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Minecraft: Cactus


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Minecraft: Cactus

Minecraft: Cactus





Cactus are annoying at sometimes and at other times they are kind of useful for a desert house. When you have a desert house, it makes the cactus look better when you are outside of your home. 


Well, Cactus spawn naturally in the desert mainly. In the desert, they are not hard to find. It is usually flat in the desert, so it should be easy to find a cactus.






Now, as you probably know, cactus can grow at any hight in nature. They could be just 1 block high, 2 blocks high, 3 blocks high or more. The most common is the 3 block high cactus though.






There are sometimes a 4 or 5 block high cactus! Those are pretty rare and hard to find. The only difference between the two cactus is that one will give one extra block if you cut it down.





Now, Cactus do damage you. If you happen to walk into them, they will hurt you. Sometimes, there a few cactus in a batch in the desert. Try not to walk through the batch because you could die. You might walk into one cactus and be hit into the other. Then you might die.





Even though you don't want to touch a cactus, that is the only reason they are here. The job of all cactus is to hurt you. by you walking into them. 




Now, cactus can easily be farmed. All you need to do, is to get some cactus. You can easily get that. First you need to go to a desert biome. A desert biome is just all sand, so it shouldn't be very difficult to find.




After that, you should find some cactus and chop it down. A trick to make it quicker to chop down cactus is to chop down the bottom cactus first, the others will fall into blocks as well.





After you have some cactus, you can make yourself a farm! All you need is water and sand (and the cactus you just got!).









Now you just need to place the sand near the water and the cactus on the sand. This can form the farm you need! You can make your farm a basic farm or you can make it a really big farm! It's up to you and your style of play.











Cactus can also be smelted into green dye. The green dye can be used for wool as well.




That's it about cactus! I sure hope this guide was useful for you. This is spm8675309.


Thank you for your time and enjoy! If you liked this guide, FAN it. Also, don't forget to check out my other guides.

spm8675309 posted at 2012-11-30 07:16:26

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