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Benefits of Using a 1300 Number

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When starting a business, business owners need to find ways to help their customers remember who they are. One of the quickest, most effective ways to make that happen is by providing a unique, yet easy to remember, 1300 number. In order for it to be a smart business decision, business owners are encouraged to locate a company that provides these numbers at attractive prices. Setting up a new 1300 number can be quick and 13 numbers cost simple through the assistance of reputable contractor. With additional services available, such as answering services and fax to e-mail, a business is able to get all of the professional services they need from one location.

Take Advantage of the Benefits

Through company websites such as thenumberzguy a business has access to all of the information they will need to help form a decision on which company to contract with. With many professional services available, a business owner is able to customize their service and products in a way that will benefit the company. By utilizing a 1300 number, business owners are opening the door to many benefits, some of which include:

Low monthly costs
Gives the business a professional look
Helps customers feel secure in calling as they know through 1300 numbers their call will be free of charge
Unique add on features available
The set up process is quick and simple through helpful online tools
Access to professional advice if a person is unsure of what services will best fit their needs

Services Available to Choose From

In order to help make running the business easier, thenumberzguy is able to provide a wide range of services. Customers are able to choose one, a select few, or all of the services made available. These services include:

1300 Numbers
1800 Numbers
Live Answering Services
Call Recording
IVR Keypress
Postcode prompter
Fax to Email capabilities
Click to Call capabilities

By working with the professionals at thenumberzguy a business owner is able to take advantage of the many benefits that will be experienced. The specialist will work with customers to find the products that will deliver the best experience to both the business and its customers. Through affordable monthly prices, a business is able to receive and provide professional services while keeping expenses low. When a person is ready to get a 1300 number for their business it is highly recommended that they choose a company that is able to provide superior customer service, discounted prices, and several related services and add ons.

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