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How To L-Rod


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How To L-Rod

Here is another tip about mabinogi. First off you need to go to alexandra and buy a L-rod they cost 3000 gp. Then you should go to the filla desert not near the sandstorms near the oceans and walk around with your volume on. You should keep on walking around untill you hear your L-rods beeping if you see the light do off very small then that means there is treasure around you, So you need to keep looking around. If you hear 3 beeps then that means its really close so you can start to walk around in circles. After a while you will find you L-rods with 4 beeps that means you standing next to the tresure ,So press X on the keybord and start pressing under you. Then right there you have tresure.

Here Are Some Nice Locations That You Can L-rod At:

-filla south mana tunnle (i like this place becasuse i use to L-rod there and get muffler robes)

-Around the parie dungeon (there is some treasure around there)

-muya desert (not to much but good)

Hope this help this was made by me if you have any questions feel free to ask. :)

spencer J posted at 2012-02-13 09:08:06

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