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WorldPainter is an awesome program for Minecraft made by It is a program that allows you to make different landscapes and worlds and put those worlds into Minecraft. This program includes many different brushes for different landscapes. For example, one brush makes icy and snowy terrain perfect for mountaintops. WorldPainter is great for making island adventure maps.
One of the best parts of WorldPainter is that it's very easy to learn. It is very simple, left-clicking makes the land rise, and right-clicking makes the land go down. Making land go down is great for making lakes because water automatically fills the hole if the hole goes down deep. Another cool feature is the ability to make the Nether and the End. You can make huge netherrack cliffs in the Nether, and vast Endstone mountain ranges in the End.
WorldPainter is perfect for making adventure maps. There is an ability to make water suddenly change levels. For example, there can be a huge missing chunk of water in the ocean. This allows for great maps like Sunken Island by inHaze. This map has a huge mountain island, but the island in at the bottom of a huge hole in the water (shown in the picture at the top). WorldPainter also allows huge custom terrain maps such Rainforest Valley, also by inHaze.
I think the greatest part of WorldPainter is being able to play in the maps you create. You can explore huge caverns, make a secret base behind a gigantic waterfall, build a cottage on the summit of a tall mountain, or build a village in a peaceful valley. Just seeing the enormous landscapes, that could never be normally generated, is awesome.
WorldPainter is an awesome Minecraft program. It's ability to make gigantic landforms that could never be normally generated is amazing. Then you can upload the world and build and explore in it. I recommend WorldPainter to every enthusiastic player of Minecraft.

Blockbolt posted at 2013-12-21 16:53:09

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