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Walk Through Part 1


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Minecraft Pocket Edition

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Walk Through Part 1

The following things I will be talking about is:

1. Before purchasing Background info

2. How to start

3. Controls and building your future house


Background Info:

Markus Alexej is the C.E.O of the Minecraft Corporation and  was born in June 1,1979. He was born into a Swedish family and was a video game programmer and designer. He first worked in the corporation as a programmer, and later on he worked for and developed a game called : Wurum online. Minecraft has millions (estimated guess) of players and can play with each other online. It also includes multiplayer and solo mode. You can even create your own world and destroy stuff,add stuff,build stuff and even kill stuff! Minecraft also has servers which allows you to create your own server and build whatever you want to let other people play such as "Hunger games server" it was unique and based off the Hunger games book and movie. It has killing involved,survival, and even finding involved. Minecraft cost  26.95$ in U.S.D for P.C and the links will be below and 6.99$ U.S.D for Minecraft Pocket Edition in the app store.

Links (FANUP):

Link (Homepage):

Getting started:

Once you have purchased the game for whatever amount you will then click the first option ( Singleplayer or Multiplayer if you want, but Multiplayer you need the IP and server name). After you choose one click New World and name it do whatever and start playing. It will randomise the world which means pick a random world and place you in it. If you don't like the one your in just click on a new world, or delete your previous one and create a new world again. Your on your way to building your new lovely world after you read the next paragraph!



The control's are a little difficult on the iPad,Android,iPhone etc. The controls are basically you move your finger to the place you want and press + hold the thing you want to destroy. To put blocks down just tap where you wanna place it. To jump get your up+down+left+right keypad and hold+ tap it up. To switch items all you have to do is click your box icon below and switch out the stuff you want for that and that.


Hope you like this guide! Oh.. and helped you to building your future world!


Your best friend : Samuelrock00

samuelrock00 posted at 2013-02-02 21:18:19

great tip!!
goku1997 posted 8 years 20 hours ago

great tip!!

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