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Hackers Modus Operandi & Protecting yourself from them

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Hackers Modus Operandi & Protecting yourself from them

I made this as I thought the other guides were insufficient. You also need to understand how your information is taken so as to better protect yourself.

Hackers Modus Operandi

There are certain ways people can get hold of your account information.

1. Keylogging
This happens when the intruder sends you a disguised program that records every keystroke you make. So for example they might see the following data sent to them from their programs:


From what you have typed they will see patterns. So from the example they might conclude Exxo is your username, greed is the password.

Keyloggers can be sent as trojans, through IMs, emails, and attached to other programs.

2. Hacking the game database
In short, they could gain illegal access to either the website(portal) to get your information or they can access the server database itself to get your information.
I do not see this happening in metin though. A person with such skill would not waste their time on hacking an MMORPG.

3. Social Engineering
This is the most common form. This could involve someone watching you physically logging into metin, to someone asking questions about your life in order to make a guess at your password.

4. Brute Force (aka guessing)
This is when someone literally guesses your password. By picking popular passwords such as: “QWERTY”, “ASDF”, “QWASZX”.

5. Accessing your Email account
If they get your email account via one of the methods mentioned above they can get hold of your metin account. Just by using the “Forgot my password” function. Or they could see your inbox history and search for your registration email.

Protecting yourself (against the above methods)

1. Keylogging
Most antivirus programs come equipped with anti-keylogging software. But I recommend downloading a specialized program, which I use, namely: Spybot Search and Destroy.

Its free, no registration needed. You can update weekly it so that it can deal with new forms of keyloggers and spyware. And the scan is relatively faster than anti-virus software.
Spybot: Search and Destroy

2. Hacking the game database
You can pray that one of the 0.0001% of the worlds population hasn’t chosen metin as a target. (The real % might have more decimals >_>)

3. Social Engineering
Be aware of your surroundings.
You cannot obviously be expected to withhold the facts about your life from everyone. Pick something that has nothing to do with your life but something that you can remember as well. For example: “LosAngeles275” could be my password even though I do not reside in the USA.

4. Brute Force
Simply pick a password that makes no sense to you. “QWERTY” will not suffice. It should have minimum 7 characters being: literals, numerals, and a mixture of both cases. For Example: “Klim8IsNyc”

5. Accessing your email account
Things to do:
1. For each of your metin accounts, use a separate email account. This alleviates some of the risk. These email accounts must not be used for any other purpose than for metin. (Use a separate email for IM and such)
2. The safest email to use, would be one provided from a local ISP. But if that is not within your grasp, from the online providers: Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail are the safest.

Yahoo! Mail

Other tips:
- Do not be cheap, buy yourself proper antivirus software. Do not download cracks of these programs, some of these people attach Trojans to the crack itself.

- The moment you start sharing your account, there is no hacking, and none of these methods can save you.

- DO NOT ACCEPT ANY FILES FROM OTHERS WHICH END IN “.exe”, it might not be malicious, but rather be safe than sorry.

- Staff do not ask for your account information.

- Change your passwords after you have removed any malicious software.

- Most important rule: Do not be curious

If you have anything else to add or comment on, or if you need further clarification. PM me, or post here alternatively.

When I get more time, i'll create a thread on protecting yourself from being scammed.

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