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How To Earn Money By Doing Dungeons


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How To Earn Money By Doing Dungeons

This is going to be a tip on how to make money in mabinogi for all you guys that need help playing.

First you should call up your strong friends and ask them if they want to rune a dungeon for a quest.

-If you are looking for a fun dungeon that people die for on tuesday Because they want a page Arch page 8 . This page cost 500k-800k-1m depends on the buyer. If you or your friends get a alby dungeon pass for four then ask them if you can help. This dungeon is hard but you can make some money off of it.

- Also a nice dungeon to run is runalds intermediat if you get lucky you can get admiral coat witch goes for 3m-1m it is very rare i had a hold of one and i got hacked. They mean a lot to people.

-Another dungeon thats fun and gives money is bagors dungeon, you will get around 20k every time you run it so get 4 friends and start killing :P.

If you have any questions feel free to ask i still play mabinogi but i haven't been on for a while and i did make this guild :).

spencer J posted at 2012-02-14 00:54:45

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