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How to Build a Portal


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How to Build a Portal

How to build a Portal

Hey guys, this is Goku, and today I shall tell you guys, how to build a portal which leads you to the nether world. It very simple and basic, just follow the steps listed below, and you’ll make it easily. So it goes, like this:-



Diamond Pickaxe           

A diamond pickaxe or better is required to mine this block



Flint and steel

Flint and Steel


Iron Ingot





You’ll need at least 25 Obsidian block.

In order to get obsidian block, go to a place where there’s a lot of lava, and add water to it, you’ll see obsidian forming at the junction of water and lava.

You must have a diamond pick to mine the obsidian. After you’ve collected 25 obsidian, move onto the next step

 Now what you need to do is build a 5x5 vertical square with obsidian, as shown:-


Now you need a flint and Iron ingot to make a flint and steel

So you can find Flint by mining gravels, and you can get iron ingot from the iron ores, after going through the furnace

Now keep the iron ingot and flint as shown in the figure.

Ingredients [] Crafting recipe
Iron Ingot +

Grid layout Arrow (small).png Flint and Steel
Flint Iron Ingot

Grid layout Shapeless.png

As now you have flint and steel, you can go on the last step of this process

Go, and with flint and steel in your hand, right click on the lower 3 obsidian. You’ll see a fire has emerged, which would immediately convert into the portal

Now  go through it and enjoy in the nether world with Zombie Pig men :P

Well this was all in this guide of mine, I hope you’ll benefit from this guide, If any problem with the content in text contact me @my profile or on fanup”s Official Minecraft Server IP:, Till then goodbye,


goku1997 posted at 2013-12-28 07:39:37

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