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Fighting Creepers


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Fighting Creepers

Creepers are probably one of the hardest mobs to fight in Minecraft. It's even more difficult when they're constantly blowing up in your face. But after reading this step-by-step article and practicing, you will be able to become a great Creeper slayer.

-Keep away from Creepers so they don't blow up in your face.
-Stay away from buildings and chests when fighting Creepers so they don't blow up your chests and buildings.
-Use stronger swords so your sword does not take as much damage.
-Stay away from charged Creepers because they will cause massive damage to you and buildings around you.

1. Always have a sword ready. Keep one in the first slot of the hot bar, and a backup in your inventory just in case the first one breaks.

2. Recognize when a Creeper is about to explode. Their head will start expanding and they start turning white. Then they make a hissing sound like a bomb is about to go off. By the time you hear the hissing sound, you should back away from the Creeper.

3. When a Creeper is coming towards you, immediately switch your sword into your hand. Hit them once, then back away and wait for the Creeper to stop making the hissing noise. Then move forward, hit it and back away again. Keep doing this until the Creeper is dead.
You have learned the basics to safely killing a Creeper! Now keep practicing this until you can kill Creepers with ease. Thanks for reading my guide and I hope it was helpful.

Blockbolt posted at 2014-02-22 05:20:43

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