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Help Minecraft - Cultivation


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Help Minecraft - Cultivation

As mentioned several times before it is indispensable to have a good supply of food and building materials. Sometimes you stay with little energy and few food supplies. The best solution is to build the house inside a small greenhouse with wheat and, in the garden, a few trees.

Example of field

Now for the materials needed for this guide:

3 bars of iron;
20 strips of wood;
10 blocks of stone;
First you need to build 5-6 plows, a shovel and a bucket of water:



Obviously the number of tools that you need to build is indicative ... but I recommend to build up 2 buckets, read below you'll understand why.
Begin to build a large bowl and 3 blocks long as you wish:

Disponetevi along the center of a row of blocks of earth, taking care that the upper and lower ends of this row are empty:

At this point you have to fill the tub with water. To get water you need to equip the bucket, get close to a source and press the right button to fill it (the icon becomes blue in the cavity of the bucket).
The best method to not go back and forth towards the river is to put the water on two blocks to block distance 1 from each other. The principle of operation of the liquids in Minecraft is as follows: each "bucket" d 'Water (wash) is a source, if a block with a bit' of water inside (flow rate at that point of a source) is adjacent to two blocks of water sources, it also becomes source. To better explain the concept I created this diagram:

The blocks S are those which bring water to the conduit. The block DS, instead it is also a source block, but was generated by the blocks S. it is easy to see that if you always draws the water from a block DS will have a infinite supply of water. The objective at this time is therefore that of turning all the blocks of the blocks of the tank source.
So inziate to pour water (taken from the river) in the corners closer, and then extract more from the source blocks. These blocks are easy to identify as the water is stopped and can not be seen currents on its surface.

The result is that eventually you will get this:

Now you will have to procure seeds. Equipped with a plow and click the right mouse button the squares of grass until they are out of the seeds:

Wheat seeds
You will have a little 'patience because they are not very easy to find, but not too difficult. Gather enough: one for each block that makes up the island in your bath (a few more never hurts).
Now you can begin to plow the land islet always using the plow and the right mouse button. Place the seeds in plowed clods (equipped with the seeds, and click the right button to sow). You will notice that the turf slowly become darker than the other: this is a sign that the island is regularly irrigated.

Blocks sown. The darker areas are irrigated regularly.
The recommendations for the maintenance of the field are:
Applied of flares near the plants to make them grow faster;
Do not obstruct the light with trees / roofs etc etc;
Do not step on the plates inoculated as you could "rip" the seeds avoiding their growth;
You must not allow even animals / monsters stepping on the sod seeded for the same reason;
At this point you just have to let nature take its course. ONLY when you can harvest the grain will look like this:

The tips are very dark (almost black) and the trunk is green-brown. If you get back before they reap the corn, but only the seeds. To pick just click the left button on the plant. With the wheat bread that you can make from 2 hearts of energy:

Obviously this method of cultivation is strictly personal: everyone can extricate himself as he sees fit:

With regard to the trees, the matter is much simpler. To find the plants that will generate the tree enough to destroy the already large leaves of a tree:

Once acquired the map place it on the ground making sure that the 4 blocks on top of it are free. To facilitate growth can place a flashlight at his side:

Within a few days (game), your map will become a tree. The dimensions are totally random: they are small tree with a trunk and the leaves to a large one with several trunks.
Warning: the leaves that will be generated with the growth of the tree are destructive corrode any block in their way, so avoid placing it in front of the house walls.
Once the tree has formed the leaves continue to grow.

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