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Nostale guide to archer!


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Nostale guide to archer!

old Level Jobs 8 CP 1 (PvP - PvM)
We use the secondary weapon, you can decrease the melee and distance of the target. I would say pretty useless .. would be more useful if it was safe status. Another factor to watch and that by archers, we can not get close to the enemy a chance to get penalized .. could serve in the remote case that you are alone face to face without possibility of escape against a swordsman in PvP, but difficult .. The last parameter that must be pre-Potion Use (purchased by Malcolm Mix).

Rotating Attack: 6300 Gold 10 CP Level Jobs 1 (PvP - PvM)
And 'an AoE (Area of ​​Effect) that use the secondary weapon and hits all enemies around you, you do not need a target to use that, and there is the possibility to block the opponent's movement for a certain period. Skills from my point of view, discrete block movements of the opponent, then move to attack him without problems, there is no small thing .. certainly the possibility is 65% initially, but with Liv. Higher labor, can be enhanced by making as much as 90%. And 'a skill (unfortunately) very underrated by players, but in my opinion can be very, very useful, and save in different cases.

Short stabbing: 7452 Gold Level Jobs 4 CP 3 (PvP - PvM)
With the secondary weapon, you inflict more damage and also a higher chance of critical, and power can also get the chance to bloody the opponent. Well this is very underrated by players, but there are good reasons.
Always remembering to be archers and swordsmen, there is no direct possibility (and even the need for add) to attack his very own pugnale.Nel Overall good, but in practice not recommended ..

Quick Strike: 5 CP 8064 Gold Level Jobs 4 (PvP - PvM)
Ability that increases the damage from the weapon primary. In fact, this ability is weaker than it seems, because the attack is improved, but the charging time is very slow.

At Punta Legs: 8700 Gold 10 CP Level Work 5 (PvP - PvM)
Increases slightly the main weapon damage and gives the possibility to slow down the movement of the target. The same goes poisoned dagger, always the probability of negative status could cheat you in situations of real need. However, overall it is useful, but it would lock up more if the movements, not slow them down. Avoidable for PvP, but almost useless for PvM. Advisable to take it later in the CP and keep the other skills.

Detox Method: 8700 Gold Level Jobs CP 5 5 (PvP - PvM)
Removes Poison status from your partner. Well, you said a little bit alone .. We are not attacking editors, let care for the charmers (Nor) and potions. Requires detoxifying herb (purchased by Malcolm Mix).

On the Arrow Medicine: 8700 Gold Level Jobs 8 CP 5 (PvP - PvM)
So, sticking with the main weapon inflict a status that decreases enemy's defense. Well, useful in PvP for obvious reasons, but not recommended for use in PvM. Although this ability is advisable to take it later in the game, to make way for now to other skills.

Shot Concentrate: 9360 Gold Level Jobs CP 6 6 (PvP - PvM)
Quick Shot idendico same speech. Solo, which has a greater speed in loading, but still work minima.Con highest level can be enhanced, enhanced the ability will allow you to push the opponent of 4 boxes.

Ritual Of The Hawk: 9360 Gold 10 CP Level Work 6 (PvP - PvM)
Ability that increases your ranged attack and your NosMates (Especially after you have upgraded). Strong and because it is a buff of a certain period of time, so it is reusable periodically. The only drawback is the high consumption of MP.

Stinging Blow: 10,044 Gold 12 CP Level Work 7 (PvP - PvM)
Increases the damage and the possibility of critical critico.Il becomes very simple and to make matters worse the damage increases. Very useful in both PvP
in PvM. Highly recommended.

Flying Football: 10,044 Gold Level Jobs 6 CP 7 (PvP - PvM)
Minimally increases the damage with the main weapon, and if you have in front of the target, the attack is not penalized. There are skills
best. Not recommended.

High Strike: 10,752 Gold 15 CP Level Jobs 8 (PvP - PvM)
AoE (Area of ​​Effect) with the main weapon, and moderately increases the damage. Useful in PvP, not for the value of an AoE attack but because it can always be useful. In PvM it can be useful in case of overcrowding of enemies, but not much.

Death Uploaded: 14,105 Gold 12 CP Level Work 11 (PvP - PvM)
Increase the attack of the weapon only at the next major attack. Very useful for me if the charge will increase greatly enhanced.

Fury: 14,976 Gold 15 CP Level Work 12 (PVP-PvM)
Increase the speed of movement. And 'weaker than it seems, but still useful. Meanwhile, the speed increases slightly (only after the upgrade is no pleasure to use it) and then the load time is longer than the time use skill. To explain, the ability to remain active for 120 seconds, 360 seconds to load there is. Three times! To this becomes inconvenient .. but it can become very important in PvP because it can save you from many unpleasant situations ..! In PvM, may serve only to escape.


Main Weapon:
At the beginning does not affect much the weapons you use. Then this is to follow the order: Red Finger lv45 -> lv63 Arc Siege -> Green Peace lv65 -> lv71 Seraphion -> Caipe'ru lv79 -> lv85 Elemental Bow -> Arc High Tide Calvin lv88
Armor: How the weapon at the beginning will not affect much the performance of the game. Next: Sentry lv55 -> lv69 Light Pass -> Pass lightweight lv74 -> lv78 Suphi'rudin
Secondary weapon:
Scrammer lv44 -> lv58 Dagger of Spirit -> Kriss lv67 -> lv72 ornate knife -> Eca'ra'cci lv74 -> lv85 Dark Scrammer -> Blue Tooth Dagger lv88 Calvin.

I hope not to have anything wrong and that I have made it useful
Credits: pasqlo

pasqlo posted at 2011-11-30 06:24:39

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