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How to Farm PArt-1


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How to Farm PArt-1

How to Farm-Part -1

Hey guys, this is Goku and today I shall tell you some basics of farming. In this Guide I will discuss Wheat Farming, which could be real helpful for you guys who play Survival







Firstly, here’s how to make a hoe, chop down Oak wood, or any other wood available with bare hands. Now craft those woods into wood planks. From 1 Oak Wood you’ll get 4 Oak Wood Planks.

Now make a crafting table with those 4 planks. Now use 2 more oak wood and get 8 planks. Now use 2 planks and place them one below the other in the crafting table, as you’ll craft 4 sticks from them.

Now take two sticks and two planks and place them as shown.

You’ll get a Wood Hoe.

You’re just half way done, so now get some dirt and buckets of water with you. You may take the seeds too. If you don’t have seeds, you can obtain them by cutting Wild Grass

Now place dirt, and remember to place water beside it, as its important for the farmland so that it doesn’t become dry.

Now right click on the dirt with the wooden hoe in your hand. You’ll see the dirt is now turned into FarmLand, now you can sow your seeds and wait for them to fully grow.

Tip: Use Bone Meal, or Torches to make them grow faster

To Harvest:- Get any Tool and left click on it, and you’ll receive wheat and more amount of seeds, so its very profitable.

You could now use wheat for breeding animals like cow, pigs, chicken etc. You can also use it for bread, cake and cookies.

Well this was all in this Farming Guide Part -1, I hope you’ll benefit from this guide, If any problem with the content in text contact me @my profile or on fanup”s Official Minecraft Server IP:, Till then goodbye,


goku1997 posted at 2013-12-21 09:50:24

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