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Horses in Minecraft


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Horses in Minecraft

The Horses are passive Mobs added in the 1.6 patch that lives the planes of Minecraft's World
There are 35 type of Horses , 7 colors per 5 kind of mottles and their life could range from 9,5 to 15. Each horse has his own culinary taste, as well as their speed and jump power.
If killed the Horse could drop:

  1. From 0~2 Leather units
  2. From 1~3 EXP Points
  3. Saddle if it has one
  4. Armor if it has one
  5. Chest if it has one


  • Equines
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    Horses could be combined with other equine species in order to have different animals. In order to generate a foal, or baby mules (and donkeys) you can do the same process used for the other passive animals; just feed 2 horses (or whatever) and then will appear a baby that will grow to adult in 20 minutes You can so have those variety of equines:

    1. Mule: Them are the combination of a Donkey and an Horse, so it cannot be combined with an Horse. Those animals could bring a chest and can be mounted, but cannot be equipped with an armor
    2. Donkeys: Them could be combined with Horses in order to obtain a Mule . Them can be mounted and bring a chest but as well as Mule , cannot have armors
    3. Zombie Horse & Skeleton Horse: Those are hostile and will attack the players. Those Mobs aren't still have been implemented


  • Controlling & Feeding
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    The Horses could be controlled by putting a saddle on them, this important object could be only found in dungeons (or crafted in certain servers) as well as happen with the armors . Saddle and Armor could be equipped and changed each time the player would just by right clicking on the horse . By doing this will appear the menu of the Horse .
    There are 3 different kind of Armors :

    1. Iron Armor: That gives the 20% of protection
    2. Golden Armor : That gives the 28% of protection
    3. Diamond Armor : That gives the 44% of protection

    Regarding the feeding , as said before each horse has his own culinary taste. Those are the first mobs to have a such feature, indeed if you give them a certain food that is not liked the horse will wheelie. Feeding the horse is important since this animal could acquire certain status by eating certain foods:
    Sugar : regenerate 0,5 HP | accelerate for 30 sec. the grow | +3% taming chance
    Wheat: regenerate 1 HP| accelerace for 1 min the grow | +3% taming chance
    Apple : regenerate 1,5 HP | accelerate for 1 min. the grow | +3% taming chance
    Golden Carrot : regenerate 2 HP | accelerate for 1 min. the grow | +5% taming chance
    Bread : regenerate 3,5 HP| accelerate for 3 min. the grow | +3% taming chance
    Golden Apple : regenerate 5 HP | accelerate for 4 min. the grow | +10% taming chance
    Hay Bale : regenerate 10 HP | accelerate for 3 mi. the grow | +0% taming chance

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