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Mining in dungeons/caves


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Mining in dungeons/caves

Hey guys this is VintageGV again and now I'm gonna teach you my way and probably ways of other players too. BUT I'd like to make sure that you guys know about this style.

1. 1 Diamond pickaxe / 2-3 Iron Pickaxe
2. Diamond/Iron shovel
3. A bucket of water
4. Sword (atleast a stone)
5. Armor (optional)
6. a stack of dirts
7. a stack of woods
8. a crafting table
9. a stack of torches
10. a stack of ladders (optional)

Now, how do you find a good cave? It's either you get lucky or find a hole in the ocean (these holes has a high potential of being a good cave) or dig straight down to lvl. 10. GUYS. I don't believe it's dangerous to dig down as long as you have your sounds on because you can here whether a lava pool or water fall is nearby. Now, after getting to lvl 10 and you haven't found a cave on your way, create a mineshaft until you find one. Be sure to hear everything especially the dungeon sound (sounds like a moan of a monster), zombie's moan, water current, lava. But when you here lava, don't you ever dig down.

Always put a torch in everywhere you go. This will help you remember where to go back and lessens mob spawning in that area. If you found a dead end, get every torches you had put on that way and once you're out of that, block that cave with cobbles and go to the other way.

If you think an enemy is overspawning in that area, try to find a mob spawner room. It's usually covered with mossy cobblestones and there might be a chest of something good but be careful because you might die due to lack of armor and hunger.

Too much lava on your way to the diamond or to another cave? Here's the fun thing. Use your water bucket to a nearby floor(ofcourse near the lava). DON'T USE THE WATER DIRECTLY ON LAVA. after putting the water and you made your obsidian patch, get the water you poured and pour it again near to the next lava pool. There you have it, a path + tons of obsidians.

Be sure to get coals, redstones, and lapiz even if you don't need them. These gives you exps which you will need for enchanting your stuffs or other things that need exps.

Use your dirt to create a bridge if you have to. Use the woods if ever you ran out of torches. Of course turn it into sticks. Always bring a crafting table if ever you'll ran out of tools and you need to make something necessary on that situation.

Okay! Congratulations, you just made it to the pro cave exploring level! Hope this helped you guys alot. <3

VintageGV posted at 2013-04-26 01:16:15

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