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Enchantment in Minecraft


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Enchantment in Minecraft

In Minecraft the players are able to upgrade their armors, weapons and tools, by giving them some really useful skills, just for example a skill to a sword that will raise it's endurance to the usage, or even a flame effect that will give fire to everything it will touch.
In order to give an enchantment to the designed weapon, armor or tool, the player must have to use an Enchantment Table , an item that thanks to some experience points will add one of the possible effect to that object. To create an Enchantment Table the player must have to create it first, by using a Crafting Table .
The Crafting Table has 9 spaces, and it let the players to create almost anything in that could be used in the game.
Those are the spaces:
To create the Enchantment Table , the player must need to put a Book into 2, 1x block of Obsidian at 5,7,8,9 [total 4 Obsidian] and 1x Diamonds at 4 and 6 [ total 2 Diamonds].

    • The Enchantment Table also need to be surrounded by libraries in order to gain the maximum magic possible, just to give the highest chance of good enchantment per amount of exp spent during the process.
  • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • Type of Enchantment
  • _

  • Helmet, Chestplate, Legging, Boot
  • Enchantment - Level - Description
    Protection : [1~4] Decrease the general damages, except from falling, hunger or /kill
    Fire Protection : [1~4] Decrease damages from fire, if burned the effect are lower
    Unbreaking : [1~3] Increase endurance of the object
    Thorns: [1~3] Does damages if touched as a cactus

  • Only Helmet
  • Respiration : [1~3] Increase time under the water and allow clear sight
    Aqua Affinity : [1] Increase dig speed under the water

  • Only Boot
  • Feather Falling : [1~4] Reduced damages from falling (due to End Pearl included)

  • Sword and Axe
  • Sharpness: [1~4] Increase damage per hit
    Smite:[1~4] Increased damage against Zombies, Zombie Pigman, Withers, Skeletons and Wither Skeletons.
    Bane of Arthropods: [1~4] Increased damage against Spider, Cave Spider and Silverfish

  • Only Sword
  • Knockback : [1~2] Knockback increased when enemy is hit
    Fire Aspect : [1~2] Burn the enemy when he's hit
    Looting : [1~3] Increased the chance of dropping object from enemies
    Unbreaking: [1~3] Increased endurance

  • Bow
  • Unbreaking : [1~3] Increased endurance
    Power : [1~5] Increased the damage per shot
    Punch : [1~2] Knockback increased when enemy is hit
    Flame : [1] Fire Arrows enabled (TNT could be activated)
    Infinity [1] No more Arrows needed except for at least 1 ( in order to shoot)

  • Pickaxe, Axe, Shovel, Shears, Lighter, Fishing Rod with Carrot
  • Unbreaking : [1~3] Increased endurance

  • Pickaxe, Axe, Shovel and Shears
  • Efficiency : [1~4] Less time needed in digging (exact tool for exact material)
    Silk Touch : [1] You'll receive the block instead of the material

  • Only Pickaxe, Axe, and Shovel
  • Fortune : [1~3] Higher chance to obtain more material from the block.

    • Warning:
      Sharpness, Smite and Bane of Arthropods cannot be applied on the same item.
      Silk Touch and Fortune cannot be applied on the same item.


  • Anvil
  • _
    The Anvil is an object that allow the players not only to repair their precious enchanted items, but also to:

    1. Combining a normal item with a Enchantment Book that will apply an enchantment to that item
    2. Combining 2 of the same item that by creating a new one that hold the combined enchantments ( incompatible will not applied, look at "Warning" above)

    This process as for the Enchanting could be done by using some EXP Points regarding the level and type of enchantment

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