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metin2 classes


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metin2 classes

Thanks to their skills, weapons and heavy armor, the Warriors have a key role in the infighting. Their goal is to gain physical strength steel inner calm and balanced.

Depending on the chosen specialization may cause deleterious damage with two-handed weapons or defense ably more enemies with sword and shield.

Ninjas are professional killers capable of carrying out ambushes and attack silently. To facilitate their agility and speed of these killers of the dark wearing light armor. Their movements are so curvy.

Depending on their specialization can excellently to use daggers or archers are skilled in fighting from a distance.

Thanks to the wisdom gained from intensive studies, Shaman can use in battle and magic spells. Their mystical ability to help in battle not only themselves but also their comrades.

With their specialized Shaman have the opportunity to strengthen attacks or hone their skills and help healing.

The Suras are fighters who have come into possession of magic powers by making a pact with the Devil, and declaring themselves willing to implant the germ of the Devil in their arm. Thank you and what are able to excel with the sword in close combat, or to injure their enemies with spells.

Through specialization improve or acquire magic attack spells that make them more powerful.

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