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Gatling gun


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Gatling gun

how to make a Gatling gun in minecraft: you will need redstone. redstone torch`s, dispenser, arrows( 9 stacks for full ammo), presser plate or lever or button and as last a block doesn't matter what.

only make this in a singelplayer server a multyplayer server will lagg to much and you can be banned for that reason.

how to build it: first make a line of 4 block and destory the second one from the right side, then place redstone torch's on the right and the one on the left of the gap on opposite sides of the block.
then place redstone between the blocks and between the redstone torch's.
for the off and on switch place redstone on the most left stone and wire it to a lever. ( if you use a button or pressure plate you need to convert the redstone signal by placing a block and a redstone torch on the opposite side of the button or pressure plate and connect the redstone wire from the machine to the redstone torch. place redstone on the block with the redstone torch, and wire it to the pressure plate or button).

now extant the redstone wire from a redstone wire between the redstone torch's to a dispenser.

and now as last fill up the dispenser.

if you done everything right it should work.

fredd1etheman posted at 2013-09-14 16:46:18

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