Level: 17) Strengthening Good

Punishment of Blood (10 CP; 9360 Gold; Job Level: 6) to learn

* Strengthens the Blood Pact (4 CP; 16848 Gold; Job Level: 16) Strengthening Good

Breath (10 CP, 11484 Gold; Job Level: 9) to learn

* Enhance Breath (5 CP, 17797 Gold; Level Jobs: 17) Strengthening Good

Switch (5 CP, 11484 Gold; Level Jobs: 9) Not recommended

* Shot (5 CP, 15028 Gold; Level Jobs: 14) Not recommended

Stop the bleeding (5 CP, 13260 Gold; Job Level: 10) may be useful

Power of Return (13 CP, 14105 Gold; Job Level: 11) Not recommended

Sudden Attack (15 CP, 14976 Gold; Job Level: 12) to learn

* Increase the radius of the launch (6 CP, 28350 Gold; Level Jobs: 25) Strengthening Good

Reload Power (13 CP, 15873 Gold; Job Level: 13) to learn

* Increases Power (6 CP, 25886 Gold; Job Level: 23) Good

Credits: pasqlo

pasqlo posted at 2011-11-30 06:18:15

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