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Nostale guide to classes!


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Nostale guide to classes!

Here's a guide to all of you classes nostale
Pg initial use the hammer and the sling, and in fact is not very strong 99.9% of the players can change class as soon as
to 15lv. fighting (strength in battle)
and 20lv. work (need for skills) you can change class (I would recommend it as weapons for the adventurer reaching lv. 18 capacity.)
the choices are:

pf many, a very strong melee attack and a good defense are the strengths of a swordsman, which makes it very strong against the monsters, but its slowness and predictability make it the weakest class in PvP.
his weapons are a sword and a crossbow to attack from a distance.
His skills are based on 'inflicting much damage to multiple enemies contemporaneamente.Classe also recommended for those who want knocking hard jumping into the fray.

poisonous and quick shots and a fast sprinter to make of 'archer murderess a quick and lethal in PvP, but its few pv makes it weak against the monsters. The 'Archer has 2 strategies for battglia: one, the most widely used, is to run and strike from a distance having regard to its speed, the' other is to hide and use quick shots and lethal. Archers of 2 ° type prefer to face a horde of mostricittoli low lv. more than a beast of lv. equal to them.
archers use a bow and a dagger.
The skill of 'archer consist in' poison and kill his enemies by making them weak and slow (k 1, favors the strategy). Recommended for anyone who wants to be swift and lethal.

maximum damage and many skills are a magician of the Pg not infuriating.
In all games are characterized by the wizards' high damage and Nostale is no exception. Mages are a cross between archers and swordsmen as they prefer ranged combat but disdain melee because they have more archers Pv (even if they can not compete with the swordsmen). The charmers are armed with a magical scepter and a gun.
The skill of the charmers cover a 'top of the range of possibilities from attacks against the auras of healing to the high penalty on the enemy until the petrification. Recommended for anyone who wants to cover all possibilities.

Credits: pasqlo

pasqlo posted at 2011-11-30 06:11:05

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