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One great part of Minecraft is the ability to enchant weapons, books, tools, and armor. To enchant, you need an enchantment table and a certain amount of bookshelves, depending on how many XP levels you want to use on an enchantment.

The enchants you get are chosen randomly, which means there’s no way you can find out what enchantment you get. You can only enchant your items once, but it is possible that one enchantment gives you several bonuses. You can also use an anvil to combine enchantments and make the ultimate weapon, book, piece of armor, or tool.
Enchantment Types

Most of the enchantments have different versions that are stronger or weaker depending on the amount of XP used for that enchantment. For example, an Efficiency III enchantment will mine blocks faster than an Efficiency II enchantment.

There are many different unique enchantments. For example, there are blast protection, fire protection, projectile protection, and normal protection enchantments for armor. There is also a flame enchantment so bows shoot fire arrows. There is even the respiration enchantment for helmets so that the wearer of the enchanted helmet can breath underwater for a longer period of time. You can also enchant books. Enchanted books can hold enchantments. Then you can get this enchantment onto an item by combining the enchanted book and item with an anvil.
The Basics

To start enchanting your weapons you first need an enchantment table, which can be crafted with a book, 2 diamonds and 4 pieces of obsidian.

Once you've crafted and placed down your enchantment table, right click it to open the enchantment menu and drag your item into the empty slot. You will then see 3 different enchantments with each a different level of their own. The foreign language (Standard Galactic Alphabet) that the enchantment options are written in can be translated, but the translation has nothing to do with the enchantments.

If you want to get an enchantment of a different level, you can take your item out of the slot and place it back in again. Then repeat until you get the enchantment level you want. Without bookshelves, you can only get enchantment that need at most 5 levels of XP, but this is explain more in the "Bookshelves" section of this guide.

After choosing your enchantment, your item will get a glowing effect. You will also lose experience levels equal to the level of the enchantment. The only way to get rid of the enchantment is by repairing the item, which requires you to place 2 of the same items in a diagonal line on a crafting table or in the crafting section of your inventory. Repairing an item will undo the enchantment. This means that there's no way to keep your enchantment forever, except with an anvil.

Placing bookshelves down near the enchantment table will allow you to use higher level enchantments. For this to work, there must be a one block gap between the bookshelves and the enchantment table. You do not need to completely surround the enchantment table to get the max XP level 30 enchantments. You only need to put bookshelves stacked two high around 3 out of the 4 sides of the enchantment table. To tell if a bookshelf is affecting the enchantment table, you will see letters fly from the bookshelves to the enchantment table.

Be sure that the blocks between the bookshelves and the enchantment table are empty. This includes transparent blocks like torches and glass. This does allow you to deactivate some bookshelves in case you need a lower enchantment.
Thanks for reading my guide on enchanting in Minecraft. I hope it helped.

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