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The Secret of Enchanting!


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The Secret of Enchanting!

Wonder why you can't reach level 30 on enchanting an item with enchantment table? Maybe you don't know the secret yet! I can show you how to do it. What you gotta is to build bookshelves and place it around the enchantment table. The range of level that can be reached varies on the number of bookshelves around the enchantment table though. I'll make an ASCII to describe how your bookshelves must be placed.

LEGEND: [BS] - Bookshelf
[ET] - Enchantment table
[__] Space/Empty block


That's it, now you can enchant your items.
You can enchant books so you can pick what kind magic you want for your item. How to combine the enchanted book to your weapon/armor? Craft a Anvil and put your weapon/armor/tool to the first box and the book to the second box. You can also put a name on your weapon/armor/tool.
That's it, hope this helped you guys. <3

VintageGV posted at 2013-04-25 19:50:24

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