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Event: My strategy to Metin 2 24h.


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Event: My strategy to Metin 2 24h.

Event: My strategy to Metin 2 24h.

First buy the following cash items:
- Attack of the Dragon God
- Defense of the Dragon God
- Shoe wind
- Potion Puma
- Potion leopard
- Blessing of the Dragon God
- Ring experiment
- Potion of Life (Item Metin Points)
- Spiritual Potion (Item Metin Points)
- Palma precision (Item Metin Points)
- Palma piercing (Item Metin Points)

Items to be used:
- Plate deadly +9 with the adds, 2000HP, 20% skill speed, attack Chance to reflect 15% Increase attack +50. Jewelry Defense +4, Evasion +4 and HP +4 (Later a trade edd +9 with the same add and then a Dragon God +9 with the same add).
- Helmet 21 +9 with the adds, Attack speed 8%, 30% HP Regeneration, Bonus against animals 20% Chance of poisoning the target 8%. (Later trade for level 41 helmet with the same add +9).
- Shield 21 +9 with the adds, Strength +12, Vitality +12, Bonus Exp 20% bonus against animals. (Later trade for lvl 41 +9 shield and then by a 61 +9, both with same add).
- Silver bracelet +9 with the adds, 2000HP, Chance the piercing attack 10%, 20% bonus against animals, Percent of damage absorbed at 10% HP. With 3 egg yolks (Later trade for crystal bracelet with the same add +9).
- Agate Necklace +9 with the adds, 2000HP, HP Regeneration 30% bonus exp 20% Chance of 10% critical strike. With 3 egg yolks (later trade it for pasting Amestista with the same add).
- Bronze Boot +9 with the adds, 2000HP, exp Bonus 20% Attack speed 8% Chance of 10% critical strike. (Later jade trade for boot with the same add +9).
- Weapon - PlenilĂșnia +9 with the adds, strength +12, +12 vitality, speed skill 20% critical strike chance 10%. Jewelry speed skill, Critical and monstrous, all +4 (later trade it for a sword with the same beautiful +9 add).
- Ebony earring adds +9 with 20% movement speed, 20% bonus against animals, Endurance against poison 5% Chance of Item drop additional 20%. With 3 egg yolks.

- Ring of experience equippably
- Green Potion
- G Purple Potion
- Whar Jin-Potion, Potion Jindok, Yonbo Jin-Potion, Potion Pidok, Whar Potion, Doraji pulp, peach pulp.

Places of UP:
- Orc (Monsters hunted, Orc and black orc black giant, until level 48)
- Cave gomi 1st floor (spider claw, to 58)
- Cave gomi 2nd floor (alpha Spider soldier, to 66, which is expected to reach the level).

Functions gm to be used:
- Teleport to locations up (would avoid wasting time)
- Disconnect KS who would give me or steal my place of UP.
- Experience in twice (Same as event exp).

Time and day of UP:
- Uparia ace on 17/02/2008 01:00 am, until the day 18/02/2008 00:59 ace, why this day and time, is the day that daylight saving time ends, ie Directions to midnight, back at 23:00 hrs, with it gaining an extra hour of up and experience. ^ ^

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