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Skills Books ! metin2


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Skills Books ! metin2

Today I will talk about the books where there are skills how to use them and what they are

where can we find?

Exclusively in metin. But not always. There is particular to a particular book metin, metin can drop any kind of book qualisasi type of skills, in a purely random.

how to use it

Ability to use a book you should take that ability to the degree Master. To reach the Master level must increase that ability to a level between 17 and 20 (random). Or if you're lucky you will pass to the degree Master at 17, maybe 18 or 19, definitely 20. When you pass the handle to the degree Master of skill changes color (from yellow to orange) and there is written M1, or Master level 1.
If you come to M1 can not use the skill books.


Serve to bring the skills to master (M) Grand Master (GM).
To switch to GM must bring the skills between M7 and M10, again randomly as above. If you are lucky to M7 will pass, you can be sure to M10.


You can read a book a day at most (one for each type of skill, that is, if you can master the skills 2-3 can read a book a day for each of them ciuascuna). If you have not gone 24 hours just do not read the book several telling phrases, and leaving it in your inventory. In essence, if the book does not mean they are not disappearing past 24 hours. The time between reading a book and the ability to read another of the same type is the time to curse.
The time can vary for 18h to 30h
It may be that you lack experience says that if you just passed level, but in this case just to make 20,000 of experience, which is the part which uses the book to read.

If you read a book there are 2 possibilities:
- Failure (the message clearly says you failed): book lost, nothing to do;
- Success.

Here are the books that need to move from one level to another between M1 and G1
To move from one level to another grade teacher is not just a book.

* From M1 to M2 is successfully read 1 book
* From M2 to M3 2 books read successfully
M3 to M4 * 3 books read successfully
* From M4 to M5 4 successful books read
* From M5 M6 5 books read successfully
* From M6 M7 6 books read successfully
* From M7 to M8 7 books read successfully
* From M8 to M9 8 books read successfully
* From M9 to M10 9 books read successfully
From M10 to GM1 * 10 books read successfully


The books learns

It would seem that these books to learn a skill does not serve the opposite of the doctrine, but that count as more books of that type. Surely they can fail.
These books, if read successfully, count as a normal random number of books, I collected the data speak for 1-6 books, which in most cases have not been sufficient to reach the next M, then these books as a primary effect , do NOT go to M. If they pass is valid because the number of books just to pass.

The transition to GM

Although in theory the transition to GM should be able to randomly between the completion of the M7 (or M7 +7 books) and that of M10, there are still cases of the previous step to the completion of M10 (M10 +10 books). The only ones I know are gone GM1 10 books after M10, and I know a lot of people with M8-M9-M10 (including yours truly) that has not yet passed. At this point it seems a lot more than a possibility that the move is bound to M10 +10 books (perhaps due to changes in the kinetics of the game).
For personal reasons and not to create false theories say is that I experience again a chance to go to GM1 before that level, but it may well be I'm wrong.

pasqlo posted at 2011-10-22 11:05:04

very cool
wilcley posted 6 years 11 weeks ago
useful for newbies :)
prowned posted 7 years 4 weeks ago

very cool

useful for newbies :)

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