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How to find diamonds


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How to find diamonds

As you should be well familiar with, Diamond ore is largely valuable in the minecraft universe, as the rarest mineral currently available. However, many users how a hard time actually getting a hand on this mineral in good sized amounts. To get diamondblocks, all you need is:

- Shovel
- Torch
- *IRON* pickaxe, at least one for actually mining the diamond itself and wood or stone pickaxes to get to it
-Sword for monsters just in case

Diamond Ore is usually found around 18 levels underground, around lava and redstone. When digging for diamond ore, be sure to have plenty of expendable pickaxes to find and an iron pickaxe to mine it, as using a lower level pickaxe will result in the diamond ore being destroyed. Once you reach the appropriate level, aside from possibly needing to slay some monsters, you'll be fine if you keep your supplies up.

Things to remember:

-If you're a fan of digging horizontally rather than straight down (and you should be) remember to LOOK UP! Diamond ore can be commonly missed on the roof of your caves.
-Keep areas well lit!
-If you find a pocket of diamond ore make sure to dig all around it to get as much as you can.
-IRON for getting diamond only!

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